Historical Markers in
Fayette County, West Virginia

A Commercial Center A Railroad Town A Tale of Two Towns A Town Built on Top of Itself A Vital Link Abraham Vandal Ancient Works Andrew & Charles Lewis March Army Camp Bailey Row Bank of Glen Jean Battle of Fayetteville Battle of Fayetteville Battles For The Bridges Camp Reynolds Camp Washington Carver Changing Town Christopher H. Payne Christopher Q. Tompkins / Gauley Mount Coal Camp History Community Life in a Coal Camp Contentment Did You Know? Disaster Underground DuBois High School Dubois School History Enduring Beauty Fayette County / Kanawha County Fayette County / Raleigh County Fayette County Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial Fayetteville Fayetteville Korean War Memorial Fayetteville Town Park From Coal Mining to Rock Climbing Fueling Up Trains Gauley Bridge Gauley Bridge War Memorial Gen. Robert E. Lee Glen Jean Glen Jean Athletic Club Growth of an Era Hank Williams Memorial Hank Williams — The Last Ride Hawks Nest Strike Hawk's Nest Tunnel Disaster Hawk's Nest Tunnel Disaster Hawk’s Nest Hawk’s Nest Tunnel History Around the Cupola Indirect Firing Jackson's Mother Kaymoor One Mine Labor Strikes and Conflicts Layland Mine Disaster Marquis de Lafayette Montgomery Montgomery Mossy Mount Hope Coal History Mount Hope Early Town History Mount Hope Landmarks Mount Hope School History Mountain Haulage Nallen / Wilderness Lumber Company Natural Renewal New Haven Veterans' Memorial New River New River Gorge Bridge New River Gorge National River New River Gorge Scenic Drives Oak Hill Railroad Depot Oakwood Mine Complex Old Stone House Play Ball! Quinnimont Missionary Baptist Church Salt Sand Sewell Mountain Campaign Smoke, Coke, Coal, and Kaymoor Spanning the Gorge Spy Rock The Bridge The Bridge The Coal Barons The Deceptive Forest The Heart of Town The Railroad Was the Town The Rebirth of Paint Creek The Right for Safety and Equality The White Oak Valley Thurmond Depot Thurmond, West Virginia Thurmond’s Decline Townsend's Ferry Trail to Bridge Overlook Tyree Tavern Vandalia Cemetery Welcome to New River Gorge National River West Virginia Institute of Technology Westlake Cemetery Where It All Started William Nelson Page Working In a Coal Mine World War I Memorial "Halfway House"