Historic cemeteries in
Bastrop, Texas

Abandoned Graveyard Cemetery Addison Litton Cemetery Alexander - Eldridge Cemetery Alsup Cemetery Alta Vista Cemetery Alum Cemetery Alum Creek Cemetery Antioch Cemetery Antioch Cemetery Baasen Cemetery Bachman Cemetery Baker Hill Cemetery Baptist Church Cemetery Barbee Cemetery Bartons Creek Catholic Cemetery Bastrop City Cemetery Bateman Cemetery #1 Bateman Cemetery #2 Baylor Cemetery #2 Baylor Family Cemetery Beaukiss Cemetery Bennight Cemetery Blalock-Browder Cemetery Bogle Cemetery Bottles Cemetery Brazil Cemetery Bunte Cemetery Burkhardt Cemetery Burleson Cemetery #1 Burleson Cemetery #2 Butler Brickyard Cemetery Caldwell Family Cemetery Campos Santos De Cedar Creek Cemetery Carroll Cemetery Catherine Hartman Goertz Cemetery Cemetery Center Union Cemetery Chambliss Cemetery Chandler Cemetery Chappel Cemetery Claiborne Cemetery Clearview Cemetery Coates Cemetery Collins Ranch Cemetery Collins Ranch Cemetery Colorado Chapel Cemetery Colorado Mt. Zion Community Cemetery Comanche Cemetery Cottle Family Cemetery Coulson Cemetery Craddock Cemetery Crafts Prairie Cemetery Cunningham Black Cemetery Cunningham Cemetery Czech Moravian Brethren Cemetery Davis Cemetery Davis Cemetery Dixon Prairie Cemetery Duncan-Stanly Cemetery Duplicate Of Chandler (Oak Hill) Cemetery Duty Cemetery Eagleston-Litle - Scobey Cemetery Eastland Family Cemetery Ed Wilhelm Catholic Cemetery Elgin Cemetery Elgin Latin Cemetery Elgin Old Latin Cemetery Emil Surovik Cemetery Eschberger Family Cemetery Fairview Black Cemetery Fairview Cemetery Farmer Cemetery Fawcett Cemetery Fick Cemetery Fiskville Cemetery Flower Hill Cemetery Fowler Cemetery Franklin Cemetery Friendship Cemetery Gage Johnson Cemetery Garfield Cemetery Garza Cemetery Gazley Cemetery Gentry Cemetery German Prisoner Of War Cemetery Gibson Cemetery Goerlitz Cemetery Gold, Sanders Cemetery Goodman Cemetery Grassyville Cemetery Gray-Rector Cemetery Hall Cemetery Haynie Chapel Cemetery Hayward Cemetery Haywood Cemetery Hemphill Bend Family Cemetery Hemphill Farm Cemetery Hendrix Cemetery Herron Cemetery Higgins Cemetery High Grove Cemetery High Hill Cemetery Hill Cemetery Hill Cemetery Hill Cemetery Hill Cemetery Hills Prairie Cemetery Hills Prairie Cemetery Hofferek Cemetery Hog Eye Cemetery Holligan Cemetery Hornsby Cemetery James Cemetery Jeddo Cemetery Jefferies Cemetery Kellough Cemetery Kennedy Cemetery Knobb Springs Cemetery Knobb Springs Lower Cemetery Kurth Cemetery Latin Cemetery Lawrence Cemetery Lehnick Cemetery Lentz Cemetery Litton Cemetery Lower Cedar Creek Cemetery Loyal Valley Cemetery Lyman-Pain Cemetery Mackey Cemetery Magdalene Cemetery Mary Christian Burleson Cemetery Matt Haynes Cemetery Mattiza Cemetery McDade Cemetery McDuff Cemetery McLaurin Cemetery McShan Memorial Garden Cemetery McWilliams Cemetery McWilliams-Reader-Pea Ridge Cemetery Meredith Cemetery Meuth Family Cemetery Meuth Hill Cemetery Mexican Cemetery Mexican Nationalist Cemetery Miller Cemetery Milton Chapel Cemetery Moncure Family Cemetery Moore Cemetery Mordorff, Henry Cemetery Morgan Chapel Cemetery Moss Branch Cemetery Mount Bethel Cemetery Mount Moriah Cemetery Mount Olive Evergreen Cemetery Mount Pleasant Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetery Nance Cemetery New Hope Cemetery New Red Rock Cemetery Oak Hill Cemetery Old Bartons Creek Catholic Cemetery Old George Cemetery Old Lima Baptist Cemetery Old McDade Cemetery Old Red Rock Cemetery Oliver Cemetery Oliver Hill Cemetery Oliver-Powell Cemetery Paige Cemetery Paint Creek St. Andrews Cemetery Peach Creek Cemetery Pee Lee Cemetery Perryville Cemetery Pettytown Cemetery Phelan Cemetery Pin Oak Cemetery Pleasant Chapel Cemetery Pleasant Grove Cemetery Pleasant Hill Cemetery Porter Cemetery Presbyterian Cemetery Protestant Cemetery At St. Mary’s Of The Assumption Reneau-Johnson Cemetery Reyes Ranch Cemetery Ridgeway Cemetery Robbins Cemetery Roe Cemetery Rosanky Cemetery Rother Cemetery Rundus Cemetery Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery Saint’s Delight Baptist Cemetery Salem Black Cemetery San Juan Cemetery Sanders-Gold Cemetery Sayers Cemetery Scallorn Cemetery Scifford Cemetery Sheldon-Tyler Cemetery Shiloh Cemetery Shiloh Community Cemetery Siloah Cemetery Smith Black Cemetery Smith Cemetery Smith Cemetery Speck Family Cemetery Speir Cemetery SPJST Lodge Cemetery St Marys Cemetery St. Anthony Cemetery St. John's Cemetery St. John's Cemetery St. John's Zion Union Missionary Baptist Cemetery St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery St. Mary’s Colony Cemetery St. Paul Cemetery St. Phillip's Cemetery Strickland Cemetery String Prairie Protestant Cemetery Susan Kennedy Cemetery Sweet Hill Cemetery Thomas Lumback Cemetery Thompson - Morris - Adams Cemetery Thompson Hill Cemetery Three Oaks Cemetery Trigg Family Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Early African American (S. Of Shiloh Community Cemetery) Unknown—Cedar Creek Area Cemetery Upper Cedar Creek Cemetery Upper Cedar Creek Cemetery Upton Church Of Christ Cemetery Utley Cemetery Vaughn Cemetery Walker Family Cemetery Walnut Creek Black Cemetery Walnut Creek-Assumption Of Christ Catholic Cemetery Ward Family Cemetery Warren-White Cemetery Watson-Walker Cemetery Watterson Prairie Cemetery Watterson School Cemetery Weise Cemetery Westbrook Memorial Gardens Cemetery Wilbarger Black Cemetery Wilbarger Cemetery Williams Cemetery Wilson Cemetery Wise Cemetery Wolf Cemetery Wolfenberger Cemetery Woods-Moore Slave Cemetery Wrights Cemetery Wright–Penterf Cemetery Young Schoolhouse Cemetery Young’s Prairie Cemetery
The state of Texas was once an independent country known as the Republic of Texas. It gained independence from Mexico in 1836 and was a separate nation until it was annexed by the United States in 1845.
Bastrop County, Texas, located southeast of Austin, holds a significant place in the history of the Lone Star State. The area was inhabited by indigenous tribes before European settlers arrived. In the early 19th century, permanent settlements began to emerge as the region became part of the Republic of Texas, following Texas' independence from Mexico in 1836.

