Historical Markers in
Washington , District of Columbia

100 Years of Afro-American History 100M 1015 Half 1221 Van 1317 F Street, N.W. 16-inch Projectiles 1607 1631 1667 Wisconsin Ave. NW 1700 Swann Street 1736 Corcoran 1775 1786 1801 F Street 1804-1806 1806 1817 1825 1827 1830 1830 1833 1837 1840-1950 1859 1860 1865-1869 1869 1873 1886 1891 1895 1897 1898 1900 / 1920 1901 1903 1908 1910 1911 1911 1913 1919 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1932 1937 1937 1947 1948 1950 1953 1956 1956 1958 1960 / 2000 1961 1962 1964 1966 1968 1969 1970 / 2000 1971 1972-1978 1977 1983 200 I 2003 2004 2005 2005 2019 Q Street NW 20th Anniversary of ADA July 24, 2010 2728 Sherman Ave. N.W. 320th Bomb Group 3425 Prospect Street Northwest 3524 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. 3700 Quebec Street Northwest 5 Congress at Oak Alley 6 Logan 601 Pennsylvania Avenue 9/11 Memorial 909 Capitol Yards 98th Pennsylvania Infantry 99M A Bench By The Road A Book Brings A Dinosaur To Life A Bridge for the Future A Canal to the West A Capital Bird A Carefully Crafted Image A Changing Landscape A City in Itself A City in One Day A Common Language A Country Road A Courthouse Reborn A Day at the Picture Show A Drugstore Like No Other A Fiberglass Film Star A Fine House In the Woods A Fortress of Finance: The US Treasury Building A Garden Protecting Rock Creek A Gathering Place for Washingtonians A Georgetown "Cathedral" A Hilltop for Heroes and Horse Thieves A Historic Landscape A Hollywood Legend at the Zoo? A Home Away From Home A Legacy of Healing and Hope A Log Called Home A Long and Winding Road A Long Stretch of Quiet and Peace… A Lovers' Stroll…A Legacy Begins / Constitutionally Bound A Magic Place A Man's Recollection A Memorial to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence A Mixing Bowl A Monumental Legacy A Monumental Legacy A Museum for the Community A National Memorial A National Museum A Navy Town A Neighborhood For Everyone A Neighborhood Oasis A Neighborhood Reborn A People Without Murals Is A Demuralized People A Place to Grow A Prestige Address A Quiet Place A Rolling Tobacco Road A Shared Neighborhood A Soldier's Journey A Spirit of Community A Streetcar Named Brightwood A Sustainable Vision A Symbol of International Friendship A Symbol of Reconciliation A Village Comes to Life: Mount Pleasant after the Civil War A Voice from the South A Walk on the Canal A Whirl on the Ferris Wheel Abner Cloud House Abner Cloud Mill Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Walked Here Acacia Life Insurance Building – 1936 Acanthus mollis Achillea millefolium Acorus calamus Acquired in 1886 by the Department of Living Animals Across 23rd St. and Rock Creek Activist Grove (1833-1845) ADA: Landmark Declaration of Equality for Americans with Disabilities Adirondack Building Administration Building, Carnegie Institution of Washington Admiral David G. Farragut Admiral Miguel Grau Advancing the Race African American Civil War Memorial African-American History in Southwest After the Civil War After the Hard Times Air Mail Alain Locke Residence Alaska and Hawaii Albert Einstein - The Einstein Memorial Albert Gallatin Albert Pike Monument Alberto Santos-Dumont Aldabra Tortoise Aleksandr Pushkin Alexander Hamilton Memorial Alexander Ray House Alexander Robey Shepherd Alice Moore Dunbar [Nelson] and Paul Laurence Dunbar Residence Alice Paul All Aboard! All Aboard! All Hallows Guild All the Row Houses Alley Life Ally for Independence Alma Thomas Alma Thomas Residence Along the "Nile Valley" Alva Belmont House Ambassador David K. E. Bruce Ambassadors of Faith American Ice Company American League Pennant / All-Star Game / Baseball in the Civil War / First Printing American Legion Post 8 American News Women's Club American University American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial Americans All America's Main Street America's Oldest Catholic University America's Oldest Operating Fish Market Amusement Palace An African American Enclave An Alternative to Logging An American Meridian An Anacostia River That's Clean Doesn't Have to be a Dream An Apple is a Rose? An Art Form Is Born An Engineering Marvel An Industrial Georgetown An Invasive Fish And the Church Goes on And Then There Were (Almost) None Andrew F. Hilyer Residence Site Andrew Jackson Downing Andrew