National Register Listings in
Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Adams Bag Company Paper Mill and Sack Factory Adelbert Hall, Case Western Reserve University Alcazar Hotel Aldrich, Aaron, House Allen Memorial Medical Library Alta Public Library Ambler Heights Historic District Annis, John M., House Ansel Road Apartment Buildings Historic District Archwood Avenue Historic District Archwood Congregational Church Astrup Company Building, The Baker Motor Vehicle Company Building Baldwin-Wallace College North Campus Historic District Baldwin-Wallace College South Campus Historic District Bay View Hospital Bedford Historic District Bedford Township Hall Beehive School Bell, Dr. James, House Benedict, Sarah, House Berea District 7 School Berea Union Depot Bingham Company Warehouse Birdtown Historic District Black, H., and Company Building Blossom, Elizabeth B., Subdivision Historic District Blossom, Elzabeth B. and Dudley S., Estate Service Compound Body Block Bohemian National Hall Bomante House Brecksville Town Hall Brecksville Trailside Museum Broadway Avenue Historic District Brooklyn Bank Building Brooklyn Centre Historic District Brown, John Hartness, House Brownell School and Annex Bruce-Macbeth Engine Company Bryant Building Buehl House Building at 3101 Euclid Avenue Burdick, Harold B., House Burt, William, House Carroll, John, University North Quad Historic District Caxton Building Cedar Glen Apartments Central YMCA Cermak Building Chagrin Falls East Side Historic District Chagrin Falls Township Hall Chagrin Falls Triangle Park Commercial District Chagrin Falls Triangle Park Commercial District (Boundary Increase) Chagrin Falls West Side District Clague House Clark, Jared, House Cleveland And Pittsburgh Railroad Bridge Cleveland Arcade Cleveland Club Cleveland Dental Manufacturing Company Building Cleveland Discount Building Cleveland East Pierhead Light Cleveland Grays Armory Cleveland Harbor Station, U.S. Coast Guard Cleveland Home For Aged Colored People Cleveland Mall Cleveland Masonic Temple Cleveland Municipal Stadium Cleveland Packard Building Cleveland Public Carnegie Library Hough Branch Cleveland Public Square Cleveland Trust Company Cleveland Warehouse District Cleveland Warehouse Historic District (Boundary Increase) Cleveland West Pierhead Light Cleveland Worsted Mills Company Clifton Park Lakefront District Clifton Park South Historic District Clinton Apartments Colonial and Euclid Arcades Commodore Apartment Building Commodore Hotel, The Cook Building Cooley Farms Coonrad, Jonas, House Corlett Building Courtland, The Cozad, Justus L., House Crawford-Tilden Apartments Dall, Andrew, Jr. and James, Houses Danalds, Samuel, House Day, Erastus, House Detroit Avenue Bridge Detroit-Superior High Level Bridge Detroit-Warren Building Division Avenue Pumping Station Dixon Hall Apartments Doan School Drake, Alonzo, House Dunham Tavern Dunham, Hezekiah, House East 89th Street Historic District East Boulevard Apartment House East Boulevard Historic District (Additional Documentation) East Cleveland District 9 School East Fourth Street Historic District East Ohio Building, The East Ohio Gas Company Building Eleanor B. Rainey Memorial Institute Ensworth, Jeremiah, House Erie Railroad Cleveland Powerhouse Erieview Historic District Erieview Tower Euclid Avenue Historic District Euclid Avenue Historic District (Boundary Increase) Euclid Avenue Presbyterian Church Euclid Golf Allotment Euclid Heights Historic District Euclid, The-Seventy-First Street Building Fairhill Road Village Historic District Fairmont Creamery Company Ice Cream Building Fairmount Boulevard District Fairview Community Park Historic District Falls River Road Federal Knitting Mills (Boundary Increase) Federal Knitting Mills Building Federal Reserve Bank Of Cleveland Fenway Hall First Church of Christ in Euclid First Church of Christ, Scientist First Methodist Church First Universalist Church of Olmsted Ford Motor Company Cleveland Plant Forest City Bank Building Forest City Brewery Forest Hill Historic District Forest Hill Park Forest Hill Realty Sales Office Fort Hill Franklin Boulevard Historic District Franklin Boulevard-West Clinton Avenue Historic District Franklin Boulevard-West Clinton Avenue Historic District (Boundary Increase) Frazee, Stephen, House Froelich, John, House Fuller-Bramley House Gabel, Daniel, House Gaensslen, Phillip, House Garfield, President James A., Memorial (Additional Documentation) Gates Mills Historic District Gates Mills Methodist Episcopal Church Gates Mills Village Historic District Gates, Holsey, House Gifford, Dr. William, House Gleason, Edmund, Farm (Boundary Increase) Gleason, Edmund, House Glidden, Francis K., House Globe Iron Works Building Globe Machine and Stamping Company Goldsmith, Jacob, House Gordon Square Building Gordon Square Historic District Grand Pacific Hotel Grant Deming's Forest Hill Allotment Historic District Greenwood Farm Greyhound Bus Station Grossman Paper Box Company Gwinn Estate Hackenberg, Harvey, House Halle Building Halle's Shaker Square Hangar, The Hanna, Howard M., Jr., House Harp Apartments Harvard School Hay-McKinney and Bingham-Hanna House Heights Rockfeller Building Henn, Albert W., Mansion Henninger, Phillip, House Henry W. Longfellow School Henry, Robert W., House Herold Building Hessler Court Wooden Pavement Hill, James, House Hilliard Apartment Building Holy Rosary Church Honam, John, House Hotel Statler House of Wills Hoyt Block Hruby Conservatory of Music Hubbard Cooke Block Huntington, John, Pumping Tower Independence Presbyterian Church Inglewood Historic District Ireland, Joseph, House Jaite Mill Historic District Jennings Apartments Jones Home for Children Jones Home Subdivisions Historic District Joseph and Feiss Clothcraft Shops, The Karamu House Kendel Building Kennedy Apartments and Commercial Block Keyt, Gideon, House Kies, Lewis, House Kindra, W. H., Apartments Knapp, William, House Knowlton, Dr. William A., House Krause Building-Otto Moser's Cafe Kuenzer, Joseph II, House Kulas, E. J., Estate Historic District Kundtz, Theodor, Company Building Lake Shore Bank and Cleveland Public Library St. Clair Branch