National Register Listings in
Ellis County, Texas

Adamson, F. R., House Alderdice, J. M., House Alderman, G. H., House Allen, I. R., House Atwood, E. K., House Barkley-Floyd House Barrington House Berry, J. S., House Boren, E. T., House Building at 441 East Main Building at 500-502 East Main Bullard, T. J., House Central Presbyterian Church Chapman, Oscar H., House Cohn, Joe, House Cole-Hipp House Coleman-Cole House Connally, Roy, House Dillon, George C., House Dunkerly, G. G., House Eastham, D. D., House Ellis County Courthouse Historic District Ennis Commercial Historic District Ennis Cotton Compress Ennis High School Erwin, J. R., House Fain House Farrar House Ferris School Forrest, W. B., House Graham, Dr. L. H., House Highway Garage Hines, E. M., House House at 104 Kaufman House at 106 East Denton House at 106 Kaufman House at 111 Brown House at 111 Williams House at 113 East Ross House at 1301 East Marvin House at 1423 Sycamore House at 301 Turner House at 320 East Marvin House at 404 East Crockett House at 418 North College House at 500 North Main, East House at 501 North Grand House at 508 North Dallas House at 509 West Brown House at 512 North Grand House at 523 Highland House at 625 Cantrell House at 700 South Rogers House at 703 South College House at 708 East Brown House at 712 East Marvin House at 722 West Madison House at 802 East Ennis House at 803 Cantrell House at 806 South Dallas House at 807 North Preston House at 810 North Preston House at 816 Cantrell House at 816 West Water House at 901 Cantrell Jolesch House Joshua Chapel A.M.E. Church Kirven, J. D., House Koger, William, House Langsford, Samuel, House Lewis, William, House Matthews-Atwood House Matthews-Templeton House McCanless-Williams House McCartney House Meredith-McDowal House Moore House Moore, W. B., House Morton House National Compress Company Building Neal House North Rogers Street Historic District Novy, Joe, House Old City Mills Oldham Avenue Historic District Oldham, Mary and Frank House Paillet House Patrick, Marshall T., House Payne, M. S., House Phillips, E. F., House Plumhoff House Ralston, Mary, House Ransom House Raphael House Ray, M. B., House Reinmiller, W. B., House Rockett, Paris Q., House Rosemont House Saint Paul's Episcopal Church Sanderson, James S., House Second Trinity University Campus Sharp House Sims, O. B., House Solon, John, House Story, Jesse and Mary, House Strickland-Sawyer House Telfair House Templeton, Judge M. B., House Thompson, D. H., House Trippet-Shive House Vickery, Richard, House Waxahachie Chautauqua Building Waxahachie Lumber Company Weatherford House Weekley, John M., House West End Historic District Williams, Porter L., House Williams-Erwin House Witten, Pat, House Wyatt Street Shotgun House Historic District
In the late 19th century, Texas became known for its cattle drives, in which cowboys would move herds of cattle from Texas to railheads in Kansas and other northern states. The cattle drives were dangerous and difficult work, but they played a key role in the development of the American cattle industry.
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