Historic cemeteries in
Austin, Texas

Abel Cemetery Abel Cemetery Alexander Glenn Family Graveyard Cemetery Allen-Johnston Cemetery Amsler Grave Cemetery Atkinson Cemetery Austin County Paupers Cemetery Baethe Cemetery Bartay Cemetery Bethany Cemetery Bethany Colored Cemetery Bovine Bluff Bend Cemetery Brast #2 Cemetery Brast Cemetery Brookshire Cemetery Brosig Cemetery Buckhorn Cemetery Buntzel Cemetery Burger Cemetery Burns Cemetery Burt Cemetery Caletka Cemetery Cat Spring-Kollatschny Cemetery Cat Spring-Lutheran Church Cemetery Clarke Cemetery Cochran Cemetery Collier-Harris Cemetery Concord Cemetery Coshatte Cemetery Cummings Cemetery Czech Cemetery Czoulauf Cemetery Dabney-Hawkins-Corbin Cemetery David Shelby Cemetery Dehtloff Cemetery Dittert Cemetery Dittmar Cemetery Dixon-Grimes Cemetery Dotson Cemetery Eckardt Cemetery Ehler-Koehn Cemetery El Pleasant-Parker Chapel Cemetery Engelking Cemetery Engelking Grave Cemetery Falk Cemetery Fenner Cemetery Findeisen Cemetery Fissler Cemetery Flake #1 Cemetery Flake #2 Cemetery Frady Cemetery Frances Cemetery Francis Cemetery Frank Cemetery Franka Cemetery Froelich Cemetery Frydek Cemetery Gabig Cemetery Germania Cemetery Gilbert Cemetery Glenn Cemetery Glenn, Bethel Hicks Glenn Cemetery Gloar Cemetery Goebel Cemetery Goodwill Cemetery Graf-Hoffman Cemetery Granau Cemetery Grimes Cemetery Guardian Angel Cemetery Haedge Cemetery Hagemann Cemetery Harms Cemetery Harrison Cemetery Hartsville Cemetery Heitmann Cemetery Henniger Family Cemetery-Industry Henske-Krueger Cemetery Henson Cemetery Hill Cemetery Hillboldt Cemetery Hillside Cemetery Hiltpold Cemetery Himly Cemetery Hobson Chance Cemetery Hoffman Cemetery Holtz Cemetery Holy Cross Cemetery Hoppe Cemetery Huebner Cemetery Immaculate Conception Cemetery Immaculate Conception Church Cemetery Industry Brethern Church Cemetery Industry Methodist Church Cemetery Industry Old Methodist Cemetery Industry Pilgrims Rest Cemetery Ives Creek Cemetery Jackson Family Cemetery Jasek Cemetery Jeff-Medford Cemetery Jiminez Cemetery-Grave Jochec-Slovak Cemetery John Shelburne Cemetery Kaechele Cemetery Kahloff Cemetery Karmichael Cemetery Kersten Cemetery Kessee Cemetery Kiesewetter Cemetery Kinkler Cemetery Kleberg Cemetery Kluever Family Cemetery Knolle #2 Cemetery Knolle Cemetery #1 Koch Cemetery Koehn-Graf Cemetery Kohler Cemetery Kolbe Cemetery Kollatschny Cemetery Krasna Cemetery Kroulik Cemetery Kueffel Cemetery Kurt Cemetery Laas Cemetery Macedonia Cemetery Machemehl Cemetery Mahnke Cemetery Malicek Cemetery Matthaei Cemetery McGregor Cemetery Meinecke Cemetery Meir Cemetery Menke Cemetery Mernitz Cemetery Mewis Cemetery Mewis Cemetery Meyer Cemetery Michaelis Cemetery Millheim Cemetery Montgomery Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetry Cemetery Muery Cemetery Muller Cemetery Munger Cemetery Murff Cemetery Nagel Cemetery National Cemetery Necker Cemetery Nelsonville Cemetery New Ulm Cemetery New Wehdem Cemetery Norris Cemetery Oak Knoll Cemetery Ognosky Cemetery Old Travis Cemetery Old Travis Cemetery Ottmer Cemetery Palm Cemetery Parker Chapel Cemetery Peters-Old Methodist Cemetery Pfeffer #1 Cemetery Pfeffer #2 Cemetery Phillipsburg Cemetery Pilgrims Rest Burleigh Cemetery Pilgrims Rest Cemetery Pilgrims' Rest Cemetery #1 Pilgrims' Rest Cemetery #2 Pitt Cemetery Pleasant Grove Cemetery Pope Cemetery Rogers Cemetery Saint James Lutheran Cemetery Saint Mary’s Cemetery Samuel Chapel Cemetery Samuel Shelburne Cemetery San Felipe Cemetery #1 San Felipe Cemetery #2 Schaffner Cemetery Schlapota Cemetery Schmid Cemetery Schmidt Cemetery Schneider Cemetery Scholz-Nolte Cemetery Schrapps Cemetery Schulke Cemetery Scranton Grove Cemetery Sealy Catholic Cemetery Sealy Cemetery Sealy Colored Cemetery Sealy Holy Cross Cemetery Severin Cemetery Seyer Cemetery Shelby Cemetery Shelby Family Cemetery Smith #2 Cemetery Smith Family Plot Cemetery Staehle Cemetery Star Hill Cemetery Stone-Motley Cemetery Streb Cemetery Stuessel Cemetery Susen Cemetery Svajda-Hejl Cemetery, Nelsonville Swearingen Cemetery Thompson Cemetery Timme Cemetery Travis-Davis Cemetery Travis-Pier Cemetery Trenckmann Family Cemetery Ueckert Cemetery #1 Ueckert Cemetery #2 Ueckert Cemetery #3 Unknown (E Of Concord); Mapped Cemetery Unknown (E Of Shelby); Mapped Cemetery Unknown (E Of Yellow Creek); Mapped Cemetery Unknown (E Of Yellow Creek, S Of Kansas/ Missouri); Mapped Cemetery Unknown (N Of Ivys Creek); Mapped Cemetery Unknown (Newberg Rd) Cemetery Unknown (Shelby); Mapped On Voekle Rd Cemetery Unknown (South Of Necker Cemetery; SW Of Millheim Cemetery) Unknown Grave (mapped) Cemetery Unknown Grave (USGS) Near CR 389 At Wagner Rd Cemetery Vanderwerth Cemetery Viereck Cemetery Wallis Cemetery Ward (Winklemann) Cemetery Washam Cemetery Weir Cemetery Welcome Cemetery #1 Welcome Cemetery #2 Welcome Cemetery #3 Welcome Hospital Cemetery Wellhausen Cemetery Wesley Brethern Cemetery William Shelburne Cemetery Williams Cemetery Williams, Bouldin Cemetery Winkleman Cemetery Zachas Cemetery Zaskoda Cemetery Zettel Cemetery Ziemer Cemetery
The cattle industry played a significant role in the development of Texas, with cowboys driving cattle from Texas to railheads in Kansas during the late 1800s and early 1900s.
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