Historical Markers in
Burlington County, New Jersey

1778 19th Century Railroading in Bordentown 218-220 High Street 44th Infantry Division 50 Star Flag 9-11-2001 We Will Never Forget 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial A Limited Resource A Million Dollar Resource A Sears Roebuck House Aetna Furnace Alice Stokes Paul All Gave Some - Some Gave All An Early Transportation Hub An Industrial Village Ann Carhart At Play on the Delaware Atsion Church & Cemetery Atsion Mansion Avenue of Flags Battle of Ironworks Hill Bedford Mills Bethlehem African Methodist Episcopal Church Beverly Veterans Birthplace of Archibald Maddock Crossley Birthplaces Bishop Francis Asbury Bordentown Bordentown Female College Bordentown Military Institute Bordentown Veteran's Memorial Borden's Towne Borough of Fieldsboro Braddocks Folly Braddock’s Landing Braddock’s Mill Brainerd Bridgeboro Bridge Bridgeboro Grammar School British Raid on Crosswicks Creek Burlington County’s Historical Downtown Caleb Clothier House Cambridge School Cannon Made in Mount Holly Carranza Memorial Cemetery Cemetery Center of Arts and Culture Central Railroad of New Jersey Chain placed across the street Chatsworth Honor Roll Chief Payton I. Flournoy, Sr. Memorial Park Christ Episcopal Church Christopher’s Mill Civilian Conservation Corps Clara Barton Clara Barton School Conservation and Environmental Studies Center, Inc. Country Store Cropwell Friends Meeting Cross Keys School Cross Keys Tavern Cross Roads Crosswicks Crosswicks Quaker Meeting Decades Ago in Lake Pine Dedicated to School No. 2 Dedicated To Those Who Served Delanco's Tribute to Those Who Lost Their Lives in the Second World War 1941 - 1945 Dellett Dr. Still’s Office Dunk’s Ferry Bicentennial Memorial Elias Boudinot Eliza Greene Doane Elizabeth Coleman White Ely Hall Engine of Industrial Progress Evesham Friends Meeting House Exploring the Pinelands Exploring the Pinelands F. Crosta Home & Store Fairview Christian Cemetery Fieldsboro Veterans Memorial Filbert Street School Fire Company First Baptist Church First Fire Station First House on Bank Street First House on Filbert Street First Moorestown, New Jersey Friends Meeting House First movement by steam on a railroad in New Jersey Florence M. E. Church Florence Township Veterans Memorial Florence Township War Memorial Founding Lay Persons Founding of St. Mary’s Parish Francis Hopkinson Franklin Carr Free Library Friends Graveyard Friends Meeting Friends Meeting Friends Meeting House Gen. Clinton House George S. Bowers Girard House Glassworkers’ Homes Grant House Grist Mill Stone Haines / Cochley / Singer House Historic Burlington County Court House Historic Burlington County Prison Museum Historic Prison Historic Smithville Park History Millstone Park Home of Col. Joseph Borden 2nd Home of Gilbert W. Knight Home of Patience Lovell Wright Home of Stephen Sayre Home of Thomas Buchanan Read Honor Roll Honor Roll Hoot Owl Farm Hope Steam Fire Engine Company No. 1 Hoskins House House of John R. Slack Hub of Transportation and Commerce Hunt Brothers Circus Important Men of 206 High Street, Burlington Indian Ann Indian Reservation John Woolman’s Tailor Shop & 2nd Friends Meeting House Joseph Campbell House JR.O.U.A.M. Kemble Inn Keystone Watchcase Clock Tower Restoration and Lighting Kinkora Branch Railroad Kirby’s Mill Korea and Vietnam Wars Memorial Korean War Memorial Lippincott-Barton Farmhouse Site Log Church Look Listen and Live Lutheran Home MacDonald Hall Main Cable Main Street Meeting House Mansion of James Langstaff Marne Highway Medford Korean War Memorial Medford Vietnam Memorial Medford World War I Memorial Medford World War II Memorial Meeting House Memorial Field Memorial Hall Methodist Cemetery Methodist Church Methodist Episcopal Church Milton Allen’s School Monument Moorestown, N.J. Morgan Hollinshead Clock Shop Site Mt. Laurel Potters Field New Riverside Cemetery New St. Mary's Church New St. Mary’s Nine South Main Street Notable Bordentown Residents Ockanickon Office of the Council of Proprietors and the Surveyor General Old School House Old St. Mary's Church Oliphant’s Mill On a Tree South of this Spot Parrish-James House "Red Gables" Patience Lovell Wright Patrolman Thomas C. Whitelock Paulsdale Paulsdale Peacock Cemetery Petticoat Bridge Skirmish Pic-A-Lilli Inn Point Breeze Powder Explosion Red Men's Hall Revolutionary War Hospital Richard J. Hughes Richard Watson Gilder House Riley / Garwood House Riverside-Delanco Bridge Riverton Riverton Free Library Riverton Steamboat Landing Riverton Yacht Club Riverton's Bicycle Track Riverton's First Drugstore Robert and Anna Miller Biddle Roberts’ Hall Roebling Auditorium Roebling Ball Park Roebling General Store Roebling Inn Roebling Memorial Roebling Roll of Honor Roll of Honor Sandtown Sawmill Shinn-Curtis Log House Site of African M.E. Church Site of Blacksmith Shop Site of Coles Hotel Site of Cox's Tavern Site of Demolished Bareford Hotel Site of Governor William Franklin’s Home Site of Moore's Tavern Site of Schoolhouse Site of Stamping Mill Site of the Indian Spring Smith-Cadbury Mansion Smithville Historic District Smithville Lower Village Speedwell Spring Garden Street School St. Mary's Churchyard St. Mary's Hall St. Peter's Catholic Church St. Peter's Church St. Peter’s Episcopal Church St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Star Glass Works Stratton Burying Ground The Albert Kirby House The Battle of Iron Works Hill The Benjamin Wilkins House The Brace Road School The Conrow House The Cottage 1872 The Crosswicks Creek "Trestle Vessel" The Delaware: A National Treasure The Dr. George Haines House The Dr. Josiah Reeve House The Dr. R. S. Braddock House The Everett Haines House The Founding of Burlington The Isaac Collins House The John Haines House The John Peacock House The Jonathan Haines House The Joseph Allen House The Keeler Oak The Keeler Oak Tree The Mary Smith House The Maurice Haines House The Methodist Cemetery The Nail House The Nehemiah Haines House The Oldest House on Branch Street The Owen Stratton House The P.M. & M. Railroad The Sawyer’s House The Stacy Prickett House The Story Of Atsion The Stratton / Braddock House The Telephone made its Bordentown Debut in 1882 The Thomas Wilkins House The Toll House The Train Station & Smith’s Forest The Ultimate Weapon The Village of Chairville The Weeks-Bowker House The White Horse Inn The William Dyer House This Was The Home Of Joseph Hopkinson Thomas & Mary Evens House Thomas Hollinshead House Thomas Paine Thomas Paine Monument Thompson Home Tidal Delaware Water Trail To Those Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice - Korea - Vietnam Tower Clock Town Hall Treaty Tree Trinity Episcopal Church Trolleys and Trains of Riverside Two One-Room Schools Upper Springfield Meeting House and Cemetery Veterans Drive Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Vietnam War Memorial Wharton State Forest Wharton-Fitler House White Hill Mansion Whitesbog Village William Calvert’s Hardware Store William G. McGrath, PPC World War World War I Memorial World War I Memorial World War II Memorial World War II Memorial World War II Memorial World War II Monument World War II Observation Tower World Wars I and II Memorial Wright House "Babe" Ruth “Hessian House”
The first submarine ride in the United States took place in New Jersey in 1898. The Holland VI, a prototype submarine designed by John Philip Holland, was tested in Passaic River.
Burlington County, located in southern New Jersey, has a rich and vibrant history that dates back to the pre-colonial era. The land that now encompasses Burlington County was originally inhabited by the Lenape Native American tribe. Europeans first arrived in the area in the early 17th century, with Dutch and Swedish explorers making initial contact.

