Historical Marker in
Grady County, Oklahoma

The state bird of Oklahoma is the scissor-tailed flycatcher, which is known for its distinctive long tail feathers that resemble scissors.
Grady County, Oklahoma, has a rich history that spans over a century. It was originally a part of the land given to the Creek Nation in the 1830s after their removal from the southeastern United States. The area that would become Grady County was later opened up to non-Native settlement as part of the Land Run of 1889.

The county was officially established on 1907 when Oklahoma became a state. It was named after Henry W. Grady, a prominent journalist and spokesperson for the "New South" during the Reconstruction Era. The county seat was initially located in Chickasha, which remains the largest city and commercial center of the county.

During the early years, Grady County experienced rapid growth and development, primarily driven by agriculture, oil, and gas industries. The discovery of oil in the area in the early 1900s led to an economic boom, attracting settlers and entrepreneurs. This period of prosperity led to the construction of prominent buildings and the establishment of various businesses in Chickasha.

Grady County faced difficulties during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl era in the 1930s. The agricultural economy suffered greatly, leading to financial hardships for many residents. However, the county gradually recovered, and in the post-war years, industries such as manufacturing and retail began to flourish alongside the continued importance of agriculture and energy.

Today, Grady County remains an active and vibrant community, with a diverse economy that includes agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors. The county continues to preserve and celebrate its history, with various museums and historical sites offering insights into its past.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Grady County, Oklahoma.

  • 1907 - Grady County is established as part of the Oklahoma Territory
  • 1908 - Chickasha is designated as the county seat
  • Early 1900s - Agriculture becomes the primary industry, with cotton and wheat being the main crops
  • 1920s - Discovery of oil in Grady County leads to a boom in the local economy
  • 1931 - The Great Depression causes a decline in the county's economy
  • 1945 - The Chickasaw Ordnance Plant is established during World War II
  • 1950s - The county experiences growth in manufacturing and industry
  • 1969 - Grady County Historical Society is founded to preserve the county's history
  • 1980s - The county's economy diversifies with the growth of healthcare and retail industries
  • 2013 - Grady County celebrates its centennial anniversary