National Register Listings in
Salt Lake County, Utah

19th Ward Meetinghouse and Relief Society Hall Allen, J. R., House Allsop-Jensen House Altadena Apartments Amundsen, Dyre & Maria, House Anderberg, Thomas and Beda, House Anderson, Alfred C. and Annie L. Olsen, House Anderson, Charles M. and Fannie M. Allsop, House Anderson, Frederick C. and Anna, House Anderson, John A., House Anderson, Y. Martin and Hannah Nelson, House Anselmo, Fortunato, House Arbuckle, George, House Armista Apartments Armstrong, Francis, House Ashby Apartments Avenues Historic District B'nai Israel Temple Baldwin, Charles, House Baldwin, Nathaniel, House Bamberger, Simon, House Bateman Agriculture and Development Company Beall, Burtch W., Jr., and Susan, House Beattie, Jeremiah, House Beck, Reid, House Beckstead-Butterfield House Beehive House Beer, William F., Estate Beesley, Ebenezer, House Belvedere Apartments Bennion, Howard and Marian, House Benworth-Chapman Apartments and Chapman Cottages Bertolini Block Best, Amanda Conk, House Best-Cannon House Bigelow Apartments Bingham Canyon Open Pit Copper Mine Booth-Parsons House Boulevard Gardens Historic District Bourne, Ernie and Irmgard, House Bradford, Rawsel and Jane, House Brady-Brady House Brinton, David B., House Brinton-Dahl House Broadway Hotel Building at 561 W. 200 South Building at Rear, 537 W. 200 South Burton, Harold W. and Evelyn, House Butler-Wallin House Cahoon, John P., House Cannon, George M., House Capitol Building Capitol Hill Historic District Capitol Hill Historic District (Boundary Increase) Casto, Santa Anna, House Cathedral of the Madeleine Centennial Home Central City Historic District Central City Historic District (Boundary Increase) Central Warehouse Chapman Branch Library Chase, Isaac, Mill Cheesman, Morton A., House Christopherson, William, House City Creek Canyon Historic District Clark, Isaac C. and Dorothy S., House Clift Building Cluff Apartments Cohn, Henry A. and Tile S., House Congregation Montefiore Congregation Sharey Tzedek Synagogue Continental Bank Building Converse Hall Copperton Community Methodist Church Copperton Historic District Cornell Apartments Corona Apartments Council Hall Covey, Almon A., House Covey, Hyrum T., House Cramer House Crescent Elementary School Crossgrove House Crown Cleaning and Dyeing Company Building Culmer, William, House Cummings, Byron, House Curtis, Genevieve & Alexander, House Cushing, Arthur George & Mary Aggie, House Cushing, Ernest and Sadie, House Cushing, James and Maria Long, House Daft Block Deaconess, Davis, Home Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Station Devereaux House Dininny, Harper J., House Dinwoody, Henry, House Dobbs, Emma Olive, House Dowding, Hannah Nash, House Dowding-Rasmussen House Draper Park School Draper Poultrymen and Egg Producers' Plant Draper-Steadman House Eagles Building Emigration Canyon Empress Theatre Evergreen Avenue Historic District Exchange Place Historic District Fairbanks, J. Leo, House Farrer, Benjamin and Jane Cook, House Farrer, John William, House Felt Electric Fifth Ward Meetinghouse Firestation No. 8 First Church of Christ Scientist First Methodist Episcopal Church First National Bank First Security Bank Building Fish-Baughman House Fisher, Albert, Mansion and Carriage House Fitzgerald House Fitzgerald, Perry and Agnes Wadsworth, House Ford Motor Company Service Building Forest Dale Historic District Fort Douglas Fritsch, J. A., Block Fuller, W.P., Paint Company Office and Warehouse Furgis, George and Ellen, House Gardner Mill Gardner, Archibald R. and Violet Clark, House Gardner, Robert Jr., House Garside-McMullin House General Engineering Company Building Gibbs-Thomas House Gilmer Park Historic District Granite Hydroelectric Power Plant Historic District Granite LDS Ward Chapel-Avard Fairbanks Studio Granite Paper Mill Grant Steam Locomotive No. 223 Graves, Riley H. and Sarah Ann Russell, House Green, Alvin and Annie, House Greenwald Furniture Company Building Hall, Nels G., House Hansen, Nephi J., House Hardcastle, Orlando H. and Emma H., House Harris Apartments Hawarden Hawk, William, Cabin Henderson Block Hepworth, Thomas and Mary, House Herald Building Highland Park Historic District Hills, Lewis S., House Hills, Lewis S., House Hintze-Anders House Hobbs, Edward and Irene, House Hollywood Apartments Holman, Abba R., Block Holt, Samuel and Geneva, Farmstead Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Hotel Utah Hotel Victor Huetter, Alfred and Hennie, House Immanuel Baptist Church Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall Iris Theater, Apartments and Commercial Building Irving Junior High School Ivanhoe Apartments Jacobson, Hyrum and Selma Erickson, House Japanese Church of Christ Jensen, Amos and Ida, House Jensen, James B. and Ellen May Cushing, House Jensen, Joseph F. and Isabelle, House Jensen, Michael, House Jensen-Clark House Jensen-Jensen House Johnson, David and Hattie S. Rasmuson, House Johnson, John A. and Annie C. Olsen, House Jordan School District Administration Building Judd, John W., House Judge Building Kahn, Emanuel, House Karrick Block Kearns Building Kearns, Thomas, Mansion and Carriage House Kearns-St. Ann's Orphanage Keith, David, Mansion and Carriage House Keith-O'Brien Building Kelly, Albert H., House Kelly, John B., House Keyser, Malcolm and Elizabeth, House Keyser-Cullen House Kuhre, William D., House Ladies Literary Club Clubhouse Landenberger, John C. and Mary, House Langton, James and Susan R., House Lee, Harold B. and Fern, House Lefler-Woodman Building Lewis, Dr. David and Juanita, House Liberty Park Liberty Wells Historic District (Boundary Increase) Lincoln Arms Apartments Little Dell Station Livingston, William and Annie, House Lollin