Historical Markers in
Ingham County, Michigan

Alice B. Cowles House Austin Blair Baldwin Park Battery A 1st Michigan Light Artillery Bigelow-Kuhn-Thomas House Botanical Laboratory Capital Bank Tower Carnegie Library Central United Methodist Church Chief Okemos Chief Okemos / Okemos Village Church of the Resurrection / Monsignor John A. Gabriels City of Leslie City of Mason College Field Collegeville / East Lansing Commerce Dora Hall Stockman Downtown Historic District Drs. Pearl Kendrick and Grace Eldering Durant Park / Durant Park Arch E. Genevieve Gillette 1898-1986 Education and Faith Eero Saarinen 1910-1961 Elijah McCoy 1843-1929 Ernie Harwell Fannie Richards 1840-1922 First Baptist Church First Michigan Sharpshooters First Olds Horseless Carriage First Presbyterian Church First Regiment Michigan Engineers Freedom Patriotism Humanity George Beeman House George E. Palmer / Old Newsboys Gordie Howe b. 1928 Grand Army of the Republic Grand River Trail Grand Trunk Depot Gunn School Harry J. Eustace Hall Haslett Helen Thomas B. 1920 Henry Ford 1863-1947 Herbert Henry Dow 1866-1930 Home of Lawton T. Hemans 1892-1916 I-496 Olds Freeway In Honor of All Who Have Served Ingham County Courthouse Ingham County Home Cemetery Jeff Daniels b. 1955 Joe Louis Barrow 1914-1981 John Rayner House John T. Herrmann House John Taylor Jonas Salk 1914-1995 Judging Pavilion Site Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture Kerns Hotel Fire / Box 23 Club Lansing Community College Lansing Fire Station No. 8 Lansing Labor Holiday Lansing's First Capitol Building / Lansing Becomes the Capital City Lansing's Labor Holiday LeRoy Township District No. 6 School Mack-e-te-be-nessy “Andrew J. Blackbird” c. 1815-1908 Malcolm X Homesite Maple Grove Cemetery Mason Depot Mason State Bank Masonic Temple McCormick Park Methodist Episcopal Church Michigan Michigan Automobile Dealers Association Michigan Dental Association Michigan Education Association / Michigan Association of Counties Michigan Manufacturer's Association Michigan National Guard Armory / 119th Field Artillery Michigan Optometric Association Michigan Pharmacists Association Michigan Retail Hardware Association Michigan School for the Blind / Administration Building Michigan Sheriffs' Association Michigan State Capitol Michigan State Capitol / Michigan's Three Capitols Michigan State Medical Society / Michigan State Medical Society Headquarters Michigan State University Millville United Methodist Church Monsignor Jerome V. MacEachin / St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Parish Morgan B. Hungerford House Mt. Hope Cemetery Muzyad Yahkoob “Danny Thomas” 1914-1991 North Lansing Brenke Fish Ladder Okemos Methodist Church Olds Returns to Lansing Pioneer Living Plymouth Congregational Church Ransom Eli Olds / Curved Dash Oldsmobile Ransom Eli Olds Breakthrough Remembrance Memorial REO Motor Car Company / REO Clubhouse Rogers-Carrier House Rosa Parks 1913-2005 Roswell Everett / Roswell Everett House Saint Mary Parish Secchia Stadium Sleepy Hollow St. Katherine's Chapel St. Paul's Episcopal Church Star Windmill State Bar of Michigan Stevie Wonder b. 1950 Stockbridge Civil War Memorial Stockbridge Town Hall Sts. Cornelius and Cyprian Church The Bridge The Farmstead The Grand River / Grand River History The Livestock Judging Pavilion The Mill The Nation's Pioneer Land-Grant University The Pink School The Rededication of the Beaumont Tower Bells The Spartan Theater District / The Strand Thomas Edison 1847-1931 Town of Michigan /Lansing Travel in the 1800s Trinity A.M.E. Church Turner-Dodge House Tuttle Park Veterans Memorial Union Depot W.J. Beal Botanical Garden Walter Adams Field Walter Reuther 1907-1970 Webberville United Methodist Church White Oak White Oak Township Hall William Crapo “Billy” Durant 1861-1947 Williamston Area World War II Memorial Williamston Center United Methodist Church Williamston Civil War Memorial Williamston Wall of Honor Wolverine Boys' State / Wolverine Girls' State Women's Building Woodbury-Kerns House "That a Ladies Course be Organized"
Michigan is known for its many lighthouses, with over 120 lighthouses located along its Great Lakes shoreline. Many of these lighthouses are still in operation today and are popular tourist destinations.

Ingham County, Michigan has a rich history that dates back to the early 19th century. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Potawatomi and Ojibwe, who used the land for hunting and gathering. European settlement began in the early 1830s, with the arrival of pioneers who established small farming communities.

The county was officially established in 1838 and named after Samuel D. Ingham, who was the Secretary of the Treasury under President Andrew Jackson. The county seat, Mason, was established in 1847 and remains the administrative center. During this time, the county experienced rapid growth and development, with agriculture as the primary industry. The arrival of the railroad in the late 19th century further facilitated economic growth.

Ingham County played an important role in Michigan's history during the Civil War. The county contributed soldiers to the Union Army, and its residents actively participated in the war effort. In the post-war years, the county experienced further growth and expansion, with the establishment of educational institutions, parks, and cultural amenities.

Today, Ingham County is a vibrant and diverse area, home to Michigan State University, which was founded in 1855 and is now one of the largest universities in the United States. The county is also known for its government institutions, such as the Michigan State Capitol building and the Michigan Supreme Court. Ingham County continues to be an important center for education, government, and agriculture in the state of Michigan.

  • 1829 - Ingham County is established as a county in the state of Michigan.
  • 1837 - The first county courthouse is built in Mason, which becomes the county seat.
  • 1841 - The Michigan State Capitol is relocated from Detroit to Lansing, becoming the state capital and bringing economic growth to Ingham County.
  • 1850 - The first public library in Lansing, the state capital, is established.
  • 1855 - Michigan Agricultural College (now Michigan State University) is founded in East Lansing.
  • 1863 - The Michigan State Capitol building is completed and becomes the principal government building.
  • 1897 - A devastating fire destroys much of the city of Lansing, leading to a significant rebuilding effort.
  • 1941 - The U.S. Army establishes Camp Lansing, which later becomes part of the Michigan National Guard.
  • 1951 - The Michigan State Police Training Academy is established in Lansing.
  • 1963 - The Lansing Civic Center (now named Lansing Center) is opened as a multi-purpose event facility.
  • 1998 - The Michigan State University Stadium, Spartan Stadium, undergoes a major expansion, increasing its capacity.