Historical Markers in
Saratoga County, New York

(Hadley Mountain) Fire Tower . . . their cannon shot . . . reaching every part of our camp 1755 1772 House 1780 Invasion 225th Anniversary Battles of Saratoga A Good Place to Set Up Camp A Plow Factory Address by President Lincoln American Encampment and General Headquarters American River Defense American River Fortifications Americans Attack Amity Reformed Church Anchor Diamond Park Anchor of the American Line Angus McDearmid Aqueduct, 1842 Arlington Hotel Arnold’s Assault Articles of Convention Asa Chatfield Farm Asa Clark House Ballston Center Ballston Church Ballston Site Of Barkersville Barkersville Barker's Store Bartlett House Batchellerville Batchellerville Presbyterian Church Battle of Wilton Beecher Hollow Beecher Hollow Beecher's Store Bemis Heights Benedict Arnold Boot Monument Beriah Palmer Best House Bettys Family Bill Greenfield Birthplace of Abigail Powers Fillmore Birthplace of Abner Doubleday Birthplace of Howard Lindsay Bloody Knoll Bow Bridge Brig. Gen. Abraham Ten Broeck Brigadier General Simon Fraser Briggs Cemetery British Army Grounded Arms British Artillery Park Brookwood Bryan Home Building the Batchellerville Bridge Bullard Paper Company Chimney Burgoyne Hopelessly Surrounded Burgoyne’s Headquarters Burgoyne’s Retreat Burial Site of General Fraser Burnt Hills Baptist Church Button Park C. Boughton Farm Calvary Episcopal Church Camp of General Burgoyne Canal Square Captain Abner Doubleday Captain Martin John Burke Carriage Shop Cast Iron Whipple Truss Bridge, 1869 Cemetery 1864 Centennial Barn Champlain Canal Charlton Charlton Charlton Charlton Charlton Charlton Academy Charlton Museum Christ Episcopal Church Church c. 1795 Church, c. 1788 Clifton Park Clifton Park Center Clifton Park Center Baptist Church Clifton Park Village Hotel Clutes Dry Dock Clute’s Dry Dock Cohoes - Waterford Bridge Col. Ellsworth Col. Elmer E. Ellsworth Col. Elmer Ellsworth Col. Sidney Berry Colonel Joseph Cilly Colonel Morgan Colonel Morgan Colonial Inn Columbian Spring Conde Creek Congress Park Congress Spring Conklingville Conklingville Cemetery Continental Barracks Copeland Carriage Shop Corinth Civil War Memorial Corinth World Wars Memorial Country Club Acres, 1957 County Seat Covered Bridge Coveville Creation of the Park Crescent Crescent Crescent / Mohawk Towpath Byway / Halfmoon Crescent Aqueduct Crown Forces Crown Forces Artillery Park Crown Forces Baggage Park Dam Built 1930 Day Center Day Center Town Cemetery Dedicated To Denier Place Deridder Horse Ferry Desert Shield / Desert Storm Dirck Swart House Dovegat House Dr. Orra Phelps Dublin Dunning Farm Site Dunning Street Common Dunning Street Rural Cemetery Dutch Reformed Church E. Hubbell 1831 Eagle Tavern Site Earliest Cemetery Early Settler Earthworks East Line East Line Union Cemetery Edinburg War Memorial Edmund Jennings Eliphalet Ball Emerson’s Tavern Erie Canal Family Cemetery Ferry Ferry Lane First Bridge First Christian Church First School First Town Meeting Five Porch Farm Flax and Linen Mill Flight of Five Locks Floud Memorial Park Fonda Road Forgotten Lives; Working Class Families of the Canal Era Revealed Fort Hardy Fort Miller Fort Vrooman Franklin Square Fraser’s Corps Frederick Douglass Freeman House Galway Village Galway War Memorial Gansevoort Mansion Garnsey House Gates Headquarters Gen. Henry Knox Trail Gen. Henry Knox Trail Gen. Henry Knox Trail Gen. Henry Knox Trail Gen. Henry Knox Trail Gen. Henry Knox Trail Gen. Henry Knox Trail General Fraser Was Struck General Gates Headquarters General Stark George O. Slingerland Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery Gideon Putnam Burying Grounds Glass Factory Glen Mitchell Glens Falls and James Fenimore Cooper Gonzalez Home Grant Cottage Grant Cottage Grant Cottage Grant Cottage Grant’s Last Trip to the Eastern Outlook Grant’s Last View of the Valley Gray Cemetery