The first U.S. Navy submarine, the USS Holland, was built in Philadelphia in 1900.
Cumberland County, Pennsylvania has a rich history dating back to its Native American inhabitants, primarily the Shawnee and Delaware tribes. European settlement in the region began in the early 18th century, with the establishment of several trading posts and forts. The county was officially created in 1750 and named after the Cumberland Valley, which is itself named after the county of Cumberland in England.

During the American Revolution, Cumberland County played a significant role as a pivotal location. The county was home to several important military installations, including Carlisle Barracks, one of the nation's oldest army posts. Carlisle Barracks served as a training ground for troops and a prison for British soldiers during the war.

In the 19th century, Cumberland County experienced significant economic growth and development. The completion of the Cumberland Valley Railroad in 1837 opened up new opportunities for trade and industry. The county became a prominent center for manufacturing, with industries such as ironworks, textile mills, and paper production thriving.

Cumberland County also played a crucial role in the Civil War. During the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, the county served as a supply base and hospital center for the Union Army. Thousands of wounded soldiers were treated in makeshift hospitals across the county.

Today, Cumberland County is a vibrant and diverse community with a strong agricultural heritage. It boasts a mix of rural landscapes, small towns, and urban centers. The county's history is preserved and celebrated through a variety of historic sites, museums, and festivals, ensuring that the rich heritage of Cumberland County continues to be cherished for generations to come.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

  • 1750s - European settlers begin to arrive in the area that would become Cumberland County
  • 1750 - Carlisle, the county seat, is founded by John Armstrong
  • 1754-1763 - The French and Indian War brings increased conflict to the region
  • 1776 - Cumberland County plays a key role in the American Revolution
  • 1784 - The Carlisle Barracks are established as a military post
  • 1841 - Dickinson College is founded in Carlisle
  • 1863 - The Battle of Gettysburg takes place in neighboring Adams County
  • 1902 - The U.S. Army War College is established at Carlisle Barracks
  • 1955 - Cumberland County hosts the first Army-Navy football game
  • Present - Cumberland County continues to grow and thrive as a prominent area of central Pennsylvania