National Register Listings in
Dutchess County, New York

Academy Street Historic District Adriance Memorial Library Akin Free Library Amrita Club Astor Home for Children Attlebury Schoolhouse Bain Commercial Building Bain, F.R., House Balding Avenue Historic District Bangall Post Office Bannerman's Island Arsenal Bard Infant School and St. James Chapel Barrett House Barrett, Oliver, House Barringer Farmhouse Beacon Engine Company No. 1 Firehouse Beckwith, Walter, House Beekman Meeting House and Friends' Cemetery Benner House Bergh-Stoutenburgh House Beth David Synagogue Bloomvale Historic District Bogardus-DeWindt House Booth, O. H., Hose Company Boughton/Haight House Brett, Madam Catharyna, Homestead Brower, Abraham, House Brower, Adolph, House Building at 73 Mansion St. Bykenhulle Campbell, Dr. Cornelius Nase, House Carman, Cornelius, House Cedarcliff Gatehouse Chelsea Grammar School Church of the Holy Comforter Church Street Row Clark House Clark, Ezra, House CLEARWATER (Sloop) Clinton Corners Friends Church Clinton House Coleman Station Historic District Collingwood Opera House and Office Building Collyer, Capt. Moses W., House Corlies-Ritter-Hart House Cox Farmhouse Creek Meeting House and Friends' Cemetery Crum Elbow Meeting House and Cemetery Dakin-Coleman Farm De Peyster, Watts, Fireman's Hall Delamater, Henry, House Dixon House Dover Stone Church DuBois Farmhouse DuBois, Peter C., House Duchess Company Superintendent's House Dutchess County Court House Dutchess Manor Dwight-Hooker Avenue Historic District Eastman Terrace Elmendorph Inn Ethol House Eustatia Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Peter Evergreen Lands Farmer's and Manufacturer's Bank First Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church Rectory Fishkill Village District Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School Fredenburg House Free Church Parsonage Freer House Garfield Place Historic District Glebe House Graham-Brush Log House Grasmere Gregory House Grey Hook Grove, The Halfway Diner Harlow Row Hasbrouck House Haxtun-Tower House Heermance Farmhouse Heermance House and Law Office Hendricks, John, House and Dutch Barn Hershkind House Hiddenhurst Hillside Methodist Church Hoffman House Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site Hopewell Junction Depot Horton, Joseph, House Howard Mansion and Carriage House Howland Library Hudson River Heritage Historic District Hudson River State Hospital, Main Building Hyde Park Elementary School Hyde Park Firehouse Hyde Park Railroad Station Indian Rock Schoolhouse Innisfree Italian Center Kane, John, House Kimlin Cider Mill Lady Washington Hose Company LaGrange District School Langdon Estate Gatehouse Locust Grove Lower Main Street Historic District Luckey, Platt & Company Department Store Lynfeld Mader House Main Building, Vassar College Main Mall Row Main Street Historic District Main Street Historic District Main Street-Albertson Street-Park Place Historic District Maizefield Mansakenning Maple Grove Maples, The Market Street Row Marquardt Farm Martin, Hendrick, House McComb, Peter and Karen, House Melius-Bentley House Mill Street-North Clover Street Historic District Mill Street-North Clover Street Historic District (Boundary Increase) Moore House Moore, J. W., House Morschauser, Charles, House Morton Memorial Library Mount Beacon Incline Railway and Power House Mount Gulian Mt. Beacon Fire Observation Tower Mulhern House Mulrien House Mumford, Lewis, House Murphy Grist Mill National Biscuit Company Carton Making and Printing Plant Neher-Elseffer House New York State Armory Newcomb-Brown Estate Niagara Engine House Nine Partners Meeting House and Cemetery O'Brien General Store and Post Office Oblong Friends Meetinghouse Oswego Meeting House and Friends' Cemetery Parker Training Academy Dutch Barn Pelton Mill Phillips House Pier, Jan, House Pilgrim's Progress Road Bridge Pines, The Post-Williams House Poughkeepsie Almshouse and City Infirmary Poughkeepsie City Hall Poughkeepsie Meeting House (Hooker Avenue) Poughkeepsie Meeting House (Montgomery Street) Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge Poughkeepsie Railroad Station Poughkeepsie Savings Bank Poughkeepsie Trust Company Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory Progue House Pultz Farmhouse Pulver-Bird, House Quaker Lane Farms Reformed Dutch Church of Fishkill Landing Reformed Dutch Church of Poughkeepsie Reformed Dutch Church, Parsonage and Lecture Hall Reynolds House Rhinebeck Village Historic District Rhinecliff Hotel Riverside Methodist Church and Parsonage Rock Ledge Rogers, Archibald, Estate Rokeby Rombout House Roosevelt Point Cottage and Boathouse Roosevelt, Eleanor, National Historic Site Roosevelt, Isaac, House Rosenlund Estate Buildings Rymph, George, House Sague House Saint Mark's Episcopal Church Salisbury Turnpike Bridge Second Baptist Church Second Baptist Church of Dover Shay's Warehouse and Stable Shay, William, Double House Shear Homestead Sipperly Lown Farmhouse Slate Quarry Road Dutch Barn Smith Metropolitan AME Zion Church Smithfield Presbyterian Church Soldiers' Memorial Fountain and Park South Hamilton Street Row St. Luke's Episcopal Church Complex St. Margaret's Home St. Paul's (Zion's) Evangelical Lutheran Church St. Paul's Episcopal Church St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Parsonage and Cemetery St. Thomas' Episcopal Church Steenburg Tavern Stone Street Historic District Stonecrest Stony Kill Farm Storm-Adriance-Brinckerhoff House Stoutenburgh, William, House Strawberry Hill Sutherland Cemetery Tabor-Wing House Thompson House Thorne Memorial School Tioronda Bridge Titus, Elias, House Top Cottage Tousey, Benjamin C., House Traver House Traver, J. E., Farm Traver, John H., Farm Travis House Trinity Methodist Church Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church and Rectory Union Free School Union Street Historic District Upper-Mill Street Historic District US Post Office-Beacon US Post Office-Hyde Park US Post Office-Poughkeepsie US Post Office-Rhinebeck US Post Office-Wappingers Falls Van Vredenburg Farm Van Wyck-Wharton House Vanderbilt Lane Historic District Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site Vassar College Observatory Vassar Home for Aged Men Vassar Institute Vassar, Matthew, Estate Vassar-Warner Row Violet Avenue School Wales House Wappingers Falls Historic District Warren Masonic Lodge #32 Wethersfield Wheeler Hill Historic District Wheeler, Thomas N., Farm Williams Farm Winans-Huntting House Windswept Farm Winegar, Hendrik, House Young Men's Christian Association Zion Memorial Chapel Zion Pilgrim Methodist Episcopal Church Site
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In 1945, the United Nations was established in New York City, and its headquarters is located on a 17-acre site on the east side of Manhattan overlooking the East River.
Dutchess County, located in the Hudson Valley region of New York State, has a rich and diverse history that dates back centuries. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Wappinger and Mahican tribes, who lived off the land through farming and hunting.