Mellon Building Andrew W. Mellon Anethum graveolens Anise hyssop Anna Julia Hayward Cooper Residence Anniversary Park Announcement of the Atomic Age Annual Oyster Derby Anthony Holmead Site Apocynum cannabinum Appointed Rounds April 1, 1967 Aquatic Greenhouse #1 Aquatic Greenhouse #3 Arch Bridge Archaeology in Adams Morgan Architect of the Great Society Architects and Architecture Are They Bison or Buffalo? Armaments & Aircraft Armed Resistance Armistice and Legacy Army Nurse Corps Training Art for the People Art in the Park Artemisia abrotanum Artemisia absinthium Arts and Artists Arts and Industries Building Arum maculatum Asarum canadense Asbury United Methodist Church Asclepias tuberosa Ashburton House Assassination of Orlando Letelier and Ronni K. Moffitt Asteroids and Comets At 1740 New Hampshire Ave. At All Hours At GW, Being Bright Comes Naturally At Home and Abroad At the Crossroads At the Crossroads Audi Field Aunt Betty's Story Automobile Row Automobiling on The Avenue Avenue of Churches Back in Business Baker's Dozen, Inc. Building Bald Cypress Bald Cypress • Ártu (ar-too) Bald Eagle Bald Eagle Ballades Ballard House Ballington and Maud Booth Ballota nigra Banneker Circle: Vista to the Past Baptistia tinctoria Barnett Aden Gallery Barney at Bladensburg Barney House Baron von Steuben Memorial Barry Farm - Hillsdale Barry Farm Dwellings Bartholdi Fountain Bartholdi Fountain Baseball Americana Battelle Memorial Building Battery Kemble Battery Kemble Park Battery Ricketts Battle of Fort Stevens Battleground National Cemetery Battleground National Cemetery Beauty and Business Beer, Popcorn, and Penny Candy Before the 1800s Before the city built a bridge Before the National Air and Space Museum opened Belford V. Lawson and Marjorie M. Lawson Residence Benito Juárez Memorial Benjamin Banneker Park Benjamin Franklin McAlwee Benjamin Rush Ben's Chili Bowl / Minnehaha Theater Bernardo de Gálvez Bernardo de Gálvez Memorial Bernardo O'Higgins Best in the Country Bethune Museum-Archives Beyond the AEF Beyond the Basics Bill W. and Dr. Bob Billy Simpson's House of Seafood and Steaks Binary Stars Birds, Wetlands and... Conservation Birney School Birth of Tennallytown Birthplace of the Army Chemical Corps Bishop Aimilianos Laloussis Bishop Smallwood Edmond Williams, D.D. Bishop's Gate Condominium Bison and the Land Bison and the National Zoo Black and Gray Squirrels Black Broadway Black-footed Ferret / Giraffe Blagden Mill Blanche K. Bruce and Josephine Beall Willson Bruce Residence Blanche K. Bruce House Blazing star Blending Old and New Bloomingdale bluemercury Boiler House Bolling Air Force Base Bonsai Pioneer Booker T. Washington 1856 - 1915 Booth's Escape Borden's Dream Borden's Dream Realized Boy Scout Memorial Braddock’s Rock Bradford Pear Tree Branching Out Brickyards to Buildings Brigadier General Casimir Pulaski Brinetown and Western High School British Spare Rhodes Tavern, 1814 Broad Branch Market Broadleaf Cattail • Káhkáhaskwar (kaw-kaw-has-quar) Broomsedge Buchanan Build It And They Will Come Building 2 Building 20, Grant Hall Building 5 Building a Beautiful Bridge Building a Better Neighborhood Building Out the Square Built above an underground museum complex Bulfinch Gate House Bulfinch Gate House Bungalow Butler's House Butterfly weed Cable Stayed Bridge Café, C.W. Post Center, and Administration Calendula officinalis Calvin T.S. Brent Residence Calycanthus floridus Cameron's Creek and the Rose Garden Campbell African Methodist Episcopal Church Camptotheca acuminata Campus to Army Camps and Back Again Can you find symbols… Can you hear the echo of the water bouncing off the rock? Can you identify these famous Civil Rights leaders? Canada's Gift to the United States Canal House Canal Park Canoandes'79 - 40 years later! Cantilever Bridge Capital Yacht Club Capitol Columns Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church Capitol Quarter Capitol Square Capitol Square Capitol Square Capitol Square Capitol Square, NW Capitol Square, NW Capitol Square, SW Capitol Square, SW Cardinal Direction Marker: East Cardinal Direction Marker: North Cardinal Direction Marker: South Cardinal Direction Marker: West Cardinal Direction Markers Care for the City Carl Lutz Carlo Angelo Facchina Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Carol Brown Goldberg Carolina Theatre