The Seattle Great Wheel, located on the city's waterfront, is one of the largest Ferris wheels in the United States, standing at 175 feet tall.
Adams County, located in the state of Washington, has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. Prior to the arrival of European settlers, the area was inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Palouse, Nez Perce, and Spokane. These tribes thrived on the fertile land and relied on agriculture, hunting, and gathering for their livelihood.

European settlers arrived in the 1800s, attracted by the fertile soil and the potential for farming. The area became a destination for homesteaders, who quickly established towns and communities. Adams County was officially established in 1883 and named after the second President of the United States, John Adams.

A significant event in the county's history was the arrival of the Northern Pacific Railway in the late 19th century. The railway brought increased connectivity and transportation opportunities, allowing for the growth of commerce and trade. This led to the development of new industries such as wheat farming and flour milling, which became major economic contributors to the county.

Over the years, Adams County has faced challenges such as droughts, economic downturns, and the Great Depression. However, the resilient community persevered, adapting to changing times and embracing new opportunities. Today, the county continues to be an important agricultural hub, with crops such as wheat, potatoes, and sugar beets being major contributors to its economy. The county also boasts stunning landscapes and outdoor recreational opportunities, making it an attractive destination for nature enthusiasts and travelers.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Adams County, Washington.

  • 1879 - Adams County is organized by a legislative act on November 28th.
  • 1883 - The county seat is established in Ritzville.
  • 1889 - Adams County becomes a part of the newly admitted state of Washington.
  • 1905 - The Othello Irrigation District is formed, leading to agricultural development in the region.
  • 1945 - The Hanford Site, a nuclear production complex, is established in southwestern Adams County.
  • 1989 - The Adams County Historical Society is founded to preserve and share the history of the region.