The Homestake Mine, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, was the largest and deepest gold mine in North America, producing over 40 million ounces of gold during its operation.
Lake County, South Dakota is located in the northeastern part of the state. It has a rich history that dates back to the early 1800s when the area was inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Dakota and the Nakota Sioux. European settlement began in the mid-19th century, with the establishment of Fort Ridgeley in 1853 by the United States Army. The fort served as a trading post and military outpost and played a significant role in the settlement of the area.

In 1873, Lake County was officially created and named after its numerous lakes. The county seat was initially located in Medary, but was later moved to Madison in 1880. During this time, the county experienced a period of growth and development, with the establishment of schools, churches, and businesses.

A significant event in Lake County's history occurred in 1880 when the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad extended its line into Madison. This brought new opportunities for trade and transportation, leading to further growth and prosperity in the area.

In the early 20th century, Lake County faced challenges brought on by the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Many farmers were forced to leave their land or switch to other crops due to drought and economic hardships. However, the county persevered and saw growth in agriculture, particularly in the production of corn and soybeans.

Today, Lake County continues to be an important agricultural hub in South Dakota. It is also known for its natural beauty, with numerous lakes and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. The county's history is a testament to the resilience and determination of its people in the face of challenges and the pursuit of progress.

This timeline provides a concise overview of the key events in the history of Lake County, South Dakota.

  • 1873 - Lake County was officially established on January 8, 1873.
  • 1880 - The county seat was established in Madison.
  • 1923 - The first paved road was built in Lake County.
  • 1933 - Lake Herman State Park was established.
  • 1948 - The Twin Brooks Community Club was formed.
  • 1951 - The first radio station, KJAM, was established in Madison.
  • 1973 - Lake County celebrated its centennial anniversary.
  • 1998 - Lake County Historical Society was established.
  • 2003 - Prairie Village Museum in Madison was opened.
  • 2019 - Celebrated the 146th anniversary of Lake County's establishment.