Historical Markers in
Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

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Church Big Spring Hotel Big Spring Presbyterian Church Bill Beck and Russell Adams Blaine House Braddock Expedition Brigadier General William Thompson Bugler John Cook Camp Hill Camp Hill Church of God Camp Michaux Carlisle Carlisle Carlisle Carlisle Carlisle Barracks Carlisle Court House Carlisle First World War Memorial Carlisle Fort Carlisle Iron Works Carlisle Jail Carlisle Old Graveyard Revolutionary War Soldiers Carlisle Public Square Carlisle's 250th Anniversary Mural Centenary Building Charles Albert "Chief" Bender Chief Warrant Officer 4 William F. Hale (Retired) China Burma India Veteran's Memorial Churchtown Church of God Founding Members Civil War Cabins Civil War Winter Cabins COL. Joseph D. Newsome Col. Robert Magaw Cold War Colonel Robert W. Black Confederate Artillery in Carlisle Coren Apartments Corporal Eugene C. Rivera Corporal John D. LaWall Cpl. Erik D. Kirkland Cumberland County Cumberland County Civil War Memorial Cumberland County Historical Society & Hamilton Library Association Cumberland Riflemen Daniel Drawbaugh Defender of Pusan Dickinson College Dickinson College during the Gettysburg Campaign Dickinson School of Law Dickinson Students Part Ways Dickinson’s Historic Triangle Dr. Benjamin Rush Dr. Benjamin Rush Dragoon Circle Drummer Jarvis Hanks Duncan-Stiles House Duty Ege Burial Plot Episcopal Square Final Act – LZ Albany First Casualty In Cumberland County First Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church First United Presbyterian Church and Manse Flexibility, Firepower, and Mobility For God And Country Forbes Road Forbes Trail Fort Couch Fort Couch Fort Morris Frankenberger Tavern Frederick Douglass in Carlisle Frederick the Great Frederick Watts (1801-1889) From Chu Lai to the Fulda Gap Galen J. Karper Gen. John Armstrong Gen. William Irvine General Francis “Swamp Fox” Marion General Samuel Sturgis: Hero of Antietam's Burnside Bridge George Washington Gettysburg Campaign Gettysburg Campaign Gettysburg Campaign Gettysburg Campaign Gettysburg Campaign Gettysburg Campaign Green Tree Inn Guard Tower Harrisburg Henszey's Wrought Iron Arch Bridge HESCO at Home Hesco Barriers HESCO in Afghanistan HESCO in Iraq Historic Downtown Carlisle Historical Directory of Carlisle Historical Iron Works Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) In Memoriam Indian Cemetery Induction Centers Integrity Irving Female College James S. Dunlap, Thomas J. MacMullen, Wayne R. Weaver James Wilson Jim Thorpe John Bannister Gibson John W. Geary John Wormley Joseph Ritner Kady Brownell Korean War Memorial Korean War Memorial Laughlin Mill Lemoyne Lemoyne Veterans Memorial Liberty Tree Lieutenant Colonel William Orlando Darby Lifeline of the Valley: The Cumberland Valley Railroad Lincoln Cemetery Locust Grove Cemetery Loyalty Lt. James F. Bearer, USMC Memorial Trees Machine Gun Post Major André Marcus A. Reno Marianne Moore Market House Square Maurice K. Goddard Mc Lean House Meet Private Donald D. Kyler Michael J. Griffin Middle Spring Church Middle Spring Presbyterian Church Commemorative Marker Model 1857 Light 12 Pound Gun-Howitzer Molly Pitcher Molly Pitcher Monroe Township History Mt. Victory Church Cemetery New and Improved but Not Soon Enough: Newburg and Hopewell Township World War II Memorial Newville Trolley Newville War Memorial No Man's Land Obstacle Course Occupation of Shippensburg Old Court House Old Graveyard Old Prison Old West On this hill stood Fort Morris On This Spot Were Found One-Oh-Five One-Room Schoolhouse Our Fallen Patriots Peace Church Peace Church Pennsylvania September 11 Casualties Personal Courage Pine Cottage Pine Grove Furnace POW Interrogation Camp Post of Command POW ★ MIA Pratt Hall Private First Class Willard Dominick Quarters 2 Quarters 3 Rebel Headquarters in Shippensburg, June 24-27, 1863 Reception Center Reforger Reformed Presbyterian Church Residence of George H. Stewart, Sr. Respect Revolutionary War Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Big Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery Richard Henry Pratt Robert Strong, U.S.N. Robert Whitehill (1735 - 1813) Rolling Green Cemetery Veterans' Memorial Saint Katharine's Hall Saint Patrick Church & Cemetery Schools housed at Carlisle Barracks during the period 1776-1976 Selfless Service Sergeant (SGT) Robert Easley, Jr. Sergeant First Class Randall D. Shughart Sergeant Frederick A. Counsel Sergeant Michael A. Mira Seven Gables Park Shelling of Carlisle Shippensburg Shippensburg Shippensburg Shopp Cemetery Silver Spring Presbyterian Church Site of Revolutionary War Forge Smallpox Sniper's Nest South Middleton Township Specialist (SPC) Charles Posey III Specialist Fourth Class Robert D. Law Splinter Proof Sporting Hill SSgt Larry R. Barnard St. Patrick's Church Staff Sergeant Fred A. Rella State Police School Stoll Field Stony Ridge Convention sun Team Spirit Technical History The Appalachian National Scenic Trail The Army's Work Horse The Army’s New 50-Ton Killer The Battle of the Ia Drang Valley The Benjamin Rush Campus of Dickinson College The Byers-Eckels House The Capture of Redoubt #10 The Carlisle Forge The Carlisle Indian Industrial School The Carlisle Theatre The Charles Nisbet Campus of Dickinson College The Craighead Family The Farthest North The First Court House of Cumberland County The First National Bank of Newville The First School of the American Army The Front The Hessian Powder Magazine The High Street Train Stations The Ia Drang Battlefield The John Dickinson Campus of Dickinson College The Jordan Gravestone The Lake at Boiling Springs The McClintock Riot The Ones He Left Behind: The Widow and Children of Jacob Agle The Original Fire Bell The Original Site of the German Reformed and Lutheran Congregations The President’s House The Return of the Captives The Salvation Army The Shelling of Carlisle The Trenches The Union Fire Company The Wormleysburg School The "Duster" These Soldiers of the Revolutionary War Who Lie Buried Here They Called Them “Hellcats” This tablet is placed This Tablet Marks the Site of Fort Morris Thomas Butler Thorpe Hall Time On Target To Commemorate the First Home of the "Mobile Arm" Traditions Field Training Center Trine Memorial Park Truscott Hall U S Army War College Alumni Memorial Union Hotel Upton Hall Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Courtyard Veterans Memorial Park Vietnam Fire Support Base Vietnam War Memorial Vietnam War Memorial Vietnam War Memorial Washington Hall Welcome to the World War I Trench System Exhibit West College: A National Historic Landmark Wheelock Bandstand White Hall School White-Washed in the Nick of Time: The Union (Sherman House) Hotel William C. Ashwell William Denning Women of the Armed Forces Memorial World War I Memorial World War II Core Area World War II Memorial World War II Memorial World War Memorial "Old Abe" "Tigers in Support"
The Liberty Bell, an iconic symbol of American independence, was originally cast in England in 1752 and cracked during its first use. It was recast twice in Philadelphia, and the current bell has been on display in Independence National Historical Park since 2003.

