National Register Listings in
Montgomery County, Ohio

Antioch Temple Arnold Homestead Aullwood House and Garden Ausenbaugh-McElhenny House Belville-Maxwell House Biltmore Hotel Bimm Fireproof Warehouse Bixler, George, Farm Bombeck, Erma, House Bossler, Marcus, House Bradford, Robert, House Brooks, James, House Brown, Samuel N., House Bull, Jonah, House Centerville Historic District Central Avenue Historic District Central Branch, National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers Classic Theater Commercial Building Conover Building Dayton Arcade Dayton Art Institute Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park Dayton Canoe Club Dayton Daily News Building Dayton Fire Department Station No. 16 Dayton Fire Station No. 14 Dayton Motor Car Company Historic District Dayton Power and Light Building Group Dayton Stove and Cornice Works Dayton Terra-Cotta Historic District Dayton View Historic District Dayton Women's Club Dayton Young Men's Christian Association Building Deeds Carillon Deeds' Barn Deerwood Farm Delco Building Downtown Dayton Historic District Dunbar Historic District Dunbar, Paul Laurence, House Duncarrick Eagles Building East Second Street District East Third Street Historic District Emmanuel's Evangelical Lutheran Church Engineers Club of Dayton Exposition Hall, Montgomery County Fairgrounds Fire Blocks Historic District First Lutheran Church Flory, Joseph, House Fox Hollow Gilbert, Philip E., Houses Gottschall, Oscar M., House Grafton-Rockwood Historic District Grant-Deneau Tower Graphic Arts Building Gummer House Gunckel's Town Plan Historic District Hanitch-Huffman House Hawthorn Hill Holy Cross Lithuanian Roman Catholic Church Huffman Historic District Independent Order of Oddfellows, Dayton Lodge No. 273 Insco Apartments Building Jacob's Church Joyce, Jacob O., House Julienne Girls Catholic High School Kellog, Ethol, House Kelly Family Home Kemp, Lewis, House Kenilworth Avenue Historic District Kettering, Charles F., House Koehne-Poast Farm Kossuth Colony Historic District Krug House Kuhns, Benjamin F., Building Lafee Building Linden Community and Recreation Center Lindsey Building Long-Mueller House Long-Romspert House Market Square Martindale, Samuel, House McCormick Manufacturing Company Building McPherson Town Historic District Memorial Hall Miami Valley Golf Course and Clubhouse Miami-Erie Canal Lock No. 70 Miamisburg Mound Miller, Daniel, House Montgomery County Courthouse Mumma, Jacob H. W., House Mutual Home & Savings Association Building Newcom House Normandy Farms Ohmer, Nicholas, House Old Post Office And Federal Building Oregon Historic District Pease Homestead Pollack, Isaac, House Pretzinger, Rudolph, House Red Oak-Sherman, William C., House Reynolds, John R., House Rohr, David, Mansion And Carriage House Rubicon Farm Sachs and Pruden Ale Company Building Sacred Heart Church Saint Anne's Hill Historic District Salem Bear Creek Church, Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church Schantz Park Historic District Schantz, Adam Sr., House Schriber, Hyman, Building Schuter Carpenter Shop and House Shawen Acres Shuey's Mill Sig's General Store Skywood Farms Smith, Edwin, House South Park Historic District South Park Historic District (Boundary Increase) Southern Ohio Lunatic Asylum Spitler, Samuel, House Squirrel-Forrest Historic District St. Adalbert Polish Catholic Church St. Mary Roman Catholic Church St. Mary's Hall, University Of Dayton Steele's Hill-Grafton Hill Historic District Stengel, John S., House Stivers High School Stump, John, House And Mill Summit Street Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Taylorsville Canal Inn Trailsend Traxler Mansion Trotwood Railroad Station and Depot Unit III, Dayton Project United Brethren Publishing House Victory Theater Building Walters, Dr. Jefferson A., House Watkins House West Third Street Historic District Westbrock Funeral Home Weustoff and Getz Company Women's Christian Association Woodland Cemetery Association of Dayton Historic District Woodland Cemetery Gateway, Chapel And Office Wright Company Factory Wright Cycle Company-Wright and Wright Printing Offices Wright Flyer III Wright Library
The Kent State shootings, in which National Guardsmen shot and killed four students during a protest against the Vietnam War at Kent State University in 1970, took place in Ohio. The incident sparked widespread protests and led to the closure of hundreds of universities and colleges across the United States.
Montgomery County, located in southwestern Ohio, has a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. The area was first settled by European-American pioneers in the late 18th century and was officially organized as Montgomery County in 1803. Shortly after, the county's largest city, Dayton, was founded, and it quickly became a hub of manufacturing and innovation.

During the early 20th century, Dayton played a significant role in the development of aviation and transportation. The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, who hailed from Dayton, made their famous first powered flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903. Their innovation and passion for aviation put Dayton on the map as the birthplace of aviation, and the city continues to honor that legacy today.

In the mid-20th century, Montgomery County experienced significant growth and economic prosperity. The area was home to numerous manufacturing companies, particularly in the automobile, aerospace, and defense industries. The city of Dayton became known as the "Gem City" due to its bustling economy and cultural offerings, including theaters, museums, and parks.

In recent years, Montgomery County has faced challenges relating to the decline of traditional manufacturing and the impact of economic recessions. However, the county has worked to diversify its economy by focusing on healthcare, education, and research sectors. Today, Montgomery County continues to be an important center of innovation and a vibrant community that values its history while embracing the opportunities of the future.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Montgomery County, Ohio.

  • 1803: Montgomery County is established as part of the Northwest Territory.
  • 1812-1813: Fort Dayton is built in what is now Dayton to protect settlers during the War of 1812.
  • 1827: The Miami and Erie Canal is completed, connecting Dayton to Cincinnati and Lake Erie.
  • 1840s: The railroads arrive in Montgomery County, leading to economic growth and increased trade.
  • 1870: Dayton becomes known as the "Gem City" due to its prosperous manufacturing industry.
  • 1903: The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, successfully fly their powered aircraft in Dayton.
  • 1913: The Great Dayton Flood devastates the city, causing widespread destruction and loss of life.
  • 1922: The world's first coordinated system of arterial highways is implemented in Montgomery County.
  • 1935: The US Air Force establishes Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton.
  • 1969: The University of Dayton becomes co-ed, admitting women for the first time.
  • 1998: The Dayton Peace Accords are signed, ending the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina.