Texas was once an independent country: After winning its independence from Mexico in 1836, Texas became its own country, known as the Republic of Texas. It existed as an independent nation for nine years before being annexed by the United States in 1845.
Located in the Panhandle region of Texas, Oldham County has a rich history that dates back to the mid-19th century. The county was initially inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Comanches and Kiowas. In the 1870s, ranchers began to settle in the area, attracted by the abundant grazing land.

In 1876, the Texas Panhandle Land Company purchased a large tract of land in present-day Oldham County, sparking a period of rapid settlement. By the late 1880s, the town of Tascosa had become the county seat, playing a pivotal role in the development of Oldham County. Tascosa served as a major supply hub for nearby cattle ranches and became a notorious haven for outlaws and pioneers.

However, the town's prominence was short-lived. In 1898, a raging fire destroyed much of Tascosa, causing many residents to relocate to the newly established town of Vega. Vega quickly emerged as the primary community in the county, and in 1915, it officially became the county seat.

Throughout the 20th century, Oldham County experienced growth and development in various sectors. Agriculture, especially cattle ranching, remained a vital industry, while oil and gas exploration also became significant contributors to the local economy. In recent decades, the county has embraced renewable energy, with wind farms playing a growing role in its energy production.

Today, Oldham County is a close-knit community known for its western heritage and beautiful landscapes. It continues to thrive economically while preserving its historical roots, making it an attractive destination for visitors and residents alike.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Oldham County, Texas.

  • 1876 - Oldham County is first established.
  • 1882 - The county's first post office, Tascosa, is established.
  • 1883 - The county seat is moved from Tascosa to Vega.
  • 1888 - The Santa Fe Railroad is extended to Oldham County.
  • 1890 - The population of Oldham County reaches 1,119.
  • 1915 - A fire destroys most of Vega, causing residents to rebuild the town.
  • 1926 - Route 66 is designated and passes through Vega, bringing increased traffic to the area.
  • 1930 - The population of Oldham County reaches its peak at 4,051.
  • 1957 - The town of Adrian is incorporated within the county.
  • 2007 - Oldham County celebrates its 125th anniversary.