Historic cemeteries in
Bell, Texas

Aiken Cemetery Allen Cemetery Andrew Jackson Turnbo Cemetery Antioch Church Cemetery Arthur-Bottoms Cemetery Bartek Cemetery Bean Hill Cemetery Bell Plains Cemetery Bellwood Memorial Park Cemetery Bigham Cemetery Blackburn Cemetery Boone-Hamlin #1 Cemetery Boone-Hamlin #2 Cemetery Bowmer-Peaceable Kingdom Cemetery Brown (Okay Community) Cemetery Buckhorn Cemetery Burkes Family Cemetery Burris Cemetery Caddell Cemetery Cedar Creek Cemetery Cedar Knob Cemetery Cedar Valley Cemetery Center Lake Cemetery Central Texas Veterans Cemetery Christ Episcopal Church Columbarium Cemetery Cook's Chapel Cemetery Cox Cemetery Craddock Cemetery Curry Family Cemetery Cyclone Cemetery Czech National Cemetery Dallas Cemetery Donahoe Cemetery Dulaney Cemetery Dyess Cemetery Dyess Grove Cemetery East Belton Cemetery Edgeworth Cemetery Far North Belton Cemetery Ferguson-Dice Cemetery Ferguson-Three Forks Cemetery Fort Griffin Cemetery Fulton Family Cemetery German Methodist Cemetery Glover Cemetery Goode Cemetery Goodnight Cemetery Graham Family Cemetery Greathouse Cemetery Haedge Cemetery Hall Cemetery Haveland Cemetery Hefner Cemetery Hennington Cemetery Herrington Cemetery Hill Cemetery Hillcrest Cemetery Hodge Cemetery Holland City Cemetery Holland Family Cemetery Hunt-Bartlett Cemetery Hunt-Rogers Cemetery Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery J B Kaderka Cemetery Jackson Family Cemetery Jodie Moore Cemetery Judge Robert Emmett Bledsoe Baylor Grave Cemetery K.M. Jones Family Cemetery Keeney Cemetery Killeen CIty Cemetery Killeen Garden Of Memories Cemetery Killeen Memorial Park Cemetery Lancaster Cemetery Lange Cemetery Lankford Cemetery Lesikar Family Cemetery Lewallen Cemetery Little Flock Cemetery Little River-Wilson Valley Cemetery Live Oak Cemetery Maqbarah Cemetery Mary Allen Oliver Cemetery Maxdale Cemetery Maxdale West Cemetery May Cemetery Mayberry Park Cemetery McBryde Cemetery McDaniel Family Cemetery McDowell Cemetery McLean Cemetery Midway Cemetery Mills Family Cemetery Mitchell Cemetery Moffat Cemetery Moody-Leon Cemetery Moreno Catholic Cemetery Mountain View Cemetery Mt. Zion Garden Of Memories Cemetery New Hope 2 Cemetery North Belton Cemetery North Belton Pauper Cemetery Nott Cemetery Ocker Bretheren Church Cemetery Oenaville Cemetery Old Oenaville Cemetery Old Salado Graveyard Cemetery Old Troy Cemetery Parrott Cemetery Pendleton Cemetery Pennington Cemetery Pepper Creek Pauper-Bell County Poor Farm Cemetery Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pleasant View Cemetery Post Oak Cemetery Prater Cemetery Proctor Cemetery Punchard Cemetery Quinteros Family Cemetery Red Ranger Cemetery Reed Cemetery Reed's Lake Cemetery Rest Haven Cemetery Roberts Cemetery Robertson Family Cemetery Rock Hollow Cemetery Rogers Cemetery Rucker Cemetery Saint Joseph Cemetery Sarah Herndon Grave Cemetery Sarah Mumford Taylor Cemetery Seaton Cemetery Seven Star Cemetery Sharp Cemetery Shelton Cemetery Shiloh Cemetery Sibley Cemetery Simmons Cemetery Simmons-Oscar Cemetery South Belton Cemetery Sparks-Bigham Cemetery St John Lutheran Cemetery St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery Stephen Hruska Grave Cemetery Stewart-Cedar Grove Cemetery Stockton Cemetery Stokes-Nelson Cemetery Sunshine Cemetery Sunshine-Reed Family Cemetery Sunshine-Willis Cemetery Taylor's Valley Cemetery Theo Cemetery Trimmier Cemetery Unknown #8 Cemetery Unknown (1 Mi. E. Nolanville) Cemetery Unknown 10 Cemetery Unknown 9 Cemetery Unnamed #04 Cemetery Unnamed #11 Cemetery Volo Cemetery Wedel Cemetery West Salado Cemetery Wheat Cemetery Whitehall-Everest Cemetery Whiteley Cemetery Willingham Cemetery Young Cemetery
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Bell County, located in central Texas, has a rich history dating back thousands of years. The area was originally inhabited by various Native American tribes, including the Tonkawa, Lipan Apache, and Comanche. European settlers began arriving in the early 19th century, with the first permanent settlement established in 1850 by Thomas M. Bigham, who built a log cabin near the Lampasas River.

The county was officially established in 1850 and named after Governor Peter H. Bell. It quickly grew as more settlers arrived to take advantage of the fertile land and abundant natural resources. Agriculture, particularly cotton farming, became the primary industry in the region, with the first cotton gin built in 1853. The county also became an important shipping point due to its proximity to the Chisholm Trail, which was used to drive cattle to markets in the north.

During the Civil War, Bell County played a significant role in supporting the Confederate cause. Several Confederate camps were established in the area, and the county experienced some military action, including the Battle of Stampede Valley in 1863. After the war, the county began to recover and diversify its economy. The railroad arrived in the late 19th century, bringing further growth and development.

In the 20th century, Bell County continued to experience growth and modernization. Fort Hood, one of the largest military installations in the country, was established in 1942. The presence of the military base provided a significant economic boost to the county and continues to be a major employer and contributor to the local economy. Today, Bell County is a thriving community with a diverse economy that includes agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and military-related industries.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Bell County, Texas.

  • 1834 - Bell County is established by the Republic of Texas
  • 1850 - The first permanent settlement, known as Nolanville, is established
  • 1851 - A post office is established in the town of Belton
  • 1852 - The county seat is moved from Nolanville to Belton
  • 1858 - The Belton Female College is founded
  • 1861-1865 - Bell County is heavily impacted by the American Civil War
  • 1870 - The Houston and Texas Central Railway arrives in Bell County, boosting economic growth
  • 1881 - The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor is founded in Belton
  • 1892 - The town of Temple is established as a railroad town
  • 1913 - The Santa Fe Railroad builds a major railroad station in Temple
  • 1920s - Bell County experiences an oil boom
  • 1957 - Construction begins on the Fort Hood military base
  • 1980s - Bell County's economy diversifies with the growth of healthcare and technology industries
  • 2005 - The Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery is established in Killeen