Historical Markers in
Comanche County, Oklahoma

155mm Howitzer Model of 1917/18 (Schneider) 240mm Howitzer, Model 1918 Schneider 280mm Heavy Motorized Gun M65 Ancient Natural Refuge Apache Indian Cemeteries Apache Prisoner-of-War Cemeteries Austro-Hungarian 100mm Field Howitzer, M1914 Austro-Hungarian 100mm Light Field Howitzer M1914/17 Austro-Hungarian 75mm Mountain Cannon Model 15 Austro-Hungarian 76.5mm Field Gun, M1917 Band Quarters British 25-Pounder Field Gun/Howitzer British/Canadian Ordnance QF 18-Pounder Gun Camp Doniphan Cavalry Company Quarters Chief Stumbling Bear Pass Chief Ten Bears Col Jack L. Treadwell Comanche Reformed Church Commissary Storehouse Commissary Storehouse Cpt Riley L. Pitts Czechoslovakian VZ 14/19 10cm Howitzer Czechoslovakian VZ 37 149mm Howitzer Ferguson House First Headquarters - School of Fire for Field Artillery Fort Sill French GPF 155mm Gun, Model of 1917 French M1917 150mm Trench Mortar French Saint Chamond 194mm GPF Gun German 100mm Field Gun, Model 1904 German 100mm Gun, M1914 German 100mm Gun, M1917 German 105mm Field Howitzer, M1898/1909 German 150mm Heavy Field Howitzer M1913 German 150mm Heavy Howitzer German 15cm Rocket Launcher 41 German 170mm Medium Mine Projector, M1916 (Old Pattern) German 250mm Heavy Mine Projector (old model) German 56 150 and 300mm Rocket Launcher German 77mm Field Gun, M1896 (new pattern) German 88mm Anti-Aircraft 36 Gun German GrW 69 210mm Heavy Mortar German Heavy 10cm K-18 Cannon German K-18 15cm Cannon German K-18 170mm Gun German LG 42/1 105mm Airborne Recoilless Gun German M1916 77mm Light Field Gun Historic Homesteads Infantry Barracks Infantry Company Quarters Iraqi SZ-60 57mm Anti Aircraft Gun Lockheed X-7A1 Target Drone M51 Skysweeper 75mm Anti Aircraft Gun MIM-14 Nike Hercules MIM-23 Hawk MIM-3 Nike Ajax Nike Hercules HIPAR Radar AN/FPS-71 Antenna Officers' Quarters Old Post Old Redoubt Post Chapel Post Guardhouse Post Headquarters Proud American Quartermaster Granary Quartermaster Warehouse Quinette Crossing Satank Killed Sherman House Sill Soviet M1931 203mm Howitzer Soviet M1938 122mm Field Howitzer Soviet M1939 52-K 85mm Anti Aircraft Gun Soviet M1939 76.2mm Field Gun Sprint Missile The Civilian Conservation Corps and Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge The New Deal Comes to the Refuge U.S. 3-Inch Field Gun, Model of 1902 U.S. 4.7-Inch Gun, Model of 1906 U.S. 6-Inch Siege Howitzer, Model of 1908/1908M1 U.S. 8-Inch Howitzer, M1/M115 U.S. M119 105mm Light Howitzer U.S. M2 Corporal Missile U.S. M43 8-inch Howitzer Motor Carriage U.S. MGM-31A Pershing I U.S. PGM-11 Redstone Missile Under the Southern Cross Americal (23rd) Infantry Division US M2 90mm Anti Aircraft Gun