National Register Listings in
New Castle County, Delaware

901 Mt. Lebanon Rd. Academy of Newark Achmester Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Company Fire Station No. 2 Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Company, Fire Station No. 1 Aiken's Tavern Historic District Air Service, Inc. Hangar at Bellanca Airfield Allen, Charles, House American Vulcanized Fibre Company-Wilmington Plant Amstel House Anderson House Appoquinimink Friends Meetinghouse Archmere Armor, James, House Armstrong Lodge No. 26, A. F. & A. M. Armstrong, A., Farm Armstrong-Walker House Ashland Bridge Ashton Historic District Auburn Mills Historic District Augustine Beach Hotel Augustine Paper Mill Baily House Bancroft and Sons Cotton Mills Bank of Newark Building Bartley-Tweed Farm Baynard Boulevard Historic District Bell Farmhouse Belleview Bellevue Range Rear Light Station Belmont Hall Biddle House Biggs, Gov. Benjamin T., Farm Bloomfield Blue Hen Farm Brandywine Manufacturers Sunday School Brandywine Park Brandywine Park and Kentmere Parkway (Boundary Increase) Brandywine Powder Mills District Brandywine Village Historic District Brandywine Village Historic District (Boundary Increase) Braunstein's Building Breck's Mill Area Breck's Mill Area-Henry Clay Village Historic District (Boundary Decrease) Breck's Mill Area-Henry Clay Village Historic District (Boundary Increase) Brindley Farm Brook Ramble Broom, Jacob, House Brown, Dr. John A., House Budovitch, Florence and Isaac, House Buena Vista Building at 140 W. Main Street Building at 28-34 1/2 Academy Street Building at 34 Choate Street Carney, John, Agricultural Complex Carpenter-Lippincott House Carswell, Stuart Randall & Pricilla Kellogg, House Casperson, W., House Center Meeting and Schoolhouse Centreville Historic District Chambers House Chambers House Chandler, Joseph, House Chelsea Choptank Choptank-Upon-The-Hill Christiana Historic District Church Street Historic District Clearfield Farm Cleaver House Cloud, Abner, House Cloud-Reese House Cochran Grange Coffee Run Mission Site Collison House Continental Army Encampment Site Cooch's Bridge Historic District Cooch's Bridge Historic District (Boundary Decrease) Cool Spring Park Historic District Cool Spring Park Historic District (Boundary Increase) Corbit-Sharp House Cornucopia Correll's Farm and Lawn Supply Cox-Phillips-Mitchell Agricultural Complex Crosby and Hill Building Curtis Mansion Curtis Paper Mill Workers' Houses Darley House Dean, Joseph, & Son Woolen Mill Deer Park Farm Deer Park Hotel Delaware Academy of Medicine Delaware Avenue Historic District Delaware Avenue Historic District (Boundary Increase) Delaware City Historic District Delaware Trust Building Delmarva Power and Light Building Dilworth House Dingee, Jacob, House Dingee, Obadiah, House Dixon, S. P., Farm Downtown Wilmington Commercial Historic District Dragon Run Farm Dupont, P. S., High School East Brandywine Historic District Eastburn, Davis, Farm Eastburn, J., Barn Eastburn-Jeanes Lime Kilns Historic District Eastern Lock of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Eighth Street Park Historic District Eighth Street Park Historic District (Boundary Increase) Eleutherian Mills Eliason, A., House Elm Grange England House and Mill Evans, George, House Evans, John, House Exchange Building Fairview Fairview Fairview Fairview Fell Historic District Ferguson, Robert, House Ferris, Zachariah, House Fields Heirs Fisher, Andrew, House Fleming House Foord & Massey Furniture Company Building Fort Christina Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island Fort Dupont Historic District Friends Meetinghouse Galloway-Walker House Garrett Snuff Mill Garrett Snuff Mills Historic District George Read II House Gibraltar Glebe House Glynrich Gordon, J. M., House Govatos'/McVey Building Grace United Methodist Church Graham, Robert, House Granite Mansion Grantham-Edwards-McComb House Graves Mill Historic District Gray, Charles, Printing Shop Green Mansion Green Meadow Greenbank Historic Area Greenbank Historic Area (Boundary Increase) Greenlawn Grose, Robert, House Hale-Byrnes House Hanson, B. F., House Harlan and Hollingsworth Office Building Hart House Hazel Glen Head of Christiana United Presbyterian Church Hedgelawn Hermitage, The Hersey-Duncan House Hickman Blacksmith Shop and House Hickman Row Higgins, S., Farm Hill Island Farm Hockessin Friends Meetinghouse Holladay-Harrington House Holly Oak Holton, S., Farm Holy Trinity Homestead Hall Howard High School Huguenot House Idalia Manor Iron Hill School No. 112C Ivyside Farm Jackson-Wilson House Johnson Home Farm Johnson, William Julius "Judy" House Johnson-Morris House Justis, Thomas, House Justis-Jones House Keil, Max, Building Keil, Max, Building Kerr, Andrew, House Killgore Hall Killgore, Joseph, House Kingswood Methodist Episcopal Church La Grange Laurel Lesley-Travers Mansion Lewden, John, House Liedlich, Charles and Edith, House Linden Hill Lindsay, J., Barn Lindsey, Samuel, House Liston House Liston Range Front Lighthouse Liston Range Rear Light Station Lobdell Estate, Minquadale Home Logan House Lombardy Hall Lore, Charles B., Elementary School Louviers Lower Louviers and Chicken Alley Lower Market Street Historic District Lower Market Street Historic District (Boundary Increase) Lum's Mill House MacDonough, Comdr. Thomas, House Main Office of the New Castle Leather