State Antiquities Landmarks in Dallas county

Band Shell
Centennial & Automobile Buildings
Christian Science Monitor/Education Bldg.
Communication Building
Cotton Bowl
Dallas Aquarium
Dallas County Courthouse
Dallas Freeman's Cemetery
Dallas "Old" City Hall
Dallas Union Terminal
Degolyer Estate
Embarcadero Building
Fair Park
Food and Fiber Building
Hall of Administration Bldg.
Hall of State
Horticulture Center
Majestic Theater
Museum of Art Bldg. (Science Place)
Museum of Natural History
Music Hall
Pan Am Building
Parlin and Orrendorff (Purse) Bldg.
Strain Farm (NRHP 9/17/01) Parcel 13
Strain Farm (NRHP 9/17/01) Parcel 17
Strain Farm (NRHP 9/17/01) Parcels 1 and 4
Strain Farm (NRHP 9/17/01) Parcels 18 and 20
Strain Farm Parcel 3
Strain Farm, Parcel 12
Strain Farm, Parcel 6 and 11
Tower Building
Turtle Creek Pump Station
W.A. Strain House, Parcel 5