Historic cemeteries in
Trinity, Texas

Anderson-Ellis Cemetery Bennett Cemetery Benton Family Cemetery Blackshear Cemetery Boggy Slough Burials Cemetery Bohemian Cemetery Boontown Cemetery Burketown Cemetery Calvary Cemetery Carlisle Cemetery Cedar Grove Cemetery Chita Cemetery Chriss Williams Family Plot Cemetery County Line Cemetery Craddock Cemetery David Crockett National Forest Site Cemetery De La Fosse Cemetery East Prairie-Possum Walk Cemetery Ellis Prairie Cemetery Erickson Cemetery Flat Prairie-Foster Cemetery French Memorial Cemetery Glendale Cemetery Glenwood Cemetery Hickman Cemetery Hickman Place Cemetery Hill Cemetery Holly Cemetery Inman-Mason Cemetery Israel Otis Family Burial Plot Cemetery J.A. McClain Cemetery John Dean Cemetery John Smith Family Cemetery Johnson-Tullos Cemetery Josserand Memorial Park (Black) Cemetery Lacy Cemetery Millican Cemetery Moore Cemetery Moore & Rogers Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetery New Church Cemetery New Zion Cemetery Nigton Memorial Park. Cemetery Old Railroad Street Graves Cemetery Parker Ridge Cemetery Patterson Plot Cemetery Pennington Cemetery Perry-Beasley Cemetery Pine Hill Cemetery Randolph Cemetery Rice Cemetery Roy Smith Cemetery S. D. Lester Cemetery Saron Cemetery Skains Chapel Cemetery Sumpter Cemetery Sweat Family Cemetery Taylor Cemetery Teeter Family Cemetery Thornton Ch Cemetery Thornton Family Cemetery Threadgill Plot Cemetery Trevat Cemetery Trinity Community (black) Cemetery White Rock Cemetery Wiggins Hill Cemetery William Henry Skains Family Cemetery Zid McClain Cemetery Zion Hill Cemetery
The University of Texas at Austin, founded in 1883, is one of the largest universities in the United States and has produced many notable alumni, including several U.S. presidents.
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