Company Maple Grove Farm Maples Marcus Hook Range Rear Light Marshallton United Methodist Church Mason, J., Farm Masonic Hall and Grand Theater Mayfield McCormack, J., Farm McCoy House McDaniel, J., Farm McIntyre, J., Farm McLane, Louis, House McWhorter House Meeteer House Memorial Hall Merestone Mermaid Tavern Meteer Store House Middletown Academy Middletown Historic District Mill Creek Friends Meetinghouse Misty Vale Mondamon Farm Montchanin Historic District Monterey Montgomery House Morgan, William, Farm Morrow, James, House Mount Cuba Mount Cuba Historic District Mount Lebanon Methodist Episcopal Church Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage Mt. Airy School No. 27 Naaman's Creek School Naudain, Arnold S., House Nelson, John B., House New Castle and Frenchtown Railroad Right-of-Way New Castle County Court House New Castle Historic District New Castle Historic District New Castle Ice Piers New Castle Leather Raw Stock Warehouse New Century Club Newark Opera House Newark Passenger Station Newark Union Church and Cemetery Newport National Bank Newport Railroad Station North Saint Georges Historic District Noxontown Odessa Historic District Odessa Historic District (Boundary Increase) Okolona Old Asbury Methodist Church Old Brick Store Old Cann Mansion House Old College Historic District Old Customshouse Old Drawyers Church Old First Presbyterian Church Old First Presbyterian Church of Wilmington Old Ford Dairy Old Ford Dairy (Boundary Increase) Old Fort Church Old Newark Comprehensive School Old Post Ofice Old St. Anne's Church Old St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church Old Town Hall Old Town Hall Commercial Historic District Old Union Methodist Church Ott's Chapel Owl's Nest Country Place Parker's Dairy Palace Penn Farm of the Trustees of the New Castle Common Pharo House Philips-Thompson Buildings Phillips, Thomas, Mill Complex Pierson, T., Farm Point Farm Poplar Hall Port Penn Historic District Postles House Public School No. 111-C Public School No. 19 Public School No. 29 Pyle, Howard, Studios Pyle, Joshua, House and Wagon Barn Quaker Hill Historic District Quaker Hill Historic District (Boundary Increase) Reading, Philip, Tannery Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church Reedy Island Range Rear Light Retirement Farm Reynold's Candy Company Building Rhodes Pharmacy Riverdale Riverview Cemetery Company of Wilmington, Delaware Robinson House Rockford Park Rockland Historic District Rockwood Rodney Court Rodney Square Historic District Rosedale Rosemont Rotheram Mill House Rumsey Farm Savin-Wilson House Schagrin, Charles, Building Schoonover, Frank E., Studios Shallcross, Sereck, House Shipley Run Historic District Springer Farm Springer, Charles, Tavern Springer-Cranston House St, Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church St. Georges Cemetery Caretaker's House St. Georges Presbyterian Church St. Hedwig's Roman Catholic Church St. James Church St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church St. Joseph's Catholic Church St. Joseph's Church St. Joseph's on the Brandywine St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church St. Mary's School St. Thomas Episcopal Church Starl House Starr House STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA (steamboat) State Theater Steel, James, House Stewart, James, House Stewart, James, Jr., House Stinson, J., Farm Stockton-Montmorency Stonum Strand Millas and Rock Spring Sutton House Swanwyck Talley, William, House Tatnall, Joseph, House Taylor's Bridge School Thomas, David W., House Torbert Street Livery Stables Townsend Historic District Townsend, Henry, Building Trinity Episcopal Church U.S. Post Office, Courthouse, and Customhouse Vail, A. M., House Vandegrift, J., House Vandyke-Heath House Vansant, John C., House Vernacular Frame House Village of Arden Walker's Mill and Walker's Bank Walker, J., Farm Walker, R., Barn Walnut Green School Walnut Lane Water Witch Steam Fire Engine Company No. 5 Wawaset Park Historic District Weldin, Lewis, House Welsh Tract Baptist Church Wesley M.E. Church West 9th Street Commercial Historic District Weston White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church White Hall Williams House Williams, J. K., House Wilmington Amtrak Station Wilmington and Western Railroad Wilmington Club Wilmington Rail Viaduct Wilmington Savings Fund Society Wilmington Trust Company Bank Wilmington YMCA Wilson, Edward R., House Windsor Winterthur Museum and Gardens Woman's Club of Newport Wooddale Bridge Wooddale Historic District Woodside Woodstock Woodward Houses Woolworth, F. W., Company Building Wright House Young, William, House
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The District of Delaware was established on September 24, 1789, as one of the original 13 federal judicial districts. It was the first district to be created after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.
New Castle County, located in the state of Delaware, has a rich and diverse history dating back to the earliest European settlements in the region. The area was originally home to the Lenape Native American tribe before Dutch explorers arrived in the early 17th century. The colony of New Sweden was established in the mid-1600s, but it was eventually taken over by the Dutch and later the English, who named the area New Castle after the city in England.

