Historic cemeteries in
Leon, Texas

Bass Cemetery Bateman Cemetey #1 Cemetery Baugh-Shiloh-Peoples Cemetery Beaver Dam Cemetery Beggs Family Cemetery Bethesda-Williams Cemetery Blackshear Bend Cemetery Bluff Cemetery #1 Bluff Cemetery #2 Boggy Cemetery Bowling Cemetery Boykin Chapel Cemetery Braden Cemetery Brushy Cemetery Brushy Creek Cemetery Buffalo Cemetery Buffalo Sandhill Cemetery Burleson Cemetery Burns-Biddle Cemetery Burton Cemetery Carrington Pasture Cemetery Carrington Pasture Cemetery Centerville Cemetery #1 Centerville Cemetery #2 Clear Creek Cemetery Code Restland Cemetery Concord Cemetery Confederates Cemetery Cooper Cemetery Culton Cemetery Curtiss Cemetery Davis Cemetery Dillard Family Cemetery Douthitt Cemetery Downs Cemetery Durst Cemetery Eddins Chapel Cemetery Evans Chapel Cemetery Ewing Cemetery Ferguson Family Cemetery Fitzpatrick Cemetery Flemming Family Cemetery Flynn Cemetery Franks Family Cemetery Fred Graham Cemetery Friendship Cemetery #1 Friendship Cemetery #2 Garland Cemetery Goliad Community Cemetery Goodwin Cemetery Grayson Cemetery Green Cemetery Greer Family Cemetery Guinn Cemetery Gum Springs Cemetery Hale Cemetery Haskin Family Cemetery Holleman Cemetery #1 Holleman Cemetery #2 Holley Family Cemetery Hopewell Cemetery #1 Hopewell Cemetery #2 Hosea Graham Cemetery Hurley Cemetery Hyndman Family Cemetery Jackson Cemetery Jewett City Cemetery Keechi Cemetery Keigwin Cemetery Keils Cemetery Kilgore Cemetery Lamon Cemetery Latin-American Cemetery Leona City Cemetery Lesesne Land Cemetery Lipsey Cemetery Little Flock Cemetery Lummus Cemetery Makamson Cemetery Marquez City Cemetery Martha’s Cemetery Mayes Cemetery #1 Mayes Cemetery #2 McMillian Cemetery Moore Cemetery Mount Pilgrim Cemetery Mount Pisgah Cemetery Mullenax Cemetery Myers Estate Cemetery Myers Family Cemetery Nance-Way Cemetery Nettles Cemetery New Salem Cemetery Newsome Family Cemetery Normangee City Cemetery North Creek Cemetery Nugent Cemetery Oakwood Black Cemetery Oakwood City Cemetery Oakwood White Cemetery Oden-Taylor-Raley Cemetery Old Liberty Cemetery Old Union Cemetery Paddick Cemetery Parker Cemetery Perry Cemetery Pisgah Cemetery Pleasant Grove Cemetery Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Pleasant Springs Cemetery Richardson Cemetery Rogers Cemetery Rogers Family Cemetery Rogers Prairie Cemetery Russell Cemetery Sanches Cemetery Sandhill Black Cemetery Sandhill White Cemetery Sardis Cemetery Seale Place Cemetery Shady Grove Cemetery Shiffert Cemetery Shiloh Community Cemetery Siloam Cemetery Smith Family Cemetery Smith-Davis Cemetery Social Grove Cemetery Spillerville Cemetery Spring Creek Cemetery St. Charles Cemetery Stevens Cemetery Taylor Cemetery #1 Taylor Cemetery #2 Thieves Mountain Cemetery Thomason Cemetery Toole-Scarborough Cemetery Tryon Cemetery Tryon Family Cemetery Tubbs Cemetery Turner Cemetery Two Mile Paradise Cemetery Union Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown (S. Of Pleasant Ridge) Cemetery Vanetia Cemetery Vestal Cemetery Volz-Hunsicker Cemetery Volz-Voltz Cemetery Wall Ranch Cemetery Waltmon Cemetery Ward Cemetery Watson Chapel Cemetery Watson-McWaters Cemetery Wealthy Cemetery Wheelock Cemetery White Cemetery White Family Cemetery White-Aaron Family Cemetery Williams Family Cemetery Wilson Cemetery Wilson Lake Cemetery Winn Cemetery Wood Family Cemetery
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Leon County, Texas has a rich and diverse history that begins with the Native American tribes who originally inhabited the region. These tribes, including the Caddo and Atakapa, lived off the land and utilized the plentiful natural resources of the area. The first European settlers arrived in the 1830s, drawn by the fertile soil and abundant wildlife. In 1846, Leon County was officially established, named after the Mexican War hero Juan Ponce de León.

During the mid-19th century, Leon County experienced rapid growth and development. The arrival of the railroad in the 1870s brought even more settlers to the area, and towns such as Centerville and Buffalo began to flourish. Agriculture played a vital role in the county's economy, with cotton, corn, and cattle being the main products. The county also became known for its timber industry, as vast forests provided ample resources for logging.

In the early 20th century, Leon County faced economic challenges due to the decline of the cotton industry and the Great Depression. However, the advent of improved road networks and the establishment of electric power brought some revitalization to the region. The construction of Lake Limestone in the 1970s provided a new recreational and economic opportunity for the county.

Today, Leon County maintains its agricultural heritage while also embracing modern developments. The county is home to a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism. Its natural beauty, with its rolling hills and tranquil lakes, continues to attract visitors from near and far. With a strong sense of community and a resilient spirit, Leon County preserves its past while embracing the future.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Leon County, Texas.

  • 1835: Leon County is created and named after Martín De León, a Mexican empresario.
  • 1836: The Battle of Nacogdoches takes place during the Texas Revolution.
  • 1837: The county seat is established in Leona.
  • 1841: Centerville becomes the new county seat.
  • 1861: Texas secedes from the United States and joins the Confederate States of America.
  • 1870: The International-Great Northern Railroad is built through Leon County.
  • 1883: The Houston & Texas Central Railroad extends its line to Centerville.
  • 1927: The Texas oil boom reaches Leon County.
  • 1950: The population of the county reaches its peak at around 22,000.
  • 1998: The county is hit by a severe tornado, causing significant damage.
  • 2021: Leon County continues to be a rural community with a focus on agriculture and outdoor recreational activities.