National Register Listings in
Harris County, Texas

1879 Houston Waterworks 1884 Houston Cotton Exchange Building 500 Jefferson Building All Saints Roman Catholic Church Allbach House Almeda Road Bridge over Brays Bayou Anderson, John W., House Annunciation Church Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Apollo Mission Control Center Astrodome, The Autry, James L., House Aviary at the Houston Zoo Banta House Baring, Otto H., House Barker House Battelstein's Bayou Bend Beaconsfield Benjamin Apartments Bethel Baptist Church Borgstrom House Boulevard Oaks Historic District Broadacres Historic District Burge House Burlingame, George L., House Burnett House Bute, James, Company Warehouse Cameron Iron Works Carden, David A., House Carroll, J. J., House Carter, W. T., Jr., House Cheek-Neal Coffee Company Building Christ Church City National Bank Building Clanton, Moses A., House Clare, J. H., House Clarke & Courts Building Clayton, William L., Summer House Cleveland, A. S., House Cohn, Arthur B., House Coombs, Charles E., House Coop, Dr. B. F., House Copeland, Austin, House I Copeland, Austin, House II Countryman House Courtlandt Place Historic District Cummings House Cyrus, Ben C. and Jenetter, House Dawson, James A., House DePelchin Faith Home Dexter House Donoghue, Thomas J., House Dorrance, John M., House Doughty, Lula J., House Downtown Houston Post Office, Processing and Distribution Center Duncan, Charles W., Sr. and Mary, House Durham, Jay L., House Eaton House Elkins House Ellis, Dr. Billie V., House Eppes, Ned A. and Linda S., House Ezzell House Farnsworth & Chambers Building Farrar, Roy and Margaret, House Fire Engine House No. 9 First Evangelical Church Fluegel, William F., House Foley, W. L., Building Forum of Civics Freedmen's Town Historic District Gerloff House Gillette House Gulf Building Harris County Courthouse of 1910 Hartley House Hawkins House Heights Boulevard Esplanade Heights Christian Church Heights State Bank Building Heights Theater Hermann Park Municipal Golf Clubhouse Heyne, Fred J., House Hill Street Bridge over Buffalo Bayou Hogg Building House at 1111 Heights Boulevard House at 112 W. 4th Street House at 1210 Harvard Street House at 1217 Harvard House at 122 East Fifth Street House at 1220 Harvard House at 1222 Harvard Street House at 1227 Rutland Street House at 1230 Oxford Street House at 1237 Rutland Street House at 1304 Cortlandt Street House at 1343 Allston Street House at 1421 Harvard St. House at 1421 Heights Boulevard House at 1421-1423 Waverly Street House at 1435 Heights Boulevard House at 1437 Heights Boulevard House at 1437 Waverly Street House at 1443 Allston Street House at 1509 Allston Street House at 1515 Allston Street House at 1517 Cortland Street House at 1537 Tulane Street House at 1640 Harvard Street House at 201 W. 15th Street House at 2035 Rutland Street House at 217 E. 5th Street House at 2402 Rutland Street House at 402 E. 11th Street House at 444 West 24th Street House at 505 W. 18th Street House at 532 Harvard Street House at 828 Heights Boulevard House at 844 Columbia Street House at 844 Courtlandt House at 917 Heights Boulevard House at 943 1/2 Cortlandt Street Houses at 1217 and 1219 Tulane Street Houston Bar Center Building Houston City Hall Houston Fire Station No. 3 Houston Fire Station No. 7 Houston Heights Fire Station Houston Heights Waterworks Reservoir Houston Heights Woman's Club Houston Municipal Airport Terminal Houston National Cemetery Houston Negro Hospital Houston Negro Hospital School of Nursing Building Houston Post Houston Post-Dispatch Building Houston Public Library Humble Oil Building Ideson, Julia, Building Idylwood Historic District Immanuel Lutheran Church Independence Heights Residential Historic District Independence Park Isabella Court Isbell House J. A. Folger and Company Plant Jefferson Davis Hospital Jensen, James L., House Johnson, Charles, House Johnson, Morris and Mary, House Jones House Jones-Hunt House Keller House Kellum-Noble House Kennedy Bakery Kennedy, Marshall W., House Kleinhaus House Knittel House Kress Building Kronenberger House Lewis Apartment Building Lewis, Ella, Store and Rental Houses Lindenburg, Emil, House Lindsay, Oscar, House Link-Lee House Logue House Lowry, Fayette C., House Lund House Macatee, Leonard W., House Mackey, William, House Main Street/Market Square Historic District Main Street/Market Square Historic District (Boundary Increase) Mansfield House Maria Boswell Flake Home for Old Women McCain, Henry Hicks, House McCollum, D. C., House McDonald House McKee Street Bridge Mechanical Laboratory and Power House Medical Towers Meek, James V., House Meitzen House Mellinger, Marguerite Meachum & John S., House Melrose Building Merchants and Manufacturers Building Miller House Miller, Ezekial and Mary Jane, House Milroy House Milroy, John, House Milroy-Muller House Minchen, Simon and Mamie, House Minella, Angelo and Lillian, House Morgan's Point Historic District Morris, Glenn W., House Morton Brothers Grocery Mulcahy House Myer, Sterling, House Myers-Spalti Manufacturing Plant Nairn, Forrest A., House Nash, William R., House National Biscuit Company Building Near Northside Historic District Neuhaus, C. L., House Neuhaus, Hugo V., Jr. House Ogle, Joseph, House Old Houston National Bank Old Sixth Ward Historic District Orange Show, The Oriental Textile Mill Otto House Palace Hotel Palmer, Edward Albert, Memorial Chapel and Autry House Parker, John W., House Paul Building Peden, D. D., House Perry-Swilley House Petroleum Building Pomeroy Homestead Reed, Thomas B., House Rice Hotel Roessler, Charles, House Rogers, Ghent W., House Rothko Chapel Sabine Street Bridge over Buffalo Bayou Sam Houston Hotel San Felipe Courts Historic District San Felipe Courts Historic District (Boundary Decrease) San Jacinto Battlefield San Jacinto Senior High School San Jacinto Street Bridge over Buffalo Bayou Saturn V Launch Vehicle Scanlan Building Schlesser-Burrows House Schlumberger Well Surveying Corporation Building Sears, Roebuck and Company Warehouse and Service Center Sessums-James House Sewall, Cleveland Harding, House Sheridan Apartments Shoaf, John H., House South Texas National Bank Southwestern Bell Capitol Main Office Space Environment Simulation Laboratory St. Elizabeth's Hospital St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church Star Engraving Company Building State Highway 35 Bridge at the West Fork of the San Jacinto River State National Bank Building Sterling, Ross,S., House Sterling-Berry House Stevenson, Joseph R. and Mary M., House Stewart, Dr. James M. and Dove, House Stowers Building Sweeney, Coombs & Fredericks Building Sylvan Beach Pavilion Taylor, Judson L., House Telephone Road Bridge over Brays Bayou Temple Beth Israel Texas Company Building Texas State Hotel Thornton, Dr. Penn B., House Todd, Lucie Wray and Anderson, House Trinity Church U.S. Customhouse U.S.S. TEXAS Union Station Union Transfer and Storage Building Upchurch House W-K-M Company, Inc. Historic District Walker House Ward House Washburn Tunnel Webber House Webber, Samuel H., House West Eleventh Place Historic District West, James and Jessie, Mansion Westmoreland Historic District Wilkins House Williams-Brueder House Willow Street Pump Station Wilson House Wimberly House Wisnoski House Woodard House Woodlawn Garden of Memories Cemetery Woodward House Wray, Andrew Jackson and Margaret Cullinan, House Wunderlich, Peter and Sophie, Farm Wunsche Bros. Saloon and Hotel Yale Street Bridge over White Oak Bayou
Texas was once an independent country: After winning its independence from Mexico in 1836, Texas became its own country, known as the Republic of Texas. It existed as an independent nation for nine years before being annexed by the United States in 1845.
Harris County in Texas has a significant history that shaped its growth and importance. Established in 1837, the county was named after John Richardson Harris, founder of the first settlement, Harrisburg. Houston, the county seat, became a prominent commercial and shipping center due to its strategic location and railroads.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, Harris County experienced rapid economic diversification and growth. The discovery of oil in the Spindletop field fueled Houston's emergence as an energy and petrochemical hub. Industries like cotton, lumber, shipping, and manufacturing thrived. NASA's Johnson Space Center further solidified the county's significance in space exploration and technology.

