Historical Markers in
Frederick County, Maryland

10th Vermont Monument 13 West Main Street 13 West Main Street 137 South Seton Avenue 14th New Jersey Infantry Regiment 173 West All Saints Street 1862 Antietam Campaign 1862 Antietam Campaign 1862 Antietam Campaign 1862 Antietam Campaign 1862 Antietam Campaign 1862 Antietam Campaign 1862 Antietam Campaign 29 West Main Street 3 West Main Street 301 West Main Street 306 West Main Street 31 West Main Street 5 West Main Street 8 West Main Street 9 West Main Street A Bold Plan A Bold Plan A Canal Home A Crossroads of American History A Diverse and Skilled Workforce A Fatal Shootout A Good Night's Rest A Lockkeeper's Life A Tradition of Conservation Abraham Lakin 2nd Advance, Retreat, and Refuge in Middletown All Wars Memorial Ambush Amelung Glass Works Amleto Cardinal Cicognani An Unquiet Place Appleman's Tannery Aqueduct Stones Army of the Potomac (July 1 1863) Army of the Potomac (July 4, 1863) Arts & Entertainment Atop the Kilns B & O Railroad Station Barbara Fritchie Cabins & Tea Room Barbara Fritchie House Barbara Fritchie: Civil War Heroine Bartlett Leads the Way Battle at Point of Rocks Battle Begins Battle for Crampton’s Gap Battle of Frederick Battle of Monocacy Berlin Birthplace of William Tyler Page Blue Blazes Still Blue Blazes Whiskey Trail Boiler House Bowstring Arch Bridge Braddock, Washington, and Franklin Brownsville Pass: Semmes’ Gamble Brunswick Brunswick Brunswick River Mural Buckeystown Buckeystown Park Burial: A Most Disagreeable Task Burkittsville Burkittsville: Henry Burkitt’s Town Burning of the Bridge Burning the Bridge Bush Creek Crossing C&O Canal C&O Canal Camp David Camp David Carrollton Manor Carroll's Mill Catoctin Aqueduct Catoctin Furnace Catoctin Furnace African American Cemetery Interpretive Trail Catoctin Iron Furnace Catoctin Iron Furnace Catoctin Mountain Geology Caught in the Crossfire Charlie Keller Chemistry in the Kiln Chew’s Ashby Artillery Christ Reformed Church Chuck Foreman Field City Hall Civil War Children's Memorial Civil War Hospital Center Civil War Hospital Site Civil War Memorial Civilians Under Siege Clovinger House Clustered Spires of Frederick Coaches James G. Deegan and James J. Phelan Cobbled Stagecoach Stop Cobb's Georgia Legion Cobb’s Brigade McLaw’s Division C.S.A. Collier's Hut Commemoration Company A, 1st Battalion, 115th Infantry Regiment Memorial Confederate Forces Confederate Row Confederate Sentinel Cornerstone of the Old Church on the Hill Corpus Christi Chapel Crampton’s Pass Tablet C.P. 1 Crampton’s Pass Tablet C.P. 3 Creeger House Crusher Shed Cultures Meet Cunningham Falls Daughters of Charity Daughters of Charity Defeat Turns To Route (sic) Dennis Memorial Desperate Escape Diehl Memorial Fountain Dirty and Dangerous Dynamic Nature of History Edgewood Emmitsburg Emmitsburg Emmitsburg Emmitsburg Emmitsburg Longrifles Emmitsburg Maryland Roll of Honor World War II Emmitsburg Memorial Post Emmitsburg Sisters of Charity Enoch Louis Lowe Erasure and Rediscovery Evangelical Lutheran Church Explore Maryland as the Crucible of the Nation Explore Maryland as the Crucible of the Nation Explore Maryland at the Crossroads of Conflict Explore Maryland at the Crossroads of Conflict Explore Maryland in Search of Adventure Explore Maryland In Search of Adventure Fall and Rise of an Aqueduct Fallen Firefighters Memorial Farming in the Valley Federals Take a Stand Final Attack Final Resting Place Final Stand First Black High School in Frederick County First National Bank Building First New Jersey Brigade Forest of Needwood Former Site of Tory Gaol Francis Scott Key Francis Scott Key Francis Scott Key Francis Scott Key Francis Scott Key Francis Xavier Elder Frederick Frederick County Frederick County / Washington County Frederick County Korean War Veterans Memorial Frederick County Veterans Memorial Frederick County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Frederick County World War I Memorial Frederick Evangelical Reformed Church Memorial Ground Frederick Town Barracks Frederick's Boys High School Frederick's Carroll Creek Frederick’s Poet Lawyer From Dirt Path to Main Street Fueling the Furnace Gambrill House Gambrill Mill GATH: The Man and His Mountain Gath's Empty Tomb Gen. Bradley T. Johnson Gen. John F. Reynolds General Edward Braddock General LaFayette George Alfred Townsend George Poe George Washington George Washington George Washington George Washington George Washington George Washington Bicentennial Memorial Gettysburg Campaign Gettysburg Campaign Gettysburg Campaign Gordon’s Decisive Attack Graves, Monuments, and Memorials Grinder / Slaker Shed Hagan’s Tavern Harriet Chapel Headquarters of Generals Robert E. Lee, "Stonewall" Jackson and Longstreet Sept. 6-9, 1862. Here and There Heritage Farm Park Lime Kiln Hessian Barracks - Witness to History Historic Buildings—Past and Present Historic Emmitsburg, MD Historic Frederick Barracks History of the Monocacy River Valley Home of Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney Home of the Brave Honoring Our Veterans Hood College Hood College Hospitals in Frederick In April 1861 The Legislature Of Maryland Met Here In Special Session In Commemoration In Memoriam In Remembrance Inside the Kiln Interstate and Defense Highways Ironmaster's Mansion Israel's Creek Jacob Engelbrecht Jacob Engelbrecht's Diary James K. Caniford Jane Hanson National Memorial Jefferson John Hanson John Hanson John Kuhn John McElroy, S.J. John Ross Key and Anne Charlton Key John Thomas Schley Joshua Beckwith House Journalists Who Gave Their Lives Jug Bridge Jug Bridge Monument Kemp Hall Korean Conflict Memorial Korean War Memorial Laboring Sons Memorial Ground Lamar House Lewis & Clark Trail Marker Lewistown Lewistown Trout Hatchery and Bass Ponds Libertytown Library Campaign Song Little Hunting Creek Lloyd C. Culler Loats Female Orphan Asylum of Frederick City Lockhouse 28 Lumbering in America L'Hermitage M-5 "JEB Stuart" Tank Main's Ice Cream Factory Maj. Gen. Edward Braddock Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws' Command Major General George Gordon Meade Making Charcoal Making Whiskey Market & Patrick Streets Mary Quantrill's