Lakewood Downtown Historic District LaSalle Theater Building Lay, Samuel, House League Park Lerner Building Lilly House Lindner Building Lion Knitting Mills Liquid Carbonic Corporation Dry Ice Plant Lock No. 37 and Spillway Lock No. 38 and Spillway Lock No. 39 and Spillway Lock Tender's House and Inn Look About Lodge Lorain Avenue Commercial Historic District Lorain Station Historic District Lorain-Carnegie Bridge Lower Prospect-Huron Historic District Lower Prospect-Huron Historic District (Boundary Increase) Lyceum Village Square And German Wallace College Magnolia-Wade Park Historic District Malio House March, George, House Mather, Flora Stone, College District May Company (Additional Documentation) Mayfield Heights Historic District Mayfield Theatre Building, The McFarland, Duncan, House McKinley Terrace Medical Centre Building Merwin, George, House Midtown Historic District Miles Park Historic District Miller Block Montana Apartments Moreland Theater Building Morgan, Garrett, House Mueller Electric Company Building Murray Hill School Myrtle-Highview Historic District NASA Lewis Research Center-Development Engineering Building & Annex National Town and Country Club Neal Terrace Neff Apartments Nela Park New England Building Newton Avenue Historic District Nicholson, James, House North Olmsted Town Hall North Presbyterian Church Northern Ohio Blanket Mills Northrop, Julia Carter, House Notre Dame Academy Notre Dame College of Ohio Oakwood Club Subdivision Historic District Ohio and Erie Canal Ohio Bell Henderson-Endicott Exchange Building Ohio City Preservation District Ohio City Preservation District (Boundary Increase) Old Center School Old District 10 Schoolhouse Old Euclid District 4 Schoolhouse Old Federal Building and Post Office Old River Road Historic District Old Stone Church Olmsted Falls Depot Olmsted Falls Historic District Olney, Charles, House and Gallery Oppmann Terrace Overlook Road Carriage House District Packard-Doubler House Panek Block Park Building Peerless Motor Company Plant No. 1 Pennsylvania Railway Ore Dock Perry-Payne Building Pickands, Jay M., House Pilgrim Congregational Church Playhouse Square Group Plaza Apartments Pomeroy, Alanson, House Prospect Avenue Row House Group Quad Hall Record Rendezvous Reidy Bros. & Flanigan Building Rich, Charles B., House Rich, N.J., and Co. Building Richman Brothers Company, The Riverside Cemetery Building Riverside Cemetery Chapel Rockefeller Building Rockefeller Park and Cleveland Cultural Gardens Historic District Rockefeller Park Bridges Root and McBride-Bradley Building Rose Hill and Community House Roundwood Manor at Daisy Hill Farm Schweinfurth, Charles, House Scofield, Levi, House Scranton South Side Historic District (Additional Documentation) Shaker Farm Historic District Shaker Square Shaker Square Historic District (Boundary Increase) Shaker Village Historic District Shaker Village Historic District (Boundary Increase) Shiloh Baptist Church Shore High School Snow, Russ and Holland, Houses Society for Savings Building South Brooklyn Commercial District Southworth House Spang, J., Baking Company St. Elizabeth's Magyar Roman Catholic Church St. Ignatius High School St. John's AME Church St. John's Episcopal Church St. Joseph Convent and Academy Complex St. Joseph's Church and Friary St. Luke's Hospital St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church St. Paul's Episcopal Church St. Paul's Episcopal Church of East Cleveland St. Stanislaus Church St. Stephen Church St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral Stadium Square Historic District Stager-Beckwith House Stanley Block Station Road Bridge Stearns, Lyman, Farm Stebbens Farm Stockbridge Apartment Building Stone, Valerius C., House Stoneman, Joseph, House Strong, John Stoughton, House Strongsville Town Hall Stuyvesant Motor Company Building Superior Avenue Historic District Superior Avenue Viaduct Tavern Club Taylor Mansion-Lakehurst Telling, William E., House Templar-Farrell Motor Sales Building Temple on the Heights Temple, The Templin-Bradley Company Third Church of Christ Scientist Thorp, W. A., House Tiedemann, Hannes, House Tinkers Creek Aqueduct Tinnerman Steel Range Company Townes, Clayton, House Tremaine-Gallagher Residence Tremont Historic District Trinity Cathedral Trinity Cathedral Church Home Ulyatt, Abraham, House Union Club Union Steel Screw Office Building Union Terminal Group United Motor Service Building Universal Terminal Company Dock and Warehouse University Hall, Cleveland State University Upson-Walton Company Building USS COD (submarine) Valley Railway Historic District Van Rooy Coffee Company Building Variety Store Building and Theatre Vaughn, Richard, Farm Venice Building Villa San Bernardo Historic District Vitrolite Building Wade Memorial Chapel Wade Park District Walker and Weeks Office Building Warner & Swasey Company Building Warren, Moses, House Warszawa Neighborhood District Waterman Service Building Watterson School Weizer Building Weizer Building West 25th Street-Detroit Avenue Historic District West Side Market West Technical High School Westerly Apartments Western Reserve Building Westlake Hotel Wheatley, Phillis, Association Wheeler, John, House White Chewing Gum Company Building White, Henry P., House Whitney, George W., House WHK Studio One William Tricker Inc. Historic District Wilson Feed Mill Wilson's Mills Settlement District Woodland Avenue and West Side Railroad Powerhouse Woodland Cemetery Woodland-Larchmere Commercial Historic District Zero Gravity Research Facility (B-2) Zion Lutheran Church Zion Lutheran School
The Ohio Statehouse, located in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the oldest working statehouses in the United States. Construction on the building began in 1839 and was completed in 1861.
Cuyahoga County, located in northeastern Ohio, has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Before European settlement, the area was inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Erie, Ottawa, Seneca, and Wyandot. The first European explorers arrived in the late 17th century, with the French establishing trading posts along the Cuyahoga River.