In the early 17th century, the Dutch settled in the area and established trading posts along the Hudson River. The Dutch West India Company, seeking to establish a fur trade network, claimed the area as New Netherland. The name "Dutchess" itself is believed to be derived from the word "duchesa," meaning duchess, as a tribute to the Duchess of York, wife of James II, who was the future King of England.

During the American Revolution, Dutchess County played a significant role as a strategic base for both the British and Continental armies. The area witnessed several important military engagements, including the Battle of White Plains and the burning of Kingston by the British. The establishment of the New York State constitution in 1777 further solidified the county's importance.

In the 19th century, Dutchess County experienced a period of industrial growth, fueled by the construction of canals and railroads. The county became a major hub for manufacturing, with industries such as textiles, milling, and ironworks thriving. Poughkeepsie, the county seat, became a center for commerce and industry, boasting a bustling waterfront and a diverse population.

Today, Dutchess County is known for its picturesque landscapes, historic architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. It is home to several colleges and universities, including Vassar College and Marist College. The county also offers a wide range of recreational activities, such as hiking, boating, and exploring the numerous historical sites and landmarks that pay homage to its rich history.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Dutchess County, New York.

  • 1683 - Dutchess County is established as one of the original 12 counties of New York province.
  • 1720 - The Beekman Patent is granted, leading to the settlement of the area.
  • 1775-1783 - Dutchess County plays a significant role in the American Revolutionary War.
  • 1785 - Poughkeepsie becomes the county seat.
  • 1800s - Dutchess County experiences industrial growth with the development of mills, factories, and the railroad.
  • 1900s - The county expands as more suburban communities are created.
  • 1930s - Franklin D. Roosevelt, a resident of Dutchess County, begins his political career and eventually becomes the 32nd President of the United States.
  • 1963 - The Taconic State Parkway is opened, providing easier access to and from Dutchess County.
  • Present - Dutchess County continues to thrive as a mix of suburban and rural communities, known for its scenic beauty and historical significance.