Carousel on the Mall, Washington, D.C. Carter G. Woodson Carter G. Woodson House Casualties Arriving at Mount Pleasant General Hospital, May 1864 Cathedral Heights Business District Cathy Hughes Causeway Causeway at Tregaron Ceanothus americanus Cecilia Penny Scott Cedar of Lebanon Centennial Year, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Central Public Library Cephalanthus occidentalis Ceremony at the Crossroads Cesar Chavez Change and Renewal Change on the Waterfront Changing Fashions Chapel Hall Charles Carroll Glover Charles Hamilton Houston Residence Charles M. “Sweet Daddy” Grace Residence Charles R. Drew and Lenore Robbins Drew Charles Richard Drew Memorial Bridge Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives Charlotte Forten Grimke House Chauffeur's House and Garage Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Chestnut Blight Chichorium intybus Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes Chief Justice John Marshall Chief Justices Chief Petty Officers' Children's Hospital Chinatown Christ Church Christ Church and Its Parishioners Christ, the Light of the World Christian Fleetwood and Sara Fleetwood Residence Site Christopher Columbus Chuck Brown Memorial Park Churches and Cemeteries Civil War at the Southwest Waterfront Civil War Camp to Victorian Neighborhood Civil War Defenses of Washington Cladrastis kentukea Clara Barton 1821 - 1912 Clara Barton, Angel of the Battlefield at Home Clark Calvin Griffith Clean Rivers Project Cleaning Up Cowtown Clifford W. Beers 1876 - 1943 Cogswell and Krug Halls College Hill Colonel Ninian Beall Colossal Head 4 (replica) Combatting Economic Depression Commemorating The american Revolutionary Service of General Peterson Goodwyn Commemoration and Preservation Commerce Commerce and Community Commerce to Commemoration Commodore John Rodgers House Community Anchors Community Builders Community Building Blocks Community Caretakers Company K, 150th Ohio National Guard Infantry Completing the Triangle Comptonia peregrina Congress Heights School Congressional Cemetery Government Lots Connecticut Ave. from Lafayette Square to Ashmead Place Connecticut Avenue Streetcars Conservation Geography Constantine L. Seferlis Constitution Hall Constitution of 3 May 1791 Construction of the White House Cook Telescope Cordell Hull Corinthian Capital Cortelyou House Corylus americana Cosmos Club Court Nullifies Racial Covenants Covered Wagon Wheels Crane Runway Crape myrtle Creating a National Park Creating the Waterfront Creating the "City Beautiful" Cristoforo Colombo Crocus sativus Crosby S. Noyes Elementary School Crossing Lines Crossroads Create Community Crossroads of Georgetown Crown Princess Märtha of Norway Cuban Friendship Urn Cultural Institutions Culture and Commerce Cunila origanoides Cutting Garden Czech Row Dacha Dacor Ramp Dedication Daniel A.P. Murray Residence Daniel Patrick Moynihan Place Daniel Webster Daniel Webster Memorial Daucus carota spp. carota David A. Clarke Dawn Redwood from China Day of Honor 2000 DC Recorder of Deeds Building/WPA Era Murals DC's Pollinator Network Decatur House Dedicated in Honor of Claven Wood Dedicated to the Memory Dedication to the Dedicated Defender of Liberty Defying the Restrictive Covenants Delaware Avenue & Columbus Circle, NE Democracy Tree Demonstration Denison House Denvel D. Adams Department of State Design Challenges Designed to Compete Destroying the Library Developing Sustainable Practices Development Along Foxhall Road Development in the neighborhood Development of the Colca Valley Dewi Saraswati Dianthus caryophyllus Dianthus plumarius Dina Merrill Pavilion Dioscorea villosa Dioscorides Garden Diplomacy Dischord Records Discover DC / Gallery Place Discover DC / Gallery Place - Chinatown Discover DC / Gallery Place / Arena Discover DC / Judiciary Square Discover DC / Judiciary Square Discover DC / McPherson Square Discover DC / Metro Center Discover DC / Metro Center Display Pools District Morgue District of Columbia Fire Department District of Columbia War Memorial District of Columbia World War Memorial District Walls, 2016 Dividing Line Dock 79 Dog Cemetery Dorothea Dix 1802 - 1887 Double Candle, 2018 Downtown Washington, 1801 Dr. Dorothy Height Dr. Edgar J. Helms Dr. Justine Bayard Ward Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Tree Dr. Philip Jaisohn, 