In the late 18th century, the area became part of the Northwest Territory and was eventually settled by New Englanders. Cleveland, the county seat, was founded in 1796 and quickly grew with the opening of the Ohio and Erie Canal in 1827, connecting Lake Erie with the Ohio River. The canal played a significant role in the county's economic development, facilitating the transportation of goods and encouraging further settlement.

During the mid-19th century, Cuyahoga County, like much of Ohio, experienced rapid industrialization. The region became a major center for manufacturing and trade, particularly in the steel, iron, and oil industries. This period of growth led to the rise of several influential industrialists, including John D. Rockefeller, whose Standard Oil Company had its headquarters in Cleveland.

In the 20th century, Cuyahoga County faced economic challenges as manufacturing declined. However, the county remained an important cultural and educational center, home to prestigious institutions such as Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Museum of Art. Additionally, Cuyahoga County played a significant role in the civil rights movement, with Cleveland becoming an important site for activism and organizing efforts.

Today, Cuyahoga County continues to be a center for healthcare, finance, and technology. It is also known for its vibrant arts and cultural scene, with attractions like the Cleveland Orchestra and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drawing visitors from all over the world. The county's history, from its Native American origins to its role in the industrial revolution, has shaped it into the diverse and dynamic region it is today.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

  • 1807: Cuyahoga County is established by the Ohio General Assembly.
  • 1810: Cleveland is incorporated as a village in Cuyahoga County.
  • 1831: The Ohio and Erie Canal reaches Cleveland, stimulating trade and growth.
  • 1842: Cuyahoga County Courthouse is constructed in Cleveland.
  • 1878: Cleveland becomes a city and Cuyahoga County's population booms.
  • 1929: The Cuyahoga River catches fire due to pollution, leading to increased environmental awareness.
  • 1967: The Cuyahoga River catches fire again, prompting the Clean Water Act and environmental reforms.
  • 1978: The Cuyahoga County Public Library system is formed.
  • 1992: Cleveland becomes the first American city to host the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • 2016: The Cleveland Cavaliers win their first NBA Championship.