Stand Maryland Campaign of 1862 / The Lost Orders Maryland's “Cemetery Beautiful” Mausoleum May 17, 1943 Meade Takes Command Medal of Honor Recipients Mell Rifles & Troup Light Artillery Memorial Hall Middletown Middletown Middletown Middletown Middletown Middletown Middletown in the Civil War Middletown in the Path of War Mile Stones of the old National Pike Monocacy Battlefield Monocacy Battlefield Monocacy National Battlefield Mother Seton's Rock Mount Saint Mary's College Mullinix Park National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes New Market New Market New Market in the Civil War Nick of Time No to the Stamp! North Market Street O Say Can You See? Old Berlin Cemetery Old Frederick Road Old Freight Depot Old Hill Church Old Sawmill Site One Time Rivals One Vast Hospital Operation Just Cause Memorial Operation Urgent Fury and Lebanese Civil War Memorial Padgett’s Field: Confederate Last Stand Pangborn Memorial Campanile Persian Gulf Memorial Point of Rocks Point of Rocks Point of Rocks Point of Rocks Point of Rocks Point of Rocks Point of Rocks Point of Rocks Point of Rocks Preparing the Hearth Raceway and Dam Ramsey House Rediscovered Past Religious Traditions Reno Monument Resources: Use—Reuse—Recycle Retreat Richard Potts - Revolutionary War Patriot Richfield Roger Brooke Taney Roger Brooke Taney Roger Brooke Taney Rose Hill Manor Ross House Ruins of the Ironmaster’s House Runkles Mill and The Mt. Airy Milling Company Rupp Hospitality House S.W. Baumiller Rest Area Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton (1774-1821) Saints Street Sawing a Board Schifferstadt Schifferstadt Architectural Museum Second Growth Forest Second Growth Forest Secondary Industries and the Mill Pond Shab Row Shafer's Mill Signs of the Past Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul of New York Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill Site of Buckeystown Methodist Episcopal Church Site of Father Dubois House Site of Frederick County's First Y.M.C.A. Site of St. Joseph's College Sixth Army Corps Slag Heaps Slave to Soldier Snook Family & Farmhouse Snook Family Farm Snook Farm Smokehouse South Mountain Summit St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Joseph's Valley Camp State of Pennsylvania Monument Stonebraker and Harbaugh Shafer Building Stones Reunited Stuart's Horse Raid of 1862 Submarine Veterans Memorial Sugar Loaf Mountain Tanneries The 15th North Carolina The Arnett Building The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad The Battle of Antietam The Battle of Antietam The Battle of Crampton's Gap The Battle of South Mountain The Battle That Saved Washington The Beautiful Aqueduct The Bells of St. Joseph's Valley The Braddock-Washington Monument The Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock The Carriage House Inn The Coblentz-Long Building The Confusion of Battle The Congregation in Frederick The Dred Scott Decision The Dred Scott Decision The Emmit House The Everedy Company The First Churches of Western Maryland The First Statue of Mother Seton Erected in the United States The First Stone Church of the Lutheran Faith in Western Maryland The Frederick Brick Works The Frederick County History Bell The Frederick Town Barracks The Free Colored Mens Library The H & F Trolley The Hamilton Willard Shafer Farm The Historic National Road The Historic National Road The Jefferson Town Well The John Hughes Cabin The Land We Call Home The Lost Order The Lost Order The Lower Depot Neighborhood / The Frederick Brick Works The Mount Airy Rail Yard The Mount Airy Station The National Road The National Road The News The Original C. Burr Artz Library The Quarry The Return of Names The Ross Home The Stage is Set The Stinky Stuff The Stone House The Story of Community Bridge The Town of New Market The Union Advance to Gettysburg The Watchful Eye The Weinberg Center The White House These Barracks They Lie Here, Beneath Our Feet Thick of the Battle This Boulder Marks the National Trail This Boulder Overlooks the Monocacy Battlefield This Cavalry Group Thomas Johnson Thomas Johnson Thomas Johnson Through a Child's Eyes Thurmont Thurmont Thurmont Thurmont Attractions Thurmont Memorial Park Thurmont Rail History — The End of an Era To the Unknown Dead Town of Emmitsburg, Maryland Town Square Train No. 286 Bell Memorial Trolley Station Troup Light Artillery Tyler’s-Spite House Ulysses Grant Bourne Unanimous Resolution Underground Railroad Underground Railroad United States Army General Hospital #1 Urbana USS Francis Scott Key (SSBN 657) Valley Savings Bank Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Bell Tower Viet Nam Conflict Memorial Vietnam Era Memorial Walter Eugene "Chuck" Foreman War Correspondents War Correspondents Memorial Arch War of 1812 Soldier War of 1812 Soldier War on Terrorism Memorial Washington County Washington County Water Water Level of the 1976 Flood Water Power Water Power Watercress Farming Welcome to Fountain Rock Lime Kilns White Ash Tree Who Built this Village? William Elder, Sr. William Tyler Page Wood Hauler's Sled Woodmere Wood—the Essential Ingredient Working the Kilns World War II Veterans Memorial Ye Olde Ostertag-Easterday Homestead "Isabella" and Casting Shed "To Lift a Nation" “Carrollton” “Frederick's Other City” “Sealed With Their Lives” “South Magnetic” “The Great Baby Waker” “Spirit of the American Doughboy”
The Battle of Antietam was one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War: The Battle of Antietam, which took place on September 17, 1862, was one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. More than 23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded, or missing after 12 hours of fighting. The battle is considered a turning point in the war, as it gave President Lincoln the opportunity to issue the Emancipation Proclamation.
Frederick County, Maryland has a rich and diverse history that dates back to the colonial era. Originally inhabited by Native American tribes, European settlers began arriving in the early 18th century. The county was formally established in 1748 and named after Frederick, Prince of Wales, the eldest son of King George II.

