Historic cemeteries in
Liberty, Texas

Aaron Cherry-Ballard Cemetery Abshier Cemetery Albrose Cemetery Allbritton-Speight Cemetery Ames Cemetery Amos Cemetery Beef Head Cemetery Berryhill Cemetery Bingham Cemetery Boothe Cemetery Branch Cemetery Brown (Devers) Cemetery Bryan-Neyland Cemetery Catholic Cemetery Cleveland Cemetery #1 Cleveland Cemetery #2 Cleveland Memorial Cemetery #2 Cole Family Cemetery Concord Cemetery Cooke-Griffin Methodist Cemetery Daniel Family Cemetery Devers Cemetery #2 Devore-Stubblefield Cemetery Dolan Cemetery #1 Dolan Cemetery #2 Doucette-Mean Cemetery Douglas Cemetery Dugat-Heir Lawn Cemetery Fabriquez Family Cemetery Fairchild Cemetery Fairlawn Cemetery Fields-Sutton Cemetery Fostoria Cemetery #1 Fregia Family Cemetery Fregia Family—P. P. Devers Homesite Cemetery French Cemetery Garden Of Memories-Lum-Macedonia Cemetery Gillen Family Site Cemetery Green Family Cemetery Greenhill Cemetery Greenville Cemetery Greenville Cemetery Hank Cemetery Hanson Cemetery Hardin Family Cemetery Hardin United Methodist Church Cemetery Hardy Site Cemetery Horn—Plantation Ranch Cemetery Hugh B Johnston Family Cemetery Jacob Boothe Family Cemetery Johnson Cemetery Kalita Cemetery Lake Estates Site Cemetery Lastie Fregia Cemetery Ledbetter Cemetery Liberty City Cemetery Ligon Cemetery Linney-Acie Cemetery Lone Star Cemetery Magnolia Cemetery Major Dark Family Cemetery Mariah Berea Baptist Church Cemetery Matthew White Cemetery McGinnis Cemetery McMurtry Cemetery McNulty Cemetery Mexican Cemetery Mexican Hill Cemetery Miller Cemetery Moore Cemetery Moss Bluff Grave Site Cemetery Moss Hill Cemetery Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Nixon Smith Cemetery Norris Cemetery Oak Shade Cemetery Oakdale Cemetery Odd Fellows Cemetery Old Indian Cemetery Palms Memorial Cemetery Pin Oak Cemetery Pine Grove Cemetery Plantation Ranch Cemetery Pleasant Hill Baptist Cemetery Plum Grove Cemetery Quarters Cemetery Redmond Field Cemetery Riggs Cemetery Romayor Baptist Church Cemetery Ryan Cemetery Sacred Heart Church Cemetery Sahara Cemetery Samuel Barber Cemetery Sand Hill Cemetery Simmons Family Cemetery Snell Cemetery Speight Cemetery St. Anne’s Cemetery Stacy Tract Site Cemetery Stanfield Cemetery Swinney Cemetery Taylor Family Site Cemetery Terrell Cemetery Thomas Devers Homesite Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Grave Cemetery Unnamed Cemetery Wells Cemetery Wells Memorial Cemetery White-Barrow-Freeman Cemetery Whittington Cemetery William Duncan Cemetery Wood Cemetery Worthy Cemetery Wright Cemetery Young Family Cemetery
Finally, Texas is known for its love of football, and the state has produced many great football players, including legends like Tom Landry, Earl Campbell, and Vince Young.
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