In the 18th century, New Castle County played a significant role in the American Revolution. It was home to several key figures, including Caesar Rodney, who famously rode from Delaware to Philadelphia to cast the deciding vote for American independence. The area was also a critical shipping and trading port, attracting merchants and businessmen from all over the region.

As the 19th century dawned, New Castle County transitioned from an agrarian society to an industrial hub. The growth of the county was fueled by the construction of canals and railroads, which brought prosperity and commerce to the area. Industries such as textiles, paper, and shipbuilding thrived during this time, attracting a wave of immigrants who found work and settled in the county.

In the 20th century, New Castle County experienced rapid urbanization and suburbanization. Wilmington, the county seat, grew into a major financial and corporate center, with the presence of large banking and chemical industries. The county also saw significant population growth, as people moved from rural areas to live closer to employment opportunities. In recent decades, New Castle County has focused on attracting high-tech industries and promoting economic development while preserving its historical landmarks and natural beauty.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of New Castle County, Delaware.

  • New Castle County is founded by Dutch colonists and named after the city of Nieuw-Amstel, which later becomes New Castle, in 1664.
  • In 1682, New Castle County becomes part of the newly formed British colony of Delaware.
  • During the American Revolutionary War, New Castle County sees military action, including the Battle of Cooch's Bridge in 1777.
  • In 1801, the state capital is moved from New Castle to Dover, but New Castle County remains an important economic and cultural center.
  • The Industrial Revolution leads to the growth of manufacturing and industry in New Castle County in the 19th century.
  • In the early 20th century, New Castle County experiences rapid urbanization and population growth.
  • During World War II, New Castle County becomes a military hub with the construction of the New Castle Army Air Base.
  • After the war, New Castle County continues to grow and develop, becoming a major center for banking, finance, and healthcare.