National Register Listings in
Muscogee County, Georgia

Adams Cotton Gin Building Berry, George O., House Bibb City Historic District Broad Street Methodist Episcopal Church South Building at 1007 Broadway Building at 1009 Broadway Building at 1400 Third Avenue Building at 1519 3rd Avenue Building at 1531 3rd Avenue Building at 1612 3rd Avenue Building at 1617 Third Avenue Building at 1619 Third Avenue Building at 1625 Third Avenue Building at 215 Ninth Street Building at 221 Ninth Street Building at 303 11th St. Building at 920 Ninth Avenue Building at 921 Fifth Avenue Building at 944 Second Avenue Bullard-Hart House Bush-Philips Hardware Co. Butts, Thomas V., House C.S.S. MUSCOGEE AND CHATTAHOOCHEE (gunboats) Cargill, Walter Hurt Carter and Bradley, Cotton Factors and Warehouseman Cedars, The Central of Georgia Railroad Terminal Central of Georgia Railroad Terminal Church of the Holy Family Church Square City Fire Department Claflin School Cole-Hatcher-Hampton Wholesale Grocers Colored Cemetery Columbian Lodge No. 7 Free and Accepted Masons Columbus High School Columbus Historic District Columbus Historic District (Boundary Increase) Columbus Historic Riverfront Industrial District Columbus Investment Company Building Columbus Ironworks Columbus Manufacturing Company Columbus Stockade Cooke, Wm. L., House Denson, William H., House Depot Business Buildings Dinglewood Dinglewood Historic District Dismukes, Robert E., Sr., House Elisha P. Dismukes House First African Baptist Church First African Baptist Church Parsonage First National Bank First Presbyterian Church Fletcher, John T., House Fontaine Building Forston House Frank Brothers Gann's Pharmacy Garrett-Bullock House Girard Colored Mission Goetchius-Wellborn House Golden Brothers, Founders and Machinsts Green Island Ranch Harrison-Gibson House High Uptown Historic District Highland Hall Hillcrest-Wildwood Circle Historic District Hilton Hofflin & Greentree Building Illges House Illges, John Paul, House Isaac Maund House Joseph House Kress Lafkowitz, Abraham, House Ledger-Enquirer Building Lewis-Rothchild Building Liberty Theater Lion House Loeb, Sol, Building-Garrett-Joy Building McArdle House McGehee-Woodall House Methodist Tabernacle Mott House Mott-Fox-Hugley House Octagon House Old City Cemetery Old Dawson Place Peabody-Warner House Peacock Woods-Dimon Circle Historic District Pemberton House Phillips, George, House Pond, George, House Power and Baird, Wholesale Dry Goods and Notions Rainey, Gertrude Ma Pridgett, House Rankin House Rankin Square Reich Dry Goods Company Ridgewood Roberts, John Spencer, House Rosenberg, Max, House Rothschild's, David, Wholesale Dry Goods Rothschild, David, House Secondary Industrial School Silver's Five and Dime Store-H.L. Green Co. Sixteenth Street School Southern Railway Freight Depot Spencer, William Henry, House Springer Opera House St. Christoper's Normal and Industrial Parish School St. Elmo St. John Chapel Swift Manufacturing Company Swift-Kyle House Tarver, C.B., Building Thomas, Alma, House Triangle Building Trinity Episcopal Church Turner, Charles E., House U.S. Post Office and Courthouse W. Jacob Burrus House Walker-Peters-Langdon House Waverly Terrace Wells-Bagley House Weracoba-St. Elmo Historic District Wolfson Printing and Paper Co. Woodruff, Ernest, House Woodruff, Henry Lindsay, House Woodruff, Henry Lindsay, Second House Woolfolk, John W., House Wynn House Wynn's Hill-Overlook-Oak Circle Historic District Wynnton Academy Wynnton Village Historic District Wynnwood Y.M.C.A.