State Antiquities Landmark in
Reagan County, Texas

The state of Texas was once an independent country known as the Republic of Texas. It gained independence from Mexico in 1836 and was a separate nation until it was annexed by the United States in 1845.
Reagan County is a county located in the U.S. state of Texas. It was named after John Henninger Reagan, who served as the postmaster general of the Confederate States during the American Civil War. The county was officially established in 1903 and is situated in the western part of Texas, bordering New Mexico.

The early history of Reagan County can be traced back to the Native American tribes that inhabited the area, including the Lipan Apache, Comanche, and Kiowa tribes. However, the region began to see significant settlement and development in the late 19th century, as pioneers and ranchers moved in search of new opportunities. The arrival of the railroad in the early 1900s further facilitated growth and economic activity in the county.

The discovery of oil in Reagan County in the 1940s brought about a major transformation. The oil industry became a significant contributor to the local economy, attracting both large corporations and independent operators. The population of the county grew rapidly during this period, as the demand for labor in the oil fields increased. Today, Reagan County remains an important center for oil production in the Permian Basin, supporting a variety of industries and businesses.

In addition to its economic significance, Reagan County is also known for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities. The county is home to beautiful landscapes and wildlife, drawing visitors who are interested in hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities. The county seat of Reagan County is the city of Big Lake, which serves as a hub for the surrounding communities and offers various amenities and services to residents and visitors alike.

This timeline provides a concise overview of the key events in the history of Reagan County, Texas.

  • 1876 - Reagan County is established on organized land from Tom Green County.
  • Late 1800s - Early settlers begin to arrive in the area.
  • 1900s - Ranching becomes the primary industry in the county.
  • 1903 - Big Lake, the county seat, is founded.
  • 1920s - Oil is discovered in the county, leading to an economic boom.
  • 1947 - Reagan County Junior College is established.
  • 1960s - Big Lake experiences a population increase due to oil production.
  • 1990s - The county experiences a decline in population and economic activity.