Block Los Gables Apartments Luce, Henry, House Lyne, Walter C., House Mabey, Albert and Celestine, House Mabry-Van Pelt House Magna Commercial Downtown Historic District Magna Community Baptist Church Malin, Millard F., House Marriott, Anne P., House Mattson, John and Mary, House McAllister,James G., House McCornick Building McCune, Alfred W., Mansion McDonald, David, House McDonald, J. G., Chocolate Company Building McIntyre Building McIntyre House McLachlan, William, Farmhouse McRae, Joseph and Marie N., House Meek, Benjamin and Olivia, House Meyer, Frederick A. E., House Mickelsen, Joseph E. and Mina W., House Mickelsen, S.J., Hardware Store and Lumber Yard Mickelson, Hyrum and Mary A. Terry Peterson, House Midvale City Hall Mitchell, Alexander, House Morris, Richard Vaughen, House Morrison-Merrill Lumber Company Office and Warehouse Mountain Dell Dam Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co. Garage Muir, James A. and Janet, House Murray City Diesel Power Plant Murray Downtown Historic District Murray Downtown Residential Historic District Murray Hillside Historic District Murray LDS Second Ward Meetinghouse Murray Theater Nelden, William A., House Nelson, August M. and Mabel Jensen, House Nelson, Harlan and Marie, House Nelson, Nels A., House Nelson-Beesley House Neuhausen, Carl M., House New York Hotel Nielsen-Sanderson House Oakwood Old Clock at Zion's First National Bank Old Pioneer Fort Site Oldham, John and Elizabeth Brown, House Oquirrh School Oregon Shortline Railroad Company Building Orem, Frank M., House Orpheum Theatre Orton-Malstrom House Ostler, John Thomas and Myrtle Bodell, House Ottinger Hall Pacific Northwest Pipeline Building Park Hotel Parmley, Mary Ellen, House Parrish, Lowell and Emily, House Pearsall, Clifford R., House Peery Hotel Peter Pan Apartments Peterson, Charles, House Piccardy Apartments Pierson, Peter and Ingrid C. Larson, House Platts, John, House Price, John and Margaret, House Price, Lorenzo and Emma, House and Barn Pugh, Edward, House Ramsey, Lewis A., House Richardson-Bower Building Riverton Elementary School Riverton Historic District Rosenbaum, Edward and Harriet, House Ross Hame Rowan, Matthew and Johanna, House Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School Royle, Jonathan C. and Eliza K., House Rumel, Eliza Gray, House Salt Lake City and County Building Salt Lake City East Side Historic District (Boundary Increase) Salt Lake City Public Library Salt Lake Country Club and Golf Course Salt Lake County Library Salt Lake Engineering Works-Bogue Supply Company Building (Additional Documentation) Salt Lake Hardware Company Warehouse Salt Lake Northwest Historic District Salt Lake Stamp Company Building Salt Lake Stock and Mining Exchange Building Salt Lake Union Pacific Railroad Station Sampson Apartments Sandy City Bank Sandy Co-Op Block Sandy Historic District Sandy LDS Stake Recreational Hall Sandy Second Ward Chapel Sandy Tithing Office Sarah Daft Home for the Aged Seventh-day Adventist Meetinghouse and School Silver Brothers' Iron Works Office and Warehouse Smith Apartments Smith, George Albert, House Smith, Joseph M. and Celestia, House Smith, Lauritz H. and Emma, House Smith, Lauritz, House Smith, Mary, House Smith, Ray F. and Ethel, House Smith-Bailey Drug Company Building South Temple Historic District Sprague Branch of the Salt Lake City Public Library St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral Stairs Station Hydroelectric Power Plant Historic District Steiner American Building Stratford Hotel Sugar House LDS Ward Building Sugar House Monument Sugden, Roberta, House Sweet Candy Company Building Tampico Restaurant Taylor, Thomas & Margaret, House Technical High School Temple Square Tenth Ward Square Third Presbyterian Church Parsonage Thompson, Niels and Mary Ann Fitzgerald, House Tracy Loan and Trust Company Building Tribune Building (Additional Documentation) Trinity A.M.E. Church Twenty-Ninth Ward LDS Meetinghouse Ulmer, Frank M. and Susan E., House University Neighborhood Historic District University of Utah Circle US Post Office-Sugar House Utah Commercial and Savings Bank Building Utah Copper Company Mine Superintendent's House Utah State Fair Grounds Utah State Liquor Agency #22 Van Dam, Louis E. and Florence Jensen, House Veterans Administration Hospital Vincent, William Tyler and Amorilla Gammet, House Walbeck, Glen M. and Roxie, House Walker Bank Building Walton, Wesley and Frances, House Warehouse District Warenski-Duvall Commercial Building and Apartments Wasatch Mountain Club Lodge Wasatch Springs Plunge Weeks, Charles H., House Wells Historic District West Jordan Ward Meetinghouse Western General Agency Building Western Macaroni Manufacturing Company Factory Westminster College President's House Westmoreland Place Historic District Wheeler, Henry J., Farm Whipple, Nelson Wheeler, House Whitaker, John M., House Wilson, William W. and Christene, House Woodruff Villa Woodruff, Asahel Hart, House Woodruff, Wilford, Farm House Woodruff-Riter House Yalecrest Historic District Yardley, Thomas, House Young, Brigham, Complex Z.C.M.I. Cast Iron Front ZCMI General Warehouse
The Mormon pioneers who settled in Utah brought with them a unique form of irrigation known as "Mormon irrigation." This method involved diverting water from rivers and streams into irrigation ditches and canals to irrigate crops.
Salt Lake County, located in the state of Utah, has a rich history dating back thousands of years. The area was originally inhabited by various Native American tribes such as the Ute, Shoshone, and Paiute. These tribes thrived in the region due to the abundance of natural resources, including the Great Salt Lake and fertile lands provided by the Jordan River.