1864-1951 Drum and Spear Bookstore Site Dudley Knox Center for Naval History Dumbarton House Dumbarton Oaks Dumbarton United Methodist Church Dunbar Theater/Southern Aid Society Dupont Circle Mural Key During the years following the Civil War Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Early African American Georgetown Early Commerce Early Entrepreneurs Early Fire Fighting Early Homes Early Inhabitants Earth Earth Day Park East Potomac's Miniature Golf Course Easter Monday Eastern Market Eastern Meadow Eastern Redbud Eastern Redcedar - Muráhk (mah-dok) Eastland Gardens Ebenezer United Methodist Church Echinacea purpurea Echium vulgare Ed Murphy Way Edgar Allen 1862 - 1937 Edge of the Row Edmund Burke Education for All Education Matters Educational Institutions Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington Edward Miner Gallaudet Edward R. Murrow Edward Teller Edward “Duke” Ellington Residence Elbridge Gerry Elder Spirit Eleftherios Venizelos Elizabeth Keckley Elks Columbia Lodge No. 85 Eloy Alfaro Embassy of Canada, Washington, DC Embassy of the Kingdom of Eswatini Embassy of the Republic of Congo Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania Embassy of the Republic of Malta Embassy of the Republic of Poland Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines Emma V. Brown Residence Ending Slavery in Washington Engine Company No. 4 Engineering a Landmark Enid A. Haupt Garden Enterprising Families Epiphany Catholic Church Equal Justice Under the Law Equality in Public Education Erected to the Memory of the Very Reverend Commissaries Erianthus ravennae Ernest K. Coulter 1871 - 1952 Eryngium planum Escape Across the Potomac Escape Allée (1838) Escape from Slavery Ethel Percy Andrus 1884 - 1967 Etudes Eunice Kennedy Shriver Euonymus atropurpureus Eupatorium purpureum Eupatorium purpureum Evalyn Walsh McLean and the Hope Diamond Evans-Tibbs House Everyday People Excerpt from Walt Whitman's "The Dresser" (1865 version) and "We Embrace" by E. Ethelbert Miller Executive Office Building Expanding Gate Valve F-16 Fighting Falcon Faith and Action Famine-Genocide in Ukraine Famous Burleith Residents Farmers and Felines Fashionable 16th Street Father Michael J. McGivney Fathers and Sons Federal Grain Inspection Service Feeding Times at the Zoo Fiery Destruction Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church Firehouse First Atomic Clock, 1948 First Baptist Church, Georgetown First Bloom First Church of Seventh-day Adventists First Division War Memorial First Home of the Reserve Officers Association First International Manned Space Mission Fishing Cat Flags of the World Fleeing the Executive Mansion Flight Path Flora & Fauna Flora and Fauna of Rock Creek Park Flora Molton Florida House Flower For God And Country For Gordon Bunshaft, 2006, fabricated 2007-2008 For the Children For the Working People Forest Hills at Home Forests Without Food? Forgotten Founder Former Site Columbian Harmony Cemetery Former Site, Columbian Harmony Cemetery Forrest Marbury House Fort Bayard Fort Bunker Hill Fort Bunker Hill Fort Carroll Fort Chaplin Fort Davis Fort De Russy Fort DeRussy Fort DuPont Fort Greble Fort Mahan Fort Reno Fort Reno Fort Reno Fort Reno Fort Slocum Fort Stanton Fort Stevens Fort Stevens Fort Totten Fort Totten Fortitude Founders Library and Moorland-Spingarn Research Center Foundry Four Bicycles and a Three-Wheeler Foxhall Village Now and Then Francis Asbury Francis Griffith Newlands Francis L. Cardozo High School Francis Preston Blair Francis Scott Key Francis Scott Key Bridge Francis Scott Key Park Franciscan Monastery Frank D. Reeves Frank Oliver Howard Frank W. Crilley Building Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Franklin Square Fraser Mansion Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass 1817 - 1895 Frederick Douglass National Historic Site Frederick Douglass's Rustic Retreat Free Mandela Freed Slave and Future President Freedman’s Savings And Trust Freedmen's Hospital Freedmen’s Memorial Monument to Abraham Lincoln Freedom Grove (1838) Freedom Plaza Frelinghuysen University / Jesse Lawson and Rosetta C. Lawson French Parterre Friendship Archway Friendship Estate Friendship Walk and Four Seasons Overlook From 1890 to 1910 From Beer Garden to Park View From Gambling to Garden Apartments From Gardens to Garden Apartments