Historic cemeteries in
Wise, Texas

Allison Family Cemetery Alvord Cemetery Anneville Cemetery Annis Chapel Cemetery Arkansas Cemetery Arkansas Johnson Grave Cemetery Aurora Cemetery B & D Dabney Cemetery Ball Knob Cemetery Baptist Cemetery Bethel -Rhome Cemetery Bethel Cemetery #1 Bethel Cemetery #3 Blocker Cemetery Boonesville Cemetery Booth Cemetery Boyd Cemetery Briar Branch Cemetery Bridgeport Catholic Cemetery Bridgeport East Cemetery Bridgeport West Cemetery Charlie Jones Grave Cemetery Chico Cemetery Chief Red Feather Grave Cemetery Cottondale Cemetery Cottonwood Cemetery Crafton Cemetery Cumbey Cemetery Dawson Cemetery Deep Creek Cemetery Dunn-Comstock Cemetery East Mount Cemetery Easton Cemetery Eaton Cemetery Eternal Oaks Cemetery Flat Rock Cemetery Foster Cemetery Friendship Cemetery Garvin Cemetery Gilley Cemetery Glass Cemetery Grandview Cemetery Greenwood Cemetery Hefley Cemetery Hopewell Cemetery Howard Cemetery Hyde Cemetery Indian Creek Cemetery Isabelle Cemetery Jonestown Cemetery Keeter Cemetery Kincannan Cemetery Lake Valley Cemetery Loftis Family Cemetery Lone Star Cemetery McDaniel Cemetery McNair Cemetery Mount Cemetery New Bridgeport Cemetery Norwood Cemetery Oaklawn Cemetery #1 Oaklawn Cemetery #2 Old Cottondale Cemetery Old Friendship Cemetery Olive Branch Cemetery Opal Cemetery Owen's Pasture Cemetery Paradise Cemetery Pella Cemetery Perkins Cemetery Pleasant Grove Cemetery #1 Pleasant Grove Cemetery #2 Pleasant Grove Cemetery #3 Pleasant View Church Cemetery Pope Cemetery Prairie Point Cemetery Preskitt Cemetery Press Perkins Grave Cemetery Rush Creek Community Cemetery S.J.C. Grave Possible Grave Of Jynthella J. Cooper Cemetery Saint Clair Grave Cemetery Sand Hill Cemetery Saunders Cemetery Slidell Cemetery Slimp Cemetery Slimp Cemetery Sweetwater Cemetery Sycamore Cemetery Teague Cemetery Thurmond-Fairview Cemetery Trimble Cemetery Tucker Cemetery Union Hill Cemetery Unknown Grave (E. Of Decatur, S. Of Old Denton Hwy, N Of Sweetwater Creek) Cemetery Unknown Graves SW Of Annaville Cemetery Unnamed Cemetery #2 Unnamed Cemetery #3 Unnamed Cemetery #4 Valley View Cemetery Waggoner Cemetery Westbrook Cemetery Willow Point Cemetery Wilson Cemetery Wilson Praire Cemetery Woods Cemetery
The first oil well in the United States was drilled in Texas in 1859. The discovery of oil transformed the economy of the state and helped to make Texas one of the wealthiest states in the nation.
Wise County is located in northern Texas and has a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1856. The area was initially occupied by indigenous tribes such as the Kiowa and Wichita before European settlement began. The county was named after Henry A. Wise, a Governor of Virginia who supported Texas' annexation.

In the early years, Wise County was primarily used for ranching and farming due to its fertile soil and abundant water supply. The arrival of the Fort Worth and Denver Railway in the late 1800s brought increased opportunities for trade and commerce, spurring economic growth in the region.

During the Civil War, Wise County remained divided between Unionists and Confederates, leading to some conflict within the county. After the war, the discovery of coal deposits in the area led to the establishment of coal mining towns, including Newark and Rhome. These towns ushered in a new era of industrialization and attracted more settlers to the county in search of employment.

In the early 20th century, Wise County experienced a decline in coal mining due to competition from other energy sources. However, the discovery of oil in the 1920s sparked a new economic boom. Today, Wise County remains a hub for oil and gas production, contributing significantly to the local economy. It also boasts a diverse agricultural industry and has become a popular destination for outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, and hiking.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Wise County, Texas.

  • 1856 - Wise County is established and named after Virginia Governor Henry A. Wise.
  • 1860 - The first post office, called Taylorsville, is established in the county.
  • 1867 - The county's first courthouse is built in Decatur, the county seat.
  • 1873 - The Wise County Old Settlers Association is founded to preserve the county's history.
  • 1882 - The Wise County Messenger, the county's oldest newspaper, is established.
  • 1883 - The Fort Worth and Denver City Railway is completed, connecting Wise County to major cities.
  • 1905 - The county's second courthouse, a grand Neoclassical building, is completed.
  • 1920 - The oil boom hits Wise County, leading to increased drilling and economic growth.
  • 1927 - The county's third courthouse, a Modern Classical structure, is completed.
  • 1969 - Lake Bridgeport, a reservoir, is completed, providing water recreation opportunities.
  • 2000 - The population of Wise County reaches over 48,000 people.
  • 2015 - The Wise County Heritage Museum is established to showcase the county's history.