Historical Markers in
Worcester County, Massachusetts

150th Anniversary of St. Mark's Church 1771 Publick House Historic Inn & Country Lodge 1st Lt. Joshua L. Booth USMC 4th Meetinghouse Adin Ballou Memorial American Revolutionary War Veterans Memorial An Open Landscape Armenian Genocide Ashburnham Civil War Monument B-24 Liberator Crash Site Bartholomew F. (Bart) Sullivan Birthplace of Johnny Appleseed Birthplace of Lucy Stone Birthplace of Lucy Stone Blackstone Canal Blackstone Canal Boston Post Road Boston Post Road Brig. Gen. Timothy Ruggles Brookfield Brooks Pottery Kiln Calvin Coolidge Chaubunagungamaug Civil War Memorial Civil War Memorial Civil War Memorial Civil War Memorial Civil War Soldier's Monument Clara Barton’s Birthplace Colonial Home 1777 Commerce on the Common Communist Chinese Intervention Company A, 2nd Mass. Inf., U. S. V. Company C, 2nd Mass. Inf. U.S.V. Company G, 9th Mass. Inf., U.S.V. Company H, 2nd Mass. Inf., U. S. V. Controlling Livestock: The Town Pound Corporal Harold E. Fay Corporal John M. Dawson David P. Casey Desert Storm Memorial Douglas Center Cemetery Douglas Civil War Monument Douglas Post Office Dr. Robert H. Goddard Park Dudley Soldiers War Memorial East Village Textile Mill Edward Sullivan Square Eliza, Waldo and Edward Fay Farming as a Way of Life First Lieutenant John V. Power First Meeting House First Mill First Perfect Game in Professional Baseball First Settler of Fitchburg Fitch House Yard Fitchburg Civil War Memorial Forgotten No More Fort Gilbert Founders' Park Freeman Farm From Rail to Trail Gardner Soldiers' Monument Garside Square Gen. Henry Knox Trail Gen. Henry Knox Trail Gen. Henry Knox Trail Gen. Henry Knox Trail Gen. Henry Knox Trail Gen. Henry Knox Trail Gen. Henry Knox Trail Gen. Henry Knox Trail General John Spurr House George Frisbie Hoar George Peter Bott Sr / Fred James Bott / Russell Peter Bott George Washington George Washington Memorial Getting Water Green Island Hardwick Civil War Monument Harrison Hall Harvard Civil War Monument Harvard Unitarian Universalist Church Harvard Veteran's Memorial Hassanamesit Hiding Place for Slaves Honor Roll Huguenot Settlement In Honor of Mendon's Soldiers In Honor of Those Who Served In Memory of All Veterans In memory of Arthur M Longsjo Jr In memory of the men of Leominster Indian Reservation Indian Trail Indian Village Pakachoag John J. (Jack) Barry '10 Johnny Ro Veterans Memorial Park Jonas Rice Jonas Rice Homesite Joseph Burnett Joseph J. Michna Square Korean War Coast Guard Korean War Memorial Lancaster Longfellow School Lt Col William J Ledoux Lt. Charles J. Collins USAAC Lysander Spooner Mary Goodnow's Grave Mary Sawyer’s Birthplace Memorial Mendon Civil War Memorial Mendon Historical Society Mendon Korean Vietnam Era Monument Mendon World War I Monument Mendon World World War II Monument Mendon’s First Meeting House Millstones Millstones Millville Main Street Millville Mills Millville Veterans Monument Millville Village Near This Spot Neck Bridge No City Has A Worthier Memorial Of Her Honored Sons North Korea Memorial Northborough World War I Memorial Northeast Corner of the Worcester Cemetery Old Maanexit Ford Old Toll Gate Old Town House Olde Burial Grounds Oliver E. Hazard On June 27, 1785 Patrick Joseph Moran Paul V Mullaney USMCR Plummer's Landing Prescott Grist Mill Puerto Rican 65th US Army Regiment Quinebaug Honor Roll Redemption Rock Revere Bell Reverend Nathan Stone Rollstone Boulder Rowlandson Rock Rowlandson Rock Samuel Leonardson Samuel Slater Samuel Thompson’s Gristmill Stone 1727 Sawyer-Carter Bridge Servant Square Seth Heywood Site SFC Jared C. Monti, USA Shrewsbury Minute Men Simeon Wheelock House Site of District 3 Schoolhouse Site of former Ohave Synagogue Site of Mary Rowlandson’s Capture Site of Mary Rowlandson’s Release Site of Second Meeting House Site of the Great Elm Slater Cotton Mill Soldiers of the American Revolution Southbridge 1898-1902 Veterans Monument Southbridge Civil War Memorial Southbridge Honor Rolls Southbridge Veterans Monument Southbridge Vietnam Veterans Monument Southbridge World War I Memorial Southeast Corner of the Worcester Cemetery Spanish American War Memorial Spanish American War Memorial Spanish War Veterans Memorial Stagecoach Stop Sturbridge Honor Roll War Memorial Tantiusques Thank You The 65th Infantry Regiment / El Regimiento Del 65 De Infantería The Architectural Style of the Salem Towne House The Blackstone Canal: 1828-1848 The Center School The Central Massachusetts Korean War Memorial The Drake Home and the Underground Railroad The Fire Pit The First School-House in Worcester The Goddard Rocket Launching Site The Gold Star Mother The Graveyard The Home Front The Honorable Paul V. Mullaney Plaza The Irish Community in Worcester The Johnson Massacre The Minuteman The Northbridge Contingent in the Nations Wars - 1939-1955 The Official State Monument For Veterans Of The Southwest Asian War The Old Burial Ground The Old Connecticut Path The Oldest House in Uxbridge The Raceway The School Boy of 1850 The Smokehouse The Store of Ephraim Kimball The Sturbridge Common The United Nations Defensive The United Nations Offensive Thomas Hooker Trail Thomas J Carroll Thomas J. Melia, Jr. Those Who Served and Died in Korea To The Memory Of Her Sons Who Died For The Unity Of The Republic Today we see a different view. Town House Town House Town of Harvard Town Pound Town Pound 1816 Toy Town Horse Udor Tower Uptown Common and 3rd Meetinghouse Uxbridge Civil War Monument Uxbridge Korea Vietnam Monument Uxbridge Veterans Monument Uxbridge World War I Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Vietnam Memorial Vietnam War Memorial Vietnam War Memorial Vietnam/Korea War Memorial Walter F. Wesgan Square War in Europe War in the Pacific War Memorial War Memorial War Memorial War Memorial Warren Civil War Memorial Welcome to Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park Welcome to the Pasture Walk West Village Wheeler’s Surprise Where is the Farm? Whitinsville Social Library Wickapickit Brook and Bridge Wigwam Hill William T. Kershaw Worcester Worcester Worcester Worcester Civil War Memorial Worcester World War II Memorial Worcester's First City Hall World War 1 Memorial World War I Memorial World War I Memorial World War II World War II Memorial World War II Time Capsule World War l Memorial World War l Memorial World War l Memorial World War ll Memorial World War ll Memorial World War ll Vietnam Korean War Memorial World War ll/Korean/Vietnam Memorial World War Memorial "Mary Had a Little Lamb" "Witness Tree" “Old Cemetery” “Spirit of the American Doughboy”
The Boston Marathon, one of the world's oldest annual marathons, has been held since 1897. It takes place on Patriots' Day, a Massachusetts state holiday commemorating the start of the American Revolutionary War.
Worcester County, Massachusetts, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1731. The area was initially inhabited by various Native American tribes, including the Nipmuc, who called the region Quinsigamond. In 1673, European settlers established a trading post in the area, and by the early 18th century, colonists began to settle permanently.