From Homefront to Battlefront From June to December, 1917 From Rural to Residential From Seaport to National Park From Woodley to Woodley Park From Workers to Environment Functioning as a Union Stronghold Functioning as the Nation's First Proving Ground Functioning as the Navy's First Research and Development Center G-Men and G-Women Gabriela Mistral Galium mollugo Garage Garden of the Righteous Gateway to The Nation's Capital Gen. John A. Rawlins Memorial General Artemas Ward Monument General Comte Jean de Rochambeau Memorial General Federation of Women’s Clubs General Lafayette and his Compatriots General Manuel Belgrano General Oliver O. Howard General Post Office General Ulysses S. Grant, USA General Winfield Scott Hancock Genista tinctoria George Edmund Haynes 1880 - 1960 and Ruth Standish Baldwin 1863 - 1934 George Gamow George Mason George Preston Marshall George Rivera George Washington George Washington George Washington George Washington Georgetown and the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Georgetown Historic District Georgetown Incline Plane Georgetown Refuge Georgetown's First Market Georgetown's Watering Holes Georgia Douglas Johnson Residence Geranium maculatum German-American Friendship Garden Get Behind the Wheel Giant Panda Giant Panda Giant Pandas Giesboro Park Gillenia trifoliata Girard Street Elites Godey's Lime Kilns Good Times on Good Hope Government Girls Grand Army of the Republic Grandeur for the People Grandpapa's Farm Grant Circle was named in honor of Ulysses S. Grant Great Expectations Greenhouse Grief Turns to Anger Griffith Stadium Griffith Stadium Site Growing here Growing in the Garden Growing Strong GW's River Horse Halcyon House Harbour Square Harriet Tubman circa 1820 - 1913 Harry Country Harry Wardman Harvest at Pleasant Plains Healing Healing in War and Peace Healing the Wounded Healy Hall Hedera helix Helen Fay House Helen Keller 1880 - 1969 Helen Shaw Fowler Hélène De Beir Helenium flexuosum Helios the Titan, 2006 Helleborus niger Henrietta Vinton Davis Residence Henry Foxall - Industrialist Herb Cottage Herbert R. Morgan Here were the lots acquired on October 3, 1798 Here, at 2023 G Street, N.W., in 1912, The George Washington University Herman Hollerith Heroes of 1814 Herring Highway Herring Highway Herring Highway Herring Hill Heuchera americana Hilleary's Smiling Corner Hillsdale Hillsdale & Frederick Douglass Historic Cemetery Historic Congressional Cemetery Historic Expedition Historic Kappa House Historic New York Avenue Presbyterian Church Historic Preservation in Georgetown Historic Pumping Station Historic Water Street History in a House History of MedStar Georgetown Hospital History of Police and Fire Call Boxes History of Sheridan-Kalorama History of St. Elizabeths Hospital History of the Catholic University Law School History Preserved and Adapted Hobart Community Parks Hogate's Rum Bun Hold the Mayo! Hollywood on the Potomac Holmead Legacy Holy Hill Holy Rood Cemetery Holy Trinity Church Holy Trinity Parish Home of James Monroe Home Theatre 1916-1951 Home to Headliners Homewood Suites Hotel House Remodeling Houseboats on the Waterfront Houses With A Prospect Housing Reform and the Syphax School How can you help pollinators? How High is the River? How Mushrooms Help Us How to Drink Coffee and Save Birds Howard D. Woodson Residence Howard Hall Howard Theatre Howard University Howard University Gallery of Art Howard University Sets the Standard Hughes House Hungarian Veterans Memorial Hydrastis canadensis I Hate War Ida B. Wells Ida Wells-Barnett 1862 - 1921 If These Mansions Could Talk If trees could talk... Ilex vomitoria Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Immaculate Conception Catholic School Impromptus In Grateful Commemoration of the Signing of the Constitution In Honor of Leslie Coffelt In Memory In Memory of Col. Raynal C. Bolling In Memory of Eastern High School Alumni In Memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt In Memory of Grosvenor Chapman In Memory of Henry Martyn Robert In Memory of Lucia Eames Blount In Memory of Richard Lucien Quigley, Phar. D., '90, and Elizabeth Carpenter Quigley In Memory of Those Who Lost Their Lives on June 22, 2009 In the Alley In Touch with the World Independence of Kazakhstan Indogofera tinctoria Indonesian Embassy / Walsh-McLean Mansion