Historical Markers in
Wood County, Ohio

17th Infantry Regiment 1861 1889 577 Log House 9/11 Memorial A Lasting Legacy American Legion Korea Veterans Memorial American Legion Memorial Park American Legion Vietnam Veterans Memorial Amos Spafford / Perrysburg Army Lodge No. 24 Free and Accepted Masons Arthur Cault Oliver Blacksmith Shop / Oil Derrick, 1999 Blockhouses Bloomdale Centennial Bloomdale Veterans Memorial Boiler House, 1898 Boomtown District Bowen-Thompson Quadrangle Bowling Green Bowling Green Bradner World War Memorial Brandeberry Wall Captain Elihu H. Mason Carriage Room (Bookcenter) / Machinery Room (Conference Room) / Cottage Carter Family Home Cattle Barn, 1892 Ceramic Dome "Terra Vista" Charles C. Lybarger Chicken Coop, Wash House, and Wood Shed, 1873 Cisterns, Ponds, and Privies Clay's Landing Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry Construction Of Buildings Corn Crib & Tool Shed, 1872 County of Wood Custer Homestead Cygnet World War II Veterans Memorial Dedicated To The Men And Women Did's Dig / Log Cabin / Honey Bee Hives Discipline Dominick Labino Enright Park Veterans Memorial Exchange Bank Farrowing House First Presbyterian Church First Seventh-Day Adventist Church First Siege First Siege Fort Meigs Fort Meigs / Construction Fort Meigs / Introduction 1 Fort Meigs / Introduction 2 Fort Meigs / Introduction 3 Fort Meigs / Introduction 4 Fort Meigs Directional Marker Fort Meigs Union Cemetery Fort Miamis Reserve/Miltonville Fostoria Frank J. Prout Chapel Freedom Post 183 Freedom Post 183 Vietnam Memorial Freedom Post 183 WWI Memorial Freedom Post 183 WWII & Korea Memorial Freedom Post No. 183 Memorial Grove Gardens Gas Plant, 1906 General Hull's Trail General William Henry Harrison George W. Grimm Gold Star Families Memorial Monument Grain Barn Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Flood Records Grand Rapids Town Hall Haskins History Happened Here History Happens Here… History Happens Here… History Happens Here… History Happens Here… Hog Barn, 1913 Hosta Shade Gardens / Bird Blinds Hoytville Veterans Memorial Ice House, 1905 In Memory of Captain Elihu H. Mason In Memory Of James Lloyd C. Henry In Memory Of Julie Pontasch In Memory of Lieut. Wilson W. Brown / The Andrews Raiders In Memory Of Michael Hayes, Timothy Hayes, Thomas Hayes Interior Earthworks Islamic Center of Greater Toledo John A. Wilson Kentucky Soldiers Monument Lake Township Tornado Memorial Lieut. John McCullough & Lieut. Robert Walker Lieut. Wilson W. Brown Log Cabin / 1842 Mile Marker Lunatic Asylum 1885 Lunatic House M. J. Wright Pavillion Major Amos Stoddard Manabigama Wood Kiln / Compost Corner Maumee Indian Mission Maumee Rapids Memorial Garden Merlyn C. Castner Millbury Veterans Memorial Millbury-Lake Township Tornado Miniature of FDNY's Spet. 11th Memorial North Baltimore North Baltimore / Community Firsts North Baltimore Elementary & High School Building North Baltimore Veterans Memorial Northwood Veterans Memorial Old Wood County Jail Pemberville Pemberville Pemberville Town Hall and Opera House Pennsylvania Soldiers Monument Perry Center Perrysburg Perrysburg Perrysburg Perrysburg Perrysburg / Perrysburg Plat Map Perrysburg Veterans Memorial Perrysburg World War Memorial Pest House Pestilence House 1933 Portage Cemetery Veterans Memorial Portage Stockade Providence Historical District Restlawn Field of Honor Richard John Rowland I Ridge School 1886-2013 Rodinghausen Point Rossford Army Ordnance Depot Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church Second Fort Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Stockade Sugar Maple Sugar Ridge Veterans Memorial The 17th Flag The Benjamin F. Kerr House The Dairy (Bee Room) / Cow Barn (Pottery Barn) / Solar Thermal Panels The First Presbyterian Mission in the Maumee Valley The Geodesic Biodome The Grand Battery The Grand Rapids The Great Black Swamp The Heeter-Russo House The Howard Cemetery The Indian Wars The Main Street Historic District The Maumee and Western Reserve Road / Turnpike Milestones The Simmons House The Unknown Dead Memorial The Way We Were… The Way We Were… The Way We Were… The Way We Were… The Wayne Village Park The Wood County Museum This Cross Thurston Building Ties That Bind to Brady's Island / to Fort Miami to Dudley's Massacre / to Portage Stockade to Fort Meigs / to Fort Meigs to Fort Stephenson / to Fort Meigs to Whittaker's Reserve / to Dudley's Massacre Tontogany Mural Tontogany Roll of Honor Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Gazebo Victor R. Bennett, Jr. Virginia Soldiers Who Died At Fort Meigs Or In Ohio During the War of 1812 Virginia's Garden / The 577 Foundation House House Wayne Civil War Memorial Welcome To Wooster Green Weston Civil War Memorial Wiley Post No. 46 William Henry Harrison's Encampment Wood County Congressional Medal Of Honor Recipients Wood County Home Cemetery Wood County Honor And Rememberance Wood County In The Civil War Wood County Infirmary Wood County Korean War Memorial Wood County Long-Judson Road Bridge 1916 Wood County Museum Wood County Persian Gulf War Memorial Wood County Vietnam War Memorial Wood County WWI & WWII Memorial Wood County's First Masonic Lodge World War I Veterans' Memorial WWII Honor Roll Portage Corp & Rural Rte
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Wood County, Ohio, located in the northwestern part of the state, has a long and rich history. Native American tribes, such as the Wyandot and Ottawa, were the original inhabitants of the area before European settlers arrived. The first European explorers, including French trappers and traders, ventured into the area in the late 17th century. However, it was not until the early 19th century that permanent settlement began in the county.

In 1818, Wood County was officially established, named after Colonel Eleazer D. Wood, a pioneer who played a significant role in the county's early development. The construction of the Miami and Erie Canal in the 1830s greatly contributed to the county's growth, as it provided transportation for goods and fostered economic development. The town of Perrysburg, located along the canal, became an important center of trade and industry.

During the Civil War, Wood County played its part by sending soldiers to fight for the Union. The county experienced its fair share of hardship during this time, with many families facing loss and tragedy. However, the end of the war brought a renewed sense of hope and opportunity.

In the 20th century, Wood County continued to evolve and develop. The county's agricultural industry thrived, with fields of corn, soybeans, and other crops dominating the landscape. The discovery of oil and gas in the county in the early 1900s led to a new era of prosperity. Today, Wood County is a vibrant part of Ohio, with a diverse economy that includes manufacturing, education, and healthcare.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Wood County, Ohio.

  • 1813 - Wood County is officially founded and organized
  • 1820 - Settlements begin to form in Perrysburg and Maumee
  • 1833 - Perrysburg becomes the county seat
  • 1853 - Completion of the Miami and Erie Canal brings increased trade and development
  • 1873 - The Toledo and Northwestern Railway is established, further stimulating economic growth
  • 1885 - Bowling Green becomes the county seat
  • 1900s - Wood County experiences growth and industrialization
  • 1950s - Interstate highway construction begins, improving transportation infrastructure
  • Present - Wood County continues to thrive as a mixture of rural and urban communities