In the mid-19th century, Salt Lake County experienced a significant transformation with the arrival of Mormon pioneers led by Brigham Young. Seeking religious freedom, the Mormons established Salt Lake City as their permanent settlement in 1847. Under Young's leadership, the city became the center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and the capital of the Utah Territory.

As the population of Salt Lake County grew, economic development expanded. The pioneers constructed irrigation systems to cultivate the arid land, enabling farming and the establishment of small towns throughout the county. The area's natural resources, such as timber, mining, and later on, petroleum extraction, also contributed to its economic growth.

Salt Lake County played a significant role in the national stage during the early 20th century. It was the center of the Progressive Movement and witnessed social and political reforms. The county also hosted important events, such as the 2002 Winter Olympics, which brought international attention to the region. Today, Salt Lake County remains a vital cultural, educational, and economic hub in Utah, preserving its history while embracing modern progress.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Salt Lake County, Utah.

  • 1847: Salt Lake County is founded by Mormon pioneers led by Brigham Young
  • 1850: Salt Lake City becomes the capital of the Utah Territory
  • 1869: The First Transcontinental Railroad is completed, bringing economic growth to the county
  • 1870: Salt Lake County's population reaches over 20,000
  • 1892: The Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is completed
  • 1902: The Great Salt Lake is designated as a wildlife refuge
  • 1920: Salt Lake County's population exceeds 200,000
  • 2002: Salt Lake City hosts the Winter Olympics, bringing international attention to the county