During the American Revolutionary War, Frederick County played a significant role. The county hosted several important events, including the signing of the Maryland Constitution in 1776. It also served as a crucial transportation hub, with the National Road passing through Frederick and connecting the east coast to the western frontier.

In the 19th century, Frederick County saw major advancements in transportation and industry. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad were constructed, further enhancing the county's connectivity. Agricultural practices evolved, and new technologies were introduced to improve farming methods.

The 20th century saw Frederick County experience growth and development in various sectors. The county became an important hub for military and defense activities during World War II and the Cold War. Later, the expansion of educational institutions and healthcare facilities further strengthened the county's infrastructure. In recent years, Frederick County has experienced a population boom due to its proximity to Washington, D.C., and the availability of employment opportunities.

Today, Frederick County is a vibrant community with a mix of historic landmarks, cultural attractions, and a flourishing economy. It continues to be a center for agriculture, manufacturing, and services, while also embracing its rich history and natural beauty.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Frederick County, Maryland.

  • 1748: Frederick County, Maryland is established as one of the original counties in the state.
  • 1774-1781: During the American Revolutionary War, Frederick County plays a significant role in supplying troops and provisions.
  • 1820s: The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal is built, improving transportation and boosting economic growth in the county.
  • 1861-1865: Frederick County is caught in the crossfire of the American Civil War, with both Union and Confederate armies occupying the area at different times.
  • 1877: The Western Maryland Railroad is completed, further enhancing transportation and trade in Frederick County.
  • 1902: Hood College, a private liberal arts college for women, is established in Frederick.
  • 1920s-1930s: Frederick County experiences economic hardships due to the Great Depression, leading to increased government intervention and infrastructure development.
  • 1950s-1970s: The county experiences significant population growth, thanks to the expansion of government agencies, military bases, and the thriving suburbanization of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.
  • 2002: The September 11 attacks at the Pentagon impact Frederick County, as many residents commute to the Washington, D.C., area.