Great Sacandaga Lake Hadley & Lake Luzerne Korean War and Vietnam War Memorial Hadley Bow Bridge Hadley Station Halfmoon Halfmoon Academy Halfmoon Fort Halfmoon War Memorial Hall of Springs Hamlet of Vischer Ferry Harmanus Schuyler Mansion Harmony Corners Hawkwood Mansion Hawkwood Mansion Henry Hudson Here Frazer Fell Here in 1800 / Here in 1900 High Rock in the 1800’s Highrock Park Historic Bridge Historic Sites Historic Yards Home of George Scott Home of Jonathan Filer Home of Samuel Young Hotel c. 1790 Hotel Site Huntsville Hydroelectric Power Plant Immigrant City In Grateful Memory In Memory Indian Spring Inn of William Bettys Irish House Issac Eddy House James Gordon Jeremiah Smith Cemetery Jeremy Rockwell Jessup’s Landing John Clinton John Hardin Memorial John McCrea John Neilson House and Farm John W. Taylor Jonesville Academy 1836-76 Joseph Henry Kayaderosseras Ketchum’s Corners Kingsley Inn Korea Kosciuszko L. Garnsey House Lakes to Locks Passage Lakes to Locks Passage Lakes to Locks Passage Larkin House Larkins Corners Leland House Lester Park Lincoln Bathhouse Lock 19 Lock 2 Park Luther Forest Luther Forest Luther Forest Lynwood Church M.C. Illions Carousel Macelroy Farm Main British Encampment Main Crown Forces Hospital Major Nathan Goodale Malta Drive-In Signs Malta Ridge Malta Ridge Cemetery Malta West Ridge Cemetery Maltaville Marvin Homestead Matthew Sgritta Mawney Tavern McCrea Hill McDonalds Site Mead’s Tavern Mechanicville Veterans Memorial Milltown USA Milton Centre Milton Hill Montgomery Lodge R.A.M. New Hampshire Memorial New York and Massachusetts Forces New York State County Highway Superintendents Association New Yorker Submariners Memorial Newtown Nicholas Fish North Milton North Redan Northumberland Veterans Memorial Northumberland: A Thriving Canal Community Nov. 28, 1745 Oakcliff Old Baptist Meeting House Old Country Store Old Road Old Town Hall Paper Mill Parade Ground Parkis Mills Parsonage of Dutch Church Patenaude Park Patriots’ Eye-View Peck House Pine Grove Pine Grove Pioneer Farm Post Office Prelude to History Presbyterian Church Quaker Springs Redoubt Rensselaer & Saratoga Railroad Reverend Ball Cabin Rexford Cemetery Rexford House Riley-Allen Cobblestone House Rock City Falls Rockefeller Memorial Rose Hill Water Tower Round Lake Rowland's Hollow Rural Museum S. Batcheller Home Samuel Davis MD Samuel Smith House Saratoga 1777 Saratoga 1777 Saratoga County Bank Saratoga County Spanish-American War Memorial Saratoga Monument Saratoga Monument Association Saratoga Springs Air Force Station Saratoga Springs Civil War Memorial Saratoga State Seal Waters Saratoga Surrender Site Saratoga’s First Resort for Travelers Saratoga’s Spouting Springs Saving The Springs Schauber House School c. 1860 Schuylerville World War I Monument Scotch Church Scotch Street Scribner Home Seabury Mills Shepherd House Shopmyer House Site of Site Of Camp of General Burgoyne Site of Chatfield Farm Site of First Court Site Of John McClelland Site of Schuyler Mansion Site of Smith-Caldwell Van Aernem Home Site of the South Glens Falls Water Plant Site of the Taylor Cabin Slab Troy Solomon Northup Southard House Spice Factory Stage Run Standard Time Stark’s Knob Stephen White Stevens School Stillwater Blockhouse Stillwater World War I Memorial Stimson House Store 1892 Strategy and Terrain Surviving Portion of Champlain Canal Tavern c. 1820 Tennantville Thaddeus Kosciusko The 77th Regiment, New York Volunteers The Academy The Balcarres Redoubt The Battle Begins at Barber’s Wheat Field The Battle of Freeman’s Farm The Breymann Redoubt The British Advance on Bemis Heights The British Withdraw The Canadian Cabins The Canal System The Charlton School The Deer Park Spring The First Baptist Church The Gere House The Great Redoubt The Hemlocks The Historic Hudson River The Hotel and Ulysses S. Grant at Mt. McGregor The Italian Renaissance Gardens The