The Tillamook Burn was a series of devastating wildfires that occurred in the Oregon Coast Range between 1933 and 1951. The fires burned over 355,000 acres of forest and led to the formation of the Tillamook State Forest.
Marion County, Oregon, has a rich history that spans centuries. The area was originally inhabited by various Native American tribes, including the Kalapuya people, who had a thriving culture and a close connection to the land. In the early 19th century, European settlers began to arrive, with the first permanent settlement established in the Willamette Valley in 1812.

The region's development accelerated with the Oregon Trail, which brought thousands of pioneers to the area in the mid-1800s. Marion County was established on July 5, 1843, and named after Francis Marion, a Revolutionary War hero. The county became an important agricultural center, with large-scale farming and timber industries driving its economy.

Marion County played a significant role in the formation of the state government. In 1851, Salem became the capital of Oregon, a decision that still stands today. The county has witnessed important political events, including discussions surrounding the formation of the Oregon State Constitution. Additionally, during the Civil War, the area was impacted by tensions between settlers supporting the Union and those sympathetic to the Confederate cause.

Over time, Marion County grew and diversified economically. The agriculture industry expanded with the cultivation of hops, berries, and Christmas trees, in addition to traditional crops. The county also witnessed the development of various industries, including lumber, manufacturing, and healthcare. Today, Marion County continues to thrive as a vibrant hub of agriculture, commerce, and cultural heritage, home to a diverse population and a range of recreational opportunities.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Marion County, Oregon.

  • 1843: Marion County is organized as part of the Oregon Territory.
  • 1846: The French Prairie settlement is established in present-day Marion County.
  • 1849: Marion County becomes an official county in the Oregon Territory.
  • 1851: The city of Salem is designated as the county seat of Marion County.
  • 1855: The construction of the Oregon State Hospital begins in Salem.
  • 1864: The Oregon Pacific Railroad reaches Salem, improving transportation in the area.
  • 1873: The town of Woodburn is incorporated in Marion County.
  • 1902: The Chemawa Indian School opens in Keizer, providing education for Native American children.
  • 1939: Silver Falls State Park is established, offering outdoor recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.
  • 1988: The Oregon Garden is opened in Silverton, showcasing a variety of plant species.
  • 2009: Marion County celebrates its 100th year as an official county in the state of Oregon.