In 1677, the Province of West Jersey was established by Quaker settlers, who sought religious freedom and democratic principles. Burlington, situated along the Delaware River, became the capital of West Jersey and a hub for trade and commerce. The town quickly grew into a prosperous community and played a significant role in shaping the early history of the region.

During the American Revolution, Burlington County was a site of strategic importance. The area saw several military engagements, including the Battle of Iron Works Hill, the Battle of White Horse Tavern, and the Battle of Petticoat Bridge. These skirmishes between American and British forces left lasting marks on the local landscape and helped solidify the region's role in the fight for independence.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Burlington County experienced significant growth and development. The county's agricultural and industrial sectors expanded, with farming, textile manufacturing, and shipbuilding playing vital roles in the local economy. Today, Burlington County continues to thrive as a vibrant community, offering a mix of historical charm and modern amenities for residents and visitors alike.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Burlington County, New Jersey.

  • 1677 - Burlington County is established by the English settlers
  • 1681 - First permanent settlement is established in Burlington City
  • 1752 - Mount Holly becomes the county seat
  • 1776-1783 - Burlington County plays a role in the American Revolutionary War
  • 1793 - Moorestown is incorporated as a township
  • 1830 - First railroads are built in Burlington County
  • 1861-1865 - County residents serve in the American Civil War
  • 1878 - Pemberton becomes a borough
  • 1892 - First electric trolley car operates in Burlington County
  • 1926 - First bridge is built over the Delaware River, connecting Burlington County and Pennsylvania
  • 1955 - Burlington County College (now Rowan College at Burlington County) is established
  • 1974 - Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst is formed by the merging of three military bases
  • 1997 - Township of Evesham changes its name to Marlton
  • 2004 - Burlington County Prison Museum is opened in Mount Holly