Historic cemeteries in
Anderson, Texas

Academy Cemetery Adams Cemetery Allen Cemetery Anderson Chapel Cemetery Antioch Cemetery At Rest In The Woods Cemetery Ayers Cemetery Bacon At Frankston Cemetery Bacon Cemetery Barrett-Newsom Cemetery Baston Family Cemetery Baumgartner Family Cemetery Bell Cemetery Beth Israel Cemetery Bethel-Hardshell Cemetery Beto Coffield State Dept. Of Corrections Cemetery Beto-Coff Criminal Justice Unit Cemetery #1 Beto-Coff Criminal Justice Unit Cemetery #2 Beulah Cemetery Black Arter Cemetery Blackfoot Cemetery Blackshear Cemetery Blount Cemetery Bluff Spring Cemetery Bobbitt Cemetery Bostick Cemetery Bradford Cemetery Branch Cemetery Brown Creek Cemetery Brown Springs Cemetery Brushy Creek Cemetery Brushy Creek-Mt. Zion Cemetery Burgamy Cemetery Butler Cemetery Butler Family Cemetery Caldwell Cemetery Calhoun Cemetery Camp Cemetery Campbell Cemetery Catholic Cemetery Cedar Creek Cemetery Cedar Hill Cemetery Chambers Cemetery Charlotte Cemetery City Cemetery Colby Cemetery Coleman Cemetery Colemar Cemetery Concord Cemetery Cook Cemetery County Line Cemetery Cox-Elmtown Cemetery Crawford Cemetery Crawford Graves Cemetery Dabbs-Evanspring Cemetery Dabbs-Freeman Cemetery Dail Cemetery Davis Cemetery Denson Graves Cemetery Denson Springs Cemetery Douthit Cemetery Douthit-Watson Spring Road Cemetery Eiglebiger Cemetery Elkhart Cemetery Elkhart Myrtle Springs Cemetery Elrod-Gaines Cemetery Family Cemetery Ferguson Cemetery Fields Chapel Cemetery Flint Hill Cemetery Fort Houston Cemetery Fort Houston Cemetery Foster Cemetery Foster-Parker Cemetery Fosterville Cemetery Frankston City Cemetery Fulton Cemetery Funderbuck Cemetery Gilmoreā€™s Chapel Cemetery Givens Cemetery Glenwood Cemetery Green Cemetery At Pace's Chapel Grigsby Cemetery Grimes Family Cemetery Guiceville Cemetery Harmony-Broyles Cemetery Hassell Cemetery Hewett Springs Cemetery Hickory Grove Cemetery Holly Grove Cemetery Holy Ground Cemetery Hopewell Cemetery Howard Cemetery Hubbard Cemetery Jackson Cemetery Jackson Quarters Cemetery Jemison Quarters Cemetery Jerusalem Cemetery Jessie Parker Cemetery Joppa Burial Ground Cemetery Judson Cemetery Kickapoo Cemetery Killgo, J.T. Cemetery Lakeview Cemetery Land Of Memory Cemetery Lawrence Cemetery Liberty Hill Cemetery Lightfoot Cemetery Link Wilson Cemetery Lookabaugh Cemetery Lumpkin Family Cemetery Magnolia Cemetery Mallard Cemetery McDonald Farm Cemetery-Grave McKee Cemetery Midway Cemetery Mitchum Cemetery Morrow-Quick Mountain Cemetery Moss Cemetery Mound Prairie Cemetery Mount Moriah Cemetery Mount Olive Cemetery Mount Olive Cemetery Mount Prairie Cemetery Murphy Family Cemetery Neches Church Of Christ Cemetery Neches City Cemetery New Bethel Cemetery New Hope Cemetery-Frankston (white) Newsom-Barrett Cemetery Newton Cemetery Nixon Cemetery Old Butler Cemetery Old Ioni Cemetery Old Loni Cemetery Oldham Cemetery Olive Branch Cemetery Owens Family Cemetery Payne-Rosson Cemetery Perry-Starr Cemetery Pickard Ranch Cemetery Pilgrim Cemetery Pilgrim Cemetery (black) Pilgrim Cemetery (white) Pilgrim Church Cemetery Pilgrim Rest Cemetery Pine Grove Cemetery Pine Hill Cemetery Pine Ridge Cemetery Pine Springs Cemetery Pleasant Springs Cemetery Prairie Springs Cemetery Price Cemetery Price's Chapel Cemetery Providence Church & Cemetery Providence Montalba Cemetery Rausin Cemetery Reynolds Cemetery Roselawn Park Cemetery Rucker Cemetery Russel Cemetery Sadler Family Cemetery Settlement Cemetery Shade Cemetery Shaw Cemetery Sidney Cemetery Simmons Cemetery Spring Creek Cemetery Springfield Cemetery Starr-Thomas Family Cemetery Stewart Cemetery Stoval Cemetery Strack Cemetery Strickland Cemetery Strong Memorial Cemetery Swanson Cemetery Syrian Cemetery Taylor Cemetery Tennessee Colony Cemetery Thomas Cemetery Thomas Methodist Congregational Church Cemetery Toole Family Cemetery Trice Family Cemetery Union Hope Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown (Cooks Store) Cemetery Unknown (possibly Mt. Moriah) Cemetery Unknown Cemetery Unknown Grave Cemetery Unknown Grave Cemetery Unnamed Cemetery #1 Unnamed Cemetery #12 Unnamed Cemetery #5 Washington Cemetery White Family Cemetery White Oak Cemetery Whitley Cemetery-black Whitley Cemetery-white Williams Cemetery Williams Cemetery Williams Estate Cemetery Wilson Cemetery Wilson-Powell Cemetery Wofford Cemetery Woodard Cemetery Wynn-Winn Cemetery
Texas was once a part of Mexico but gained independence in 1836 after a famous battle at the Alamo.
Anderson County, located in eastern Texas, has a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. The county was established in 1846 and was named after Kenneth L. Anderson, a veteran of the Texas Revolution. The area was originally inhabited by various Native American tribes, including the Caddo and Cherokee, before European settlers arrived.

