Historic cemeteries in
Harris, Texas

1840 Houston City Cemetery ADAMS-CAMPBELL Cemetery Adath Emeth Cemetery Adath Israel Cemetery Addicks Bear Creek Cemetery Aldine Cemetery Alief Brethren Church Cemetery Alief Cemetery Allen Parkway Village Cemetery ALMEDA Cemetery Amos Cemetery AUNT CISSY DOWDELL Cemetery Baker Cemetery Beazley Cemetery Becker Cemetery BEELER Cemetery Berry Cemetery Beth Israel Cemetery BETH ISRAEL MEMORIAL GARDEN Cemetery BETH JACOB Cemetery Beth Jacob Cemetery Beth Yeshurun-Allen Parkway Cemetery Beth Yeshurun-Post Oak Cemetery Bethany Cemetery Black Cemetery BLACK HOPE Cemetery BOGGS-HUFSMITH Cemetery Bonin Family Cemetery Borgstedt Cemetery Bradshaw Cemetery Brookside Cemetery Budde Cemetery BURKHART Cemetery BURNET FAMILY Cemetery Burton-Mathis Cemetery Calvary Hill Cemetery Cedar Bayou Baptist Cemetery CEDAR BAYOU MASONIC Cemetery CEDAR BAYOU METHODIST Cemetery Cedarcrest Cemetery Cedarhurst Cemetery Cemetery Beautiful CHRIST CHURCH Cemetery Christen Family Cemetery Clinton Aid Society Cemetery Clow Cemetery Clow II Cemetery College Memorial Park Cemetery COMPTON Cemetery CONFEDERATE Cemetery Crown Hill Cemetery CYPRESS COMMUNITY CEM. Cemetery Dagg #1 Cemetery Dawson Cemetery Dawson Lunnon Cemetery De Zavala #1 Cemetery De Zavala #2 Cemetery Dolen Cemetery Donnelan Cemetery Donnellan Crypt Cemetery Dowdell Cemetery Earthman Memory Cemetery Ehrhardt Cemetery Eichwurzel Cemetery Emanu El Memorial Park Cemetery Evergreen Barrett Cemetery Evergreen Cemetery Evergreen Cemetery Evergreen Negro Cemetery FAETCHE Cemetery Fairbanks Cemetery Forest Lawn Cemetery Forest Park Cemetery Forest Park-East Cemetery Forest Park-Westheimer Cemetery Founders' Memorial Park Cemetery Fritsche Cemetery Fuchs Cemetery Gaillard-Mitchell Family Cemetery GARDEN OF THE RESSURECTION Cemetery GEARS Cemetery Glameyer Cemetery Glendale Cemetery Glenwood Cemetery Golden Gate Cemetery Grandview Memorial Park Cemetery Habermehl Cemetery Hammer-McFaddin-Harris Cemetery Hargrove Cemetery Harrington Cemetery Harris County Cemetery Harrisburg Cemetery Hart, Magee, Oates, Singleton Cemetery Harvey Cemetery HELFRICH Cemetery HENRY Cemetery Highlands Cemetery Hill Of Rest Cemetery Hillendahl Cemetery Hillendahl-Eggling Cemetery HOFFMEISTER Cemetery Hollingsworth Family Cemetery Hollywood Cemetery Holy Cross Cemetery HOPFE Cemetery Houston National Cemetery Huckabee Cemetery Huffman Cemetery Huffman Community Cemetery Huffman Heritage Cemetery HUMBLE Cemetery Humble Negro Cemetery Independence Grove Cemetery JACKSON-WILSON Cemetery Janisch Cemetery Jaschke Cemetery Kalbow Cemetery KELLERMAN Cemetery Knigge-Telge Cemetery KOCK Cemetery Kohrmann Family Cemetery KOLBE Cemetery KONIM Cemetery KUEHN Cemetery Kuehnle Cemetery Kuhlmann Family Cemetery La Porte Cemetery LARABEE Cemetery Lynch Cemetery Lynchburg Cemetery MAGEE Cemetery MAGNOLIA #2 Cemetery Magnolia Cemetery MARKEE Cemetery Martens Cemetery Massie Plantation; Hicks Family; Puckett Family Cemetery MATTHEWS FAMILY Cemetery McCall Cemetery McDougle Cemetery McGee Chapel Cemetery Memorial Oaks Cemetery MENNARD Cemetery Meyer Cemetery Monk-Teal Cemetery Morales Cemetery MORSE Cemetery MORSE Cemetery Morse-Bragg Cemetery Mueller Cemetery Mueschke Cemetery MY FATHER Cemetery Neumyer Cemetery NEW HOME Cemetery Oak Park Cemetery OATES PRAIRIE Cemetery OATES PRAIRIE Cemetery Olivewood Cemetery OSGOOD Cemetery OTTE FAMILY Cemetery PALMER MEMORIAL CHAPEL Cemetery PARADISE NORTH Cemetery Perry Cemetery Pet Cemetery PETRICH Cemetery PEVATEAUX Cemetery Pilgrim Rest Cemetery Pillot Cemetery Pitschmann Cemetery PLEASANT GREEN Cemetery Prairie Grove Cemetery PUGH Cemetery RAMIN Cemetery RED OAK Cemetery Redeemer Cemetery Rest Lawn Cemetery Resthaven Cemetery Riceville Cemetery Riceville School Road Cemetery Risser Cemetery Roberts Cemetery Roberts Cemetery Rose Hill Cemetery Rose Hill Cemetery Rosewood Memorial Park Cemetery Salem Lutheran Cemetery San Jacinto Memorial Park Cemetery Sander Cemetery Schlobohm Cemetery SCHRIMPF-CARL Cemetery SCHULLER Cemetery SCHULTZ FAMILY CEM. Cemetery Seabrook Cemetery Seal McDougle Cemetery Seals-Cartwright Family Cemetery SHELDON Cemetery SHELDON BLACK Cemetery Simmons-Garrett-Park Cemetery Simms Cemetery SIMS FAMILY Cemetery Somervill Cemetery SPJST Cemetery Spring Cemetery Spring Peaceful Rest Cemetery St John Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery St Joseph Cemetery St Martin Cemetery St Mathew Cemetery St Vincent De Paul Cemetery St. John Lutheran Cemetery St. John's Lutheran Cemetery ST. MARTIN'S EPISCOPAL Cemetery ST. PETER'S EVANGELICAL Cemetery Strack Cemetery TAYLOR FAMILY Cemetery Tetter Cemetery Tetter Negro Cemetery THEIS Cemetery Thomson-Whitcomb Cemetery Tiddwell Rd At Wayside Drive Cemetery TINCH Cemetery Trinity Lutheran Cemetery Trinity Lutheran Cemetery TWILIGHT Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown (Greenwood Forest) Cemetery Unknown (Morgans Point) Cemetery Unknown (San Jacinto State Park) Cemetery Unknown (W Of 527 BM 39) Cemetery Unknown Grave Cemetery Unknown Grave Cemetery Unknown Grave Cemetery Unknown Grave (SE Galina Park, S. Of Clinton Dr.) Cemetery Unknown Graves Cemetery Unknown, N-NW Of Kohrville Cemetery Vollmer Cemetery Waller Cemetery Washington Cemetery Westcott Cemetery White Cemetery WILLIAMS Cemetery Willis Wood Cemetery Willowcreek Cemetery Wilson Cemetery Woodlawn Cemetery Wooster Cemetery Wunsche Cemetery Zahn Cemetery Zion Lutheran Cemetery Zion Lutheran Cemetery Zube Cemetery
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Harris County in Texas has a significant history that shaped its growth and importance. Established in 1837, the county was named after John Richardson Harris, founder of the first settlement, Harrisburg. Houston, the county seat, became a prominent commercial and shipping center due to its strategic location and railroads.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, Harris County experienced rapid economic diversification and growth. The discovery of oil in the Spindletop field fueled Houston's emergence as an energy and petrochemical hub. Industries like cotton, lumber, shipping, and manufacturing thrived. NASA's Johnson Space Center further solidified the county's significance in space exploration and technology.