Industrial Bank of Washington Ingrid Bergman Insignia on M Introduction to Burleith Inuksuk Ionia R. Whipper Home Iris × germanica 'Florentina' It Takes a Village It's Our 125th Birthday! It's Our 125th Birthday! Jacob Dodd-built Houses Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy James A. Garfield James Buchanan James G. Blaine Mansion James Garfield's Legacy James Lesesne Wells Residence James Wilson Jamila El Sahili Jan Karski (n. Jan Kozielewski) (1914-2000) Jane Addams 1860 - 1935 Jane Delano Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism During World War II Japanese Pagoda Japanese Stone Lantern Japanese-style Garden Jean Hillery and Thomas Quadros Jean Monnet Jefferson Pier Jeju Dol Hareubang / 제주 돌 하르방 Jeju Dolhareubang Jeju Jeong-nang Jesuit Community Cemetery Joel Barlow John A. Wilson, D.P.S. '92 John Barry Memorial John Carroll John Ericsson John Ericsson Memorial John Fitzgerald Kennedy John Fletcher Hurst John J. Donovan, Jr. John J. Pershing, General of the Armies (1860-1948) John Laird John Logan House John Logan Memorial John Lutz John Marshall John Marshall John Muir 1838 - 1914 John Paul Jones Memorial John Paul Jones Memorial John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg John Philip Sousa John Philip Sousa John Philip Sousa Junior High School John Saul John Smilie John W. Harrod John Wesley John Wesley A.M.E. Zion Church John Wesley Cromwell Residence John Wilkes Booth’s Escape John Witherspoon Jones-Haywood School of Ballet José Artigas Memorial José Cecilio del Valle José de San Martín Memorial José Martí Joseph Baer Danzansky Joseph Henry Josephine Butler Joshua (Josh) Gibson Julia Ward Howe Julia Ward Howe Juliette Gordon Low June 22, 2009 Memorial Jupiter Jusserand Justice vs. Injustice Kalorama Kalorama Triangle Katharine Graham Keeping It Green Keeping the Cherry Trees Healthy Kelly Miller Residence Site Klingle Mansion Klingle Valley Trail Knapp Memorial Arch Knights of Pythias Komodo Dragons at the National Zoo Korean Cherry Trees Korean War Veterans Memorial Kosciuszko La Casa Latina La Lotería Mexicana / The Mexican Lotería Lafayette's Tour Lajos (Louis) Kossuth Landing Gear and Wheels Landscape Langston Golf Course Langston Golf Course and Driving Range Langston Terrace Dwellings / Hilyard Robinson Lanier Heights Las Bicicletas Last Chance Latrobe Gate - Tingey House Laurent Clerc Lavandula angustifolia Lederer Gardens Legacy Memorial Park Legacy of War Lenthall Houses Leo J. O'Donovan, S.J., Hall Leonard A. Grimes Leonard M. Elstad Leonard P. Matlovich Let the Good Times Roll Leutze Park - Marine Corps Historical Center Leutze Park Gun Collection Levi Casey Lewis Giles, Sr.'s Home and Office Lewis House Lewis Jefferson Liberation of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg Liberty Baptist Church Lieutenant General George Washington Life on H Street Life on the Park Life on the Park Lighting the Way Like a Village Lillian and Albert Small Jewish Museum Lillie Mackall Limestone of Lost Legacies Lin Han, noodle master Lincoln Assassination Trial Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Theatre and Lincoln Colonnade Lincoln Under Fire at Fort Stevens Lindera benzoin Linking the "Island" to the City Linotype Model 31 Lions and Tigers Literary Lights Lithuania's March to Freedom Little Ebenezer Little Friar Live Oaks: A Gathering Place Live Oaks: A Symbol of Strength Live Oaks: Specimens of Global, Scholarly and Public Research Live on Our Stage! Living Mural: Paul Laurence Dunbar Lobelia inflata Lock Keeper’s House Logan Circle Logan Circle Logan Circle Cistern and BayScape Logan Circle, Just Ahead Lois Mailou Jones Residence Long & Winding Woodley Road Long Bridge Louise Burrell Miller Residence Luis Alves De Lima E Silva Lumber Shed - Form and Function Lumber Shed - Movement of Materials Lunar Calendars Lunar Lawn Luther and Charlotte Gulick Lychnis coronaria M Street - A Road Well Traveled MacArthur Boulevard and the Washington Aqueduct Machine in a Stone Box Magnolia virginiana Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Mahmoud Yarrow or Yarrow Mamout MaHorney - Harrington House Main Street Main Street Maine Avenue Fish Market Major General George G. Meade Memorial Major General George H. Thomas Major General James B. McPherson Major General John A. Logan Making A Modern Museum Making the Memorial