The county's economy flourished with the arrival of immigrants from the United States and Europe, who established plantations and worked in the timber industry. The town of Palestine, the county seat, developed as a vibrant agricultural center, known for its cotton production. The construction of railroads in the late 19th century further boosted the county's economic growth. However, Anderson County also had its share of challenges.

Like many other areas of Texas, it witnessed tensions and conflicts during the American Civil War, with some residents supporting the Union and others the Confederacy. Reconstruction was a difficult period for the county, as it endured economic decline and political instability.
In the 20th century, Anderson County experienced significant changes and modernization. The discovery of oil reserves in the early 1930s brought economic prosperity to the region. The establishment of the Texas Department of Corrections in the county in 1849 also played a major role in shaping the county's history, as it became home to several state prisons and correctional facilities. Today, Anderson County is known for its diverse economy, including agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.

The region's rich history is evident in its numerous historic sites and landmarks, making it a fascinating destination for those interested in Texas history and culture.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Anderson County, Texas.

  • 1836: Anderson County is established on March 24, 1836, as one of the original counties of the Republic of Texas.
  • 1838: The town of Palestine is established as the county seat of Anderson County.
  • 1861-1865: During the American Civil War, the county's economy is severely affected, and many locals serve in the Confederate Army.
  • Late 1800s: The arrival of the railroad in Palestine brings growth and development to Anderson County, making it an important transportation hub.
  • Early 1900s: The discovery of oil in the area leads to an economic boom, with various oil fields and refineries being established.
  • 1930-1940: The Great Depression and the drought of the 1930s bring significant challenges to Anderson County, leading to decreased economic activity and population decrease.
  • Late 20th century: Anderson County experiences shifts in its economy with the decline of the oil industry. Agriculture becomes an important sector, with the county known for its timber, poultry, and cattle production.
  • 2000s: Anderson County continues to strive for economic growth and development, focusing on diversified industries, including manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.