Harris County's demographic diversity is a defining aspect, attracting immigrants from various backgrounds. Houston became a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant culinary scene, dynamic arts community, and diverse festivals, reflecting its multicultural fabric.

Today, Harris County remains an influential economic and cultural center. Its strong economy spans energy, healthcare, technology, and international trade. The county houses renowned medical facilities and research institutions. Despite facing natural disasters, Harris County showcases resilience and implements measures to mitigate their impact.

With its rich history, economic vitality, multiculturalism, and ongoing growth, Harris County continues to shape Texas as a thriving hub of commerce, culture, and innovation.

This timeline provides a concise overview of the key events in the history of Harris County, Texas.

  • Pre-19th Century: The region was inhabited by various Native American tribes, including the Karankawa and Atakapa.

  • 1822: Harrisburg, the county's first settlement, is founded by John Richardson Harris, a pioneer and one of the early Texas colonists.

  • 1836: The Battle of San Jacinto, which secured Texas independence from Mexico, took place in present-day Harris County.

  • 1837: Harris County is officially established and named after John Richardson Harris.

  • 19th Century: Houston, the county seat and the largest city in Texas, experiences rapid growth due to its strategic location along Buffalo Bayou and the construction of railroads. The city becomes a major commercial and shipping hub, attracting industries such as cotton, lumber, and oil.

  • 20th Century: The discovery of oil in the nearby Spindletop field and the subsequent growth of the oil industry greatly contribute to Harris County's economic development. Houston becomes an energy and petrochemical center.

  • 1960s-1980s: The space industry plays a crucial role in Harris County's history with the establishment of NASA's Johnson Space Center, where mission control for the Apollo program is located.

  • Today: Harris County continues to be a thriving economic and cultural center. It is home to a diverse population, numerous industries, world-class medical facilities, and renowned cultural institutions.