Harris County's demographic diversity is a defining aspect, attracting immigrants from various backgrounds. Houston became a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant culinary scene, dynamic arts community, and diverse festivals, reflecting its multicultural fabric.

Today, Harris County remains an influential economic and cultural center. Its strong economy spans energy, healthcare, technology, and international trade. The county houses renowned medical facilities and research institutions. Despite facing natural disasters, Harris County showcases resilience and implements measures to mitigate their impact.

With its rich history, economic vitality, multiculturalism, and ongoing growth, Harris County continues to shape Texas as a thriving hub of commerce, culture, and innovation.

This timeline provides a concise overview of the key events in the history of Harris County, Texas.

  • Pre-19th Century: The region was inhabited by various Native American tribes, including the Karankawa and Atakapa.

  • 1822: Harrisburg, the county's first settlement, is founded by John Richardson Harris, a pioneer and one of the early Texas colonists.

  • 1836: The Battle of San Jacinto, which secured Texas independence from Mexico, took place in present-day Harris County.

  • 1837: Harris County is officially established and named after John Richardson Harris.

  • 19th Century: Houston, the county seat and the largest city in Texas, experiences rapid growth due to its strategic location along Buffalo Bayou and the construction of railroads. The city becomes a major commercial and shipping hub, attracting industries such as cotton, lumber, and oil.

  • 20th Century: The discovery of oil in the nearby Spindletop field and the subsequent growth of the oil industry greatly contribute to Harris County's economic development. Houston becomes an energy and petrochemical center.

  • 1960s-1980s: The space industry plays a crucial role in Harris County's history with the establishment of NASA's Johnson Space Center, where mission control for the Apollo program is located.

  • Today: Harris County continues to be a thriving economic and cultural center. It is home to a diverse population, numerous industries, world-class medical facilities, and renowned cultural institutions.