Historic cemeteries in
Fort Bend, Texas

Allen Family Cemetery Arcola Community Cemetery Arcola-Fresno Cemetery Armstrong Place Cemetery Bains Family Cemetery Barnett Cemetery Beneficial Society Cemetery Bland Cemetery Blue Ridge Prison Farm Cemetery Border Camp Cemetery Branch Cemetery Brazos River Grave Cemetery Brick Church Cemetery Briscoe Family Cemetery Brown-Beard Cemetery Burnett Estate Cemetery Burnside Cemetery Burnt Lake Cemetery Calvary-Sitta Cemetery Cartwright-McCrary Cemetery Castelow Farm Cemetery Cedar Creek Ranch Cemetery Cesinger-Seiler Cemetery Claude Broussard Jr. Grave Cemetery Cockburn Plantation Cemetery Coffman Family Cemetery Cole Land Grant Cemetery Community Cemetery Concord Cemetery Cottonwood Church Cemetery Craven-Ellis Cemetery Darby Cemetery David Randon Cemetery Deaf Smith Grave Cemetery DeWalt Cemetery Dickson-Murfey Cemetery Dixon Family Cemetery Dr. Johnson C Hunter Family Cemetery Duke-Fenn Family Cemetery Duty Grave Cemetery Dyer-Myers Cemetery Edwards Family Cemetery Faithe Thomas Cemetery Farmer's Improvement Society Cemetery Fenn-McKeever Cemetery Feris Family Cemetery Foster Plantation Cemetery Friedens United Church Of Christ Cemetery Frost Cemetery Frost Plantation Cemetery Fulshear Black Cemetery Fulshear Family Cemetery Fulshear Spanish Cemetery Fulshear White Cemetery Garden Of Rest Cemetery Gaston Cemetery Glasscock Cemetery Gordon-Taylor Cemetery Goss Cemetery Grand Central Cemetery Greater Power Baptist Church Cemetery Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery Griffin Family Cemetery Gubbels Family Cemetery Guy Cemetery Hardwell Grave Cemetery Harris Family Cemetery Hatton-Ross Cemetery Henry & Nancy Stiles Jones Memorial Cemetery Hillsman Family Cemetery Historical Texas Treasures Cemetery Hodges Bend Cemetery House Plantation Cemetery Howden Cemetery Immanuel United Church Of Christ Cemetery Imperial Prison Farm Cemetery John M Shipman Cemetery Johnny Scott Grave Cemetery Jones Creek Cemetery Katy Community Cemetery Kendleton Cemetery Kennedy League Cemetery Kirk Grave Cemetery Krasna Cemetery Kuykendall Family Cemetery Lane Cemetery Lawson Family Cemetery Leonard Clay, Jr. Grave Cemetery Lightfoot Cemetery Little Prayer Cemetery Little Rock Cemetery Mack Cemetery Masonic Cemetery McKeever Cemetery McNabb Cemetery Mennonite Cemetery Modena Cemetery Morning Star Baptist Church Cemetery Morton Cemetery Mt Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery Mt. Olive Church Cemetery Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church Cemetery Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery Mt. Tabor Cemetery Mulberry Cemetery Murphy Jones Cemetery Needville Baptist Church Cemetery Needville Methodist Church Cemetery Needville Public Cemetery New Fairchild Cemetery New Home Missionary Baptist Cemetery New Prospect Baptist Church Cemetery Newman Chapel Cemetery Nix Family Cemetery Oak Hill Cemetery Oak Hill Cemetery Old Pannel Place Cemetery Old Spring Green Cemetery Orchard Cemetery Our Lady Of Guadalupe Church Cemetery P.A. Herson Cemetery Page's Chapel Cemetery Peaceful Rest Cemetery Pickens-Davis Cemetery Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Chuch Cemetery Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pool Hill Cemetery Powell Point Cemetery Randon Bottom Cemetery Randon Family Cemetery Rice Cemetery Roan-Mayshack Cemetery Rosenberg Cemetery Routt Family Cemetery Routt Point Cemetery San Francisco Cemetery San Gabriel Cemetery San Gabriel Annex Cemetery San Isidro Cemetery Sansbury Cemetery Simonton Colored Cemetery Simonton Community Cemetery Snake Creek Cemetery Sommer Family Cemetery Spring Green Baptist Cemetery St. Matthew's Baptist Church Cemetery St. Michael's Catholic Church Cemetery St. Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery Stage Line Cemetery State Prison Cemetery Stratman Family Cemetery Thompson Chapel Cemetery Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown (Richmond) Cemetery Unknown Grave Cemetery Varney-Packer Family Cemetery Walker Family Cemetery Wallis Road Cemetery Washington Cemetery Waters Cemetery Watkins Cemetery Watts Cemetery West Gethsemane Cemetery Wheat Family Cemetery White Cemetery Wilderness Branch Cemetery William J. Stafford Cemetery William Little Grave Cemetery William M. Jenkins Grave Cemetery William S. Rayner Grave Cemetery Willie Jones Cemetery Y. U. Jones Cemetery Zemanek Cemetery
The world's first rodeo was held in Pecos, Texas in 1883. The event included bronco riding, calf roping, and bull riding.
Fort Bend County, Texas has a rich and significant history that spans several centuries. The area was initially inhabited by various Native American tribes, including the Karankawa and Akokisa tribes. European settlement began in the early 1820s, with the region becoming a part of Stephen F. Austin's colony. The county was officially established in 1837 and named after a blockhouse fort built along the Brazos River.

One pivotal event in the county's history was the arrival of sugar cane cultivation in the 1840s. Immigrants from Germany and other European countries brought their expertise in sugar production and established large sugar plantations in Fort Bend County. The growth of the sugar industry substantially impacted the county's economy and led to the arrival of enslaved African Americans, who provided labor on these plantations.

During the American Civil War, Fort Bend County remained primarily loyal to the Confederate cause. Many residents joined Confederate units and fought in several battles, such as the Battle of Palmito Ranch and the Battle of Pleasant Hill. Following the war, the county experienced a period of reconstruction and worked towards diversifying its agricultural production.

The 20th century brought further transformations, with the discovery of oil and gas in the county. The newfound oil industry spurred economic growth and development, as well as population growth. Fort Bend County also played a vital role in the civil rights movement, with several significant milestones, including the integration of public schools in 1963. Today, Fort Bend County is a thriving and diverse community, known for its rich history, strong economy, and cultural diversity.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Fort Bend County, Texas.

  • 1822: Stephen F. Austin grants land to his secretary, Samuel M. Williams, who establishes the Fort Bend settlement near present-day Richmond, Texas
  • 1824: Mexico establishes Fort Bend County as part of Austin's Colony
  • 1837: Fort Bend becomes an official county in the Republic of Texas
  • 1841: The new county courthouse is built in Richmond
  • 1856: Sugar production becomes a major industry in Fort Bend County
  • 1861: Fort Bend County residents support secession and the Confederacy during the Civil War
  • 1900: The first rail line, known as the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway, arrives in Fort Bend County
  • 1920: The discovery of oil leads to an economic boom in the county
  • 1941: Sugar Land Regional Airport opens to support military training during World War II
  • 1959: The town of Stafford is incorporated
  • 1990: Fort Bend County's population exceeds 200,000