During the Great Depression, thousands of farmers in Oklahoma were displaced from their land due to drought and dust storms. Many of these farmers migrated to California in search of work, a journey that became known as the "Okie migration."

Lincoln County, Oklahoma, is a county located in the central part of the state. It was originally established as a county in 1891 after land runs had opened up the area for settlement. The county was named in honor of President Abraham Lincoln, and it quickly became an important hub of agriculture and transportation.

In the early years, Lincoln County saw a rapid influx of settlers who were drawn to the fertile soil and the promise of new opportunities. The county soon became known for its thriving farming industry, with crops like cotton, wheat, and corn being cultivated by the hardworking farmers. The railroad also played a pivotal role in the county's development, providing transportation for the products and connecting Lincoln County to other parts of the state.

However, Lincoln County is also known for one of the most infamous events in American history - the Lincoln County War. In the late 1800s, a long-standing feud between rival cattle ranchers erupted into violence, resulting in several deaths and widespread lawlessness. This conflict, which included the involvement of well-known figures like Billy the Kid, forever etched Lincoln County into the annals of the Wild West.

Despite the turmoil caused by the Lincoln County War, the county continued to grow and prosper. The discovery of oil in the early 1900s brought about another boom, with oil wells dotting the county and attracting oilmen and workers from across the country. Today, Lincoln County remains a vibrant community with a mix of agriculture, industry, and small-town charm, proudly preserving its unique history while embracing future opportunities for growth and development.

  • 1891: Lincoln County is established as a county in Oklahoma Territory.
  • 1893: The county seat is chosen and established in the city of Chandler.
  • 1898: The Oklahoma Eastern Railroad is completed, connecting Chandler to Oklahoma City.
  • 1901: The discovery of oil in the county leads to a significant population boom.
  • 1905: The town of Agra is founded in Lincoln County.
  • 1907: Statehood is granted to Oklahoma, and Lincoln County becomes part of the new state.
  • 1911: The Lincoln County Courthouse is built in Chandler.
  • 1933: The infamous "Pretty Boy" Floyd, a notorious bank robber, is killed in a shootout with law enforcement in Lincoln County.
  • 1959: The construction of the Keystone Dam begins on the Arkansas River, which partially borders Lincoln County.
  • 1974: The completion of the Keystone Dam creates Lake Keystone, a popular recreational area in Lincoln County.
  • 2000: The population of Lincoln County reaches over 34,000.
  • 2019: Lincoln County celebrates its 128th anniversary as a county in Oklahoma.