The Hershey Company, one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world, was founded in Hershey, Pennsylvania, in 1894.
Sullivan County, located in Pennsylvania, has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1847. Prior to its establishment, the region was inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Susquehannock and Lenape peoples, who relied on the area's natural resources for their sustenance.

The county's early settlers were drawn to the fertile land and abundant forests, which allowed for agriculture and logging to become important economic activities. A major turning point in Sullivan County's history came with the discovery of vast deposits of natural resources, particularly coal, in the late 19th century. This led to the development of coal mining operations, attracting a wave of immigrants to the area.

However, the coal industry in Sullivan County reached its peak in the early 20th century, and declined soon after due to a variety of factors, including market fluctuations and environmental concerns. As a result, the county's economy shifted towards tourism, as people discovered the natural beauty of its forests, mountains, and waterways, including the popular World's End State Park.

Throughout the years, Sullivan County has faced challenges and changes, yet it has maintained its rural charm and natural appeal. Today, the county is known for its outdoor recreational activities, such as hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing, as well as its festivals and events that celebrate the area's rich cultural heritage. Sullivan County stands as a testament to resilience and adaptability, as it continues to evolve while preserving its unique history and allure.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Sullivan County, Pennsylvania.

  • Sullivan County was established on March 15, 1847.
  • In 1850, the county's first courthouse and jail were built in Laporte.
  • The county saw an increase in population during the late 19th century due to the timber industry.
  • In 1891, the Eagles Mere Air and Motor Inn opened, becoming a popular resort destination.
  • The county experienced economic decline in the early 20th century due to the depletion of timber and the decline of the lumber industry.
  • Worlds End State Park was established in 1932, providing recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.
  • The Stony Fork Creek Dam was constructed in 1964, creating the Loyalsock Creek Lake.
  • The county celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1997 with various events and activities.
  • Today, Sullivan County is known for its natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and small-town charm.