During the American Revolution, Worcester County played a significant role. In 1774, the county hosted the Worcester Convention, a gathering of Massachusetts towns that denounced British colonial policies. The convention's resolutions helped pave the way for the adoption of the Declaration of Independence two years later. Throughout the war, the county provided soldiers and resources to the Continental Army, and several battles were fought in the region.

In the 19th century, Worcester County became an industrial powerhouse. The construction of the Blackstone Canal and the arrival of the railroad spurred economic growth. The county became a center for manufacturing, with industries such as textiles, machinery, and shoes flourishing. The city of Worcester, located in the heart of the county, became known as the "City of the Seven Hills" and was a hub of commerce and innovation.

In the 20th century, Worcester County continued to evolve, facing both challenges and opportunities. The Great Depression and the decline of manufacturing put a strain on the local economy, but the county rebounded in the post-World War II era. Today, Worcester County is known for its diverse economy, with sectors such as healthcare, education, and biotechnology driving growth. Its rich history, vibrant culture, and scenic landscapes make it a unique and beloved part of Massachusetts.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Worcester County, Massachusetts.

  • 1662 - The town of Worcester is officially incorporated.
  • 1713 - The town of Worcester becomes the county seat of newly-formed Worcester County.
  • 1755 - The French and Indian War begins, leading to increased military activity in Worcester County.
  • 1767 - Worcester County's population reaches approximately 15,000.
  • 1781 - The town of Warren is incorporated as a separate town within Worcester County.
  • 1793 - Worcester County's population exceeds 50,000.
  • 1801 - The town of Athol is incorporated.
  • 1835 - The town of Fitchburg is incorporated as a city.
  • 1845 - The Blackstone Canal, connecting Worcester to Providence, Rhode Island, officially opens.
  • 1868 - The town of Clinton is incorporated as a city.
  • 1883 - Worcester County's population surpasses 150,000.
  • 1905 - The city of Worcester is granted a city charter.
  • 1938 - The Great New England Hurricane strikes Worcester County, causing significant damage.
  • 1956 - The construction of the Massachusetts Turnpike begins, passing through Worcester County.
  • 1978 - Worcester County's population reaches over 600,000.
  • 1985 - The Worcester Common Outlets, a major shopping center, opens in Worcester.
  • 2008 - The city of Worcester celebrates its 300th anniversary.