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania has a rich history dating back to its Native American inhabitants, primarily the Shawnee and Delaware tribes. European settlement in the region began in the early 18th century, with the establishment of several trading posts and forts. The county was officially created in 1750 and named after the Cumberland Valley, which is itself named after the county of Cumberland in England.

During the American Revolution, Cumberland County played a significant role as a pivotal location. The county was home to several important military installations, including Carlisle Barracks, one of the nation's oldest army posts. Carlisle Barracks served as a training ground for troops and a prison for British soldiers during the war.

In the 19th century, Cumberland County experienced significant economic growth and development. The completion of the Cumberland Valley Railroad in 1837 opened up new opportunities for trade and industry. The county became a prominent center for manufacturing, with industries such as ironworks, textile mills, and paper production thriving.

Cumberland County also played a crucial role in the Civil War. During the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, the county served as a supply base and hospital center for the Union Army. Thousands of wounded soldiers were treated in makeshift hospitals across the county.

Today, Cumberland County is a vibrant and diverse community with a strong agricultural heritage. It boasts a mix of rural landscapes, small towns, and urban centers. The county's history is preserved and celebrated through a variety of historic sites, museums, and festivals, ensuring that the rich heritage of Cumberland County continues to be cherished for generations to come.

  • 1750s - European settlers begin to arrive in the area that would become Cumberland County
  • 1750 - Carlisle, the county seat, is founded by John Armstrong
  • 1754-1763 - The French and Indian War brings increased conflict to the region
  • 1776 - Cumberland County plays a key role in the American Revolution
  • 1784 - The Carlisle Barracks are established as a military post
  • 1841 - Dickinson College is founded in Carlisle
  • 1863 - The Battle of Gettysburg takes place in neighboring Adams County
  • 1902 - The U.S. Army War College is established at Carlisle Barracks
  • 1955 - Cumberland County hosts the first Army-Navy football game
  • Present - Cumberland County continues to grow and thrive as a prominent area of central Pennsylvania