The Cincinnati Reds, one of Ohio's two Major League Baseball teams (along with the Cleveland Indians), were the first professional baseball team to wear uniforms with numbers on them. They did so in 1911, to help fans identify players more easily.
Clinton County, Ohio, located in the southwestern part of the state, has a rich and varied history. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Shawnee and Miami, until the late 1700s when European settlers began to arrive. The county was officially established on March 1, 1810, named in honor of DeWitt Clinton, a prominent political figure of that time.

In its early years, agriculture played a crucial role in the county's economy. Farming was a primary occupation for many residents, with crops such as corn, wheat, and tobacco being grown. The construction of the Whitewater Canal in the mid 1800s also brought economic opportunities by connecting the county to major markets and facilitating trade.

During the Civil War, Clinton County had significant contributions to both the Union and Confederate causes. The county provided numerous soldiers to fight in the war, with notable units such as the 79th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and the 18th Ohio Independent Battery being formed here. However, the county also had sympathizers with the Confederate cause, and several men from the area joined the Southern army.

In the 20th century, Clinton County experienced various economic shifts. The introduction of industrialization brought new opportunities, with companies such as the banana importers Chiquita Brands establishing a presence in the county. However, the region also faced challenges, including economic recessions and the closure of major employers like the DHL cargo hub in 2009. Despite these setbacks, the county has shown resilience and a strong sense of community.

Today, Clinton County is known for its agricultural heritage, picturesque countryside, and contributions to aviation. The county is home to the Wilmington Air Park, a significant cargo and logistics hub, and the Airborne Maintenance & Engineering Services, a major aircraft maintenance facility. Additionally, the county boasts various outdoor recreational opportunities, historical landmarks, and a tight-knit community that continues to shape its history.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Clinton County, Ohio.

  • 1810: Clinton County officially established
  • 1830: Construction of the county courthouse
  • 1862: Battle of Liberty Place during the American Civil War
  • 1878: Completion of the Cincinnati, Jackson and Mackinaw Railroad
  • 1943: Clinton County Air Force Base established
  • 1952: Record-breaking tornado hits Xenia, a city in Clinton County
  • 2001: Clinton County experiences an economic downturn due to job losses
  • 2016: Wilmington Air Park sees economic growth with new businesses