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Winnebago County, Wisconsin

Algoma Boulevard Historic District Algoma Boulevard Methodist Church Augustin, Gustav, Block Babcock, Havilah, House Banta, George, Sr. and Ellen, House Beals, Edward D. & Vina Shattuck, House Bergstrom, George O., House Black Oak School Bowen, Abraham Briggs, House Brin Building Brooklyn No. 4 Fire House Chicago and Norhwestern Railroad Depot Cole Watch Tower Daily Northwestern Building East Forest Avenue Historic District Equitable Fraternal Union Building Eureka Lock and Lock Tender's House First Methodist Church First Presbyterian Church Fraternal Order of Eagles Fraternal Reserve Association Frontenac Gram, Hans, House Grand Loggery Grignon, Augustin, Hotel Guenther, Richard, House Hawks, Frank Winchester, House Hooper, Jessie Jack, House Irving Church Historic District Jennings, Ellis, House Jersild, Rev. Jens N., House Kerwin, Judge J. C., House Kimberly Point Park Lighthouse Koch, Carl, Block Larson Brothers Airport Lindsley, Perry, House Lutz, Robert, House Mayer-Bankerob House Menasha Dam Morgan, John R., House Neenah United States Post Office North Main Street Bungalow Historic District North Main Street Historic District Omro Downtown Historic District Omro High School, Annex and Webster Manual Training School Omro Village Hall and Engine House Orville Beach Memorial Manual Training School Oshkosh Grand Opera House Oshkosh State Normal School Historic District Oviatt House Paepke, Henry, House Paine Art Center and Arboretum Paine Lumber Company Historic District Pollock, William E., Residence Read School Riverside Cemetery Security Bank Sensenbrenner, J. Leslie, House Shattuck, Franklyn C., House Sherry, Henry, House Smith, Charles R., House Smith, Henry Spencer, House Smith, Hiram, House St. Mary’s Catholic Church Complex Tayco Street Bridge Trinity Espicopal Church Upper Main Street Historic District US Post Office-Menasha Van Ostrand, Dewitt Clinton, House Vining, Gorham, P., House Waite Grass Carpet Company Wall, Thomas R., Residence Washington Avenue Historic District Washington Avenue Neoclassical Historic District Washington Street Historic District Waterman, S. H., House Whiting, Frank B., House Whiting, Frank, Boathouse Wing, William C., House Winnebago County Courthouse Wisconsin Avenue Historic District Wisconsin National Life Insurance Building
The first ever commercially successful typewriter, the Sholes and Glidden typewriter, was invented in Milwaukee in 1867.

Winnebago County, located in the state of Wisconsin, has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) and Menominee people, who established settlements along the Fox River. European fur traders first arrived in the late 17th century, bringing trade and commerce to the region.

The county was officially created in 1846 and named after the native Winnebago tribe. The early settlers of Winnebago County were mainly of European descent, coming from various backgrounds such as German, Irish, and Scandinavian. They established farms and small communities along the fertile river valleys, taking advantage of the abundant natural resources.

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, Winnebago County experienced significant growth and development. The arrival of the railroad in the mid-1800s accelerated economic growth, allowing for easier transportation of goods and boosting industries such as lumber, agriculture, and manufacturing. Cities like Oshkosh and Neenah prospered, becoming centers of commerce and industry.

In the present day, Winnebago County remains an important economic and cultural hub in Wisconsin. It is home to a diverse population, including urban areas with thriving businesses and industries, as well as rural communities supported by farming and agriculture. The county boasts numerous parks, museums, and cultural attractions, preserving its rich heritage while embracing modern developments.

  • 1812 - Winnebago County was established as "Quadrafoil County"
  • 1840 - The county's name was changed to Winnebago County
  • 1847 - Oshkosh, the county seat, was established
  • 1851 - The first courthouse was built in Oshkosh
  • 1861-1865 - Winnebago County residents served in the Union Army during the American Civil War
  • 1873 - The current Winnebago County Courthouse was constructed
  • 1934 - The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) was founded in Oshkosh
  • 1971 - EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the world's largest annual gathering of aviation enthusiasts, begins
  • 1992 - Oshkosh Corporation, a major global manufacturer, was founded
  • 2006 - The Fox River Valley became a National Heritage Area