Malus 'Roxbury' Man with Briefcase Maned Wolf / Przewalski's Horse Mansion Mansions, Parks, and People Map Mapping Art On Call Margaret Peters and Roumania Peters Walker Margaret Peters and Roumania Peters Walker Rose Park Tennis Courts Maria Gomez, RN, MPH Marine Barracks Marine Railway - Experimental Model Basin Marion Barry, Jr. Market Space: Yesterday’s Town Square Marlon Francisco Morales Marlon Francisco Morales Marquis de Lafayette Hall Mars Marta Minujín Martin Luther King, Jr. 1929 - 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Marvin Caplan 1919 - 2000 Mary Ann Shadd Cary House Mary Ann Shadd Cary Residence Mary Church Terrell Mary Church Terrell Mary Day and the Washington Ballet Mary Eliza Graydon Mary McLeod Bethune Mary Surratt's Boarding House Mason Mansion Matthew Henson Mural Matthiola incana Mayfair Mansions / Albert I. Cassell Mayor Emery and the Union Army Mazurkas McClellan Memorial Meadow Medical Care for All Medicinal Garden Mediterranean Imports Meet Our Bison Meet You At the Market Melvin Jones Memorial Continental Hall Memorial Day Order Memorial Grove (1841-1895) Memorial Tree Planting Mentha spicata Mercury Meridian Hill / Malcolm X Park Meridian Hill Park Merriweather Home for Children Mertensia virginica Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church Metropolitan AME Church Metropolitan Wesley A.M.E. Zion Church Michael Kovats de Fabricy Mihran Mesrobian Mildred Belle Milford School Bell Military Education at Fort McNair Military Road School Millard and Linda Fuller Million Dollar Bridge Miner Teachers College Missing Soldiers Mitchella repens Mix of Cultures Monarchs on the Move Montrose Park Moon Morrison Azalea Garden Morrison-Clark Inn Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia Mother Churches and Their Daughters Motor Court Mount Pleasant Library Mount Pleasant Street, ca. 2004 Mount Pleasant: The Immigrants' Journey Mount Zion United Methodist Church and Heritage Center, and the Female Union Band Cemetery Moving between Old and New Mr. Lincoln’s Ride Mrs. Henderson's Legacy Mt. Zion Cemetery / Female Union Band Society Cemetery Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Parsonage Mule Power Museum of Modern Art of Latin America Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938) Myrtilla Miner Nacotchtank Family at the Piney Branch Quarry, ca. 1600 Nathan Hale Nathan Loughborough's Houses Nathanael Greene Monument National Academy of Sciences National Academy of Sciences National Capitol Columns National Council of Negro Women National Headquarters, American Red Cross National Intelligencer National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial National Museum of the U.S. Navy National Native American Veterans Memorial National Press Club National Training School for Women and Girls / Nannie Helen Burroughs National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Nationals Park Native People & Visitors Natural by Design Naturalist Naval Historical Foundation Naval Monument Navigating the Potomac River Navy and Marine Memorial Navy Department Library Navy Gun Car Navy Yard Nelson Mandela Never Again Such Homes At the Price! New Negro Alliance's Sanitary Grocery Protest Site New Town in the City New York Avenue Presbyterian Church at Herald Square Nichols Avenue Elementary School/Old Birney School Site Nineteenth Street Baptist Church No Braver Man Than John Logan Nob Hill Nocturns Nora Naranjo-Morse Nora Naranjo-Morse Nothing to Fear… NSDAR Founders Memorial Nuns of the Battlefield Nunziato DiPerna O Say Can You See Ocean Piece Olallie Daylilies Old City Hall Old Korean Legation in Washington, D.C. Old Korean Legation Museum Old Stone House Oldest Post of the Corps Olmsted Walk Olmsted Walk Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. On the Circle On the Heights On the Path On the way to the Colca Canyon On This Corner … One Hill South One of DC's Oldest Neighborhoods Ontario 17 Open For Business Opha May Jacob Johnson Monument Optical Tower - Second Officers House Optimism for the Oryx Orchards, Fields, Gardens, Pastures Origanum vulgare Origanum vulgare Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum Original Adas Israel Synagogue Original Federal Boundary Stone, District of Columbia, East Cornerstone Original Federal Boundary Stone, District of Columbia, Southeast 9 