Bastrop County was officially established during this period, named after Felipe Enrique Neri, Baron de Bastrop, a prominent figure in early Texas history. The county experienced significant growth and development throughout the 19th century, driven by factors such as the arrival of immigrants, the expansion of the railroad, and the establishment of key industries like lumber and agriculture.

During the 20th century, Bastrop County continued to evolve, adapting to changing times and embracing modernization. The county has a rich agricultural heritage, particularly in cotton and cattle production. Additionally, Bastrop County is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, including the Lost Pines Forest, which provides a unique ecosystem and attracts visitors from near and far.

Today, Bastrop County is a diverse and dynamic region, balancing its historical roots with modern developments. The county offers a mix of rural charm and urban amenities, with communities that value their heritage while embracing new opportunities for growth.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Bastrop County, Texas.

  • Pre-19th Century: Bastrop County was home to indigenous tribes, including the Tonkawa and Hasinai Caddo, who inhabited the area for centuries.

  • 1800s: In the early 19th century, the region witnessed an influx of Anglo-American settlers, with Stephen F. Austin's colony playing a significant role in the area's colonization.

  • 1836: Texas gains independence from Mexico, and the Republic of Texas is established. Bastrop County is officially formed in 1837 and named after Baron de Bastrop, a Dutch businessman who played a key role in the colony's development.

  • Late 1800s: Bastrop County thrives as an agricultural hub, with cotton production serving as a prominent economic activity. The arrival of railroads further facilitates trade and transportation.

  • 20th Century: The county witnesses modernization and growth, with the rise of other industries such as lumber, oil, and gas. Bastrop County also plays a role in World War II as Camp Swift, a military training facility, is established.

  • 21st Century: Bastrop County faces challenges such as wildfires, notably the devastating Bastrop County Complex Fire in 2011, which impacted thousands of acres and destroyed hundreds of homes. The county continues to evolve, balancing its agricultural roots with suburban growth and maintaining its natural beauty.