Original Patentees Memorial Original Site Of Providence Hospital Original Smithsonian Institution Building Osmorhiza calytonii Osmunda cinnamomea Ostrich / Domestic Horse Our Tax Dollars Owen D Young Peace Tower Pablo Neruda Palisades Recreation Center Park and Shop! Park Designers Park Tower Parrott Ropewalk Patent Office Building Patriotism and Espionage Patterson House Paul Harris 1868 - 1947 Paul Laurence Dunbar Apartments Paying Attention Peace at Last! Peirce Mill Peirce Mill Peirce Still House Peirce-Klingle Estate at Linnaean Hill Pelicans in Peril Pembroke College, Oxford, Coat of Arms Pennsylvania Avenue Pennsylvania Avenue Permanence and Grandeur: Building the Federal Triangle Peter Perkins Pitchlynn Petrified Wood Pharmacists' War Memorial Phi Beta Sigma Philip H. Sheridan Philip S. Amsterdam Hall Phlomis fruticosa Phoebe Waterman Haas Phyllis Wheatley YWCA Phytolacca americana Pierce Mill Pierce Plantation Piney Branch Wetland Restoration Pioneering Plants Pitts Motor Hotel Play Pluto Polemonium reptans Polish-U.S. Diplomatic Relations Political Salons of Georgetown Polonaises Polygonatum biflorum Pope John Paul II Potomac Boat Club Potomac No. 5 Potomac River Shoreline Poulton Hall Power Brokers Power from the Wind Prairie Dogs Pratt House Preludes Preserve and Protect Preserving the Past President John F. Kennedy President Lincoln’s Cottage at the Soldiers’ Home President Reagan Assassination Attempt Presidential Fans / Fans! / Congressional Baseball Game Professors Gate Prospect Hill Prospect Hill Cemetery Prospect House Protecting Consumers and Competition Protecting the River's Watershed Protecting Undersea Rescue and Salvage Techniques Providing Neighborhood Enrichment Provisions for the City Public Art for a Modern Museum Pumpkin, 2016 Pushmataha Putting Green Queen Anne Style Rachel Carson 1907 - 1964 Racing at Brightwood Racing Presidents Visit the Library of Congress Radford House Radio Towers Railroad Freight Car Truck and Tracks Ralph Rinzler Randall Recreation Center Raoul Wallenberg Place Reaching for Equality Reading and 'Riting and 'Rithmetic Rebuilding in the Wild Receiving Honored Servicemembers and Dignitaries Recreation and River Park Red Pandas Redevelopment of St. Elizabeths Redwood Rehabilitating a National Treasure Remembering Dr. Dorothy Height Renaissance Mayflower Hotel Renewal and Loss Reno City Renovating the Fountain Renwick Gallery Republic F-105D Thunderchief Reserve Officers Association of the United States Reservoir / Reno City Residence of Albert Gallatin Restoration of Jackson Place and Lafayette Square Restore and Connect Restoring the Chestnut Return from the rock abyss Return to the Colca Canyon Rhodes Tavern Rick Bartow Rick Bartow (1946-2016) Riggs Bank General History Riggs Bank Medallions Riggs Bank Sculptural Elements Riots to Renaissance River Bottom to Parkland River Revival Roads That Divide Robert A Taft Robert and Mary Church Terrell House Robert Clifton Weaver Residence Site Robert Emmet Robert Emmet: Irish Patriot Robert Latham Owen Rock Creek Park Rock Creek's Mills Roger Baldwin 1884 - 1981 Roll Call Roll Out the Barrel Roma Restaurant Rooms With a View Rooms With a View: An Idealistic Vision Roots of Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral / Remembering "the Village" Rosa virginiana Rose Garden Rose Garden Rose Park Recreation Center Rosedale Rose's Row Rosmarinus officinalis Rosmarinus officinalis Ross and Getty House Rough and Ready Roy Lichtenstein Rubia tinctorum Ruscus aculeatus Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas S/Sgt. Richard F. Hoffman, A.A.F. Sacred Heart Academy Safe Havens Saint Aloysius Church Saint Augustine Catholic Church Saint Mary's Episcopal Church Saint Paul African Union Methodist Protestant (AUMP) Church Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral Cornerstone Salvia lyrata Salvia sclarea Sam Gilliam Samuel F. B. Morse Samuel Francis Du Pont Samuel Gompers 1850 - 1924 Sanctuaries Sandstone Sculptures Sara Winifred Brown, M.D. Sarah P. Duke Gardens Sassafras • Wináhk (Wee-nock) Satureja douglasii Satureja montana Saturn Saving Chinese Alligators From Extinction Saving Species Through Science Scale Model of Fort Stevens Scherzos School Days School of International Service Schools Science Has Its Traditions As Well As Its Frontiers Scientists on the "Hunt"