Last Ditch Defenses The Loyalists Leave Early The Marshall House The Mohican Nation – Yesterday and Today The River Redoubts The Schuyler House The South Glens Falls Hydroelectric Project The Stench of Failure The Story Starts Here The Surrender Tree The Vischer Family The Vischer Ferry Bridge The Waterways that Shaped a Nation These Gates This is the Way North Timothy Murphy To the Battlefield To the Battlefield To Those Who Served Town Hall Town Meeting Town of Ballston Town of Halfmoon Town of Saratoga Town of Saratoga Town of Saratoga Town of Saratoga Train of Artillery (2007) Trip-Hammer Troy - Waterford Bridge Turnpike Two Brothers Meet Again U.S.S. Saratoga Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant Died Union Bridge United Church Unknown American Soldiers Unknown Soldier Unknown Soldiers USS Saratoga: Turning point in America’s second war with England Van Den Bergh Vandenburgh Dunsbach Ferry Vanhyning-Roerig Victory Woods Victory Woods Victory Woods Village of Waterford Vischer Ferry Vischer Ferry Historic District Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve Vischer House Water Battery Water Ford Waterford Waterford Waterford Waterford Waterford Bridges Waterford N.Y. Waterford Station Waterford Village Historic District Waterford War Memorial Waterman House West Charlton West Crescent West Milton West Milton Whipple Iron Truss Bridge White Homestead Whitney Field Wiggins – Collamer Wiggins-Brown-Nolen Winans-Crippen House- 1871 World War Memorial Pavillion Yellow Meeting House Youth Park You’ve Been Robbed! Zebulon Bidwell “Hi-N-Dri” “The Gut” or “The Valley”
New York State was home to several utopian communities in the 19th century, including the Oneida Community in central New York, which practiced communal living and free love, and the Shakers, who were known for their furniture and craftsmanship.
Saratoga County, located in upstate New York, has a rich history dating back to the colonial era. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Mohawk and Mohican people. In the early 17th century, European settlers arrived and began to establish farms and trading posts.

In 1776, during the American Revolution, the Saratoga area became a pivotal location. The Battles of Saratoga, fought in September and October of 1777, were a turning point in the war. These victories by American forces under General Horatio Gates marked the first significant defeat of the British army and ultimately led to France entering the war on the side of the colonists.

After the revolution, Saratoga County continued to develop as a center for agriculture and industry. The opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 further boosted the region's economy by facilitating trade and transportation. Saratoga Springs, a town located within the county, became famous for its natural mineral springs and attracted wealthy visitors seeking rest and recuperation.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Saratoga County experienced a period of industrial growth. Manufacturing industries, such as textile mills and paper factories, flourished in cities like Mechanicville and Waterford. In the late 20th century, the county's economy shifted towards services, including tourism, healthcare, and technology.

Today, Saratoga County remains a vibrant and growing area known for its natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural attractions. It is home to the Saratoga Race Course, one of the oldest and most prestigious thoroughbred horse racing tracks in the United States, as well as the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, which hosts world-class music and dance performances. The county continues to preserve and celebrate its rich history while embracing the opportunities of the modern era.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Saratoga County, New York.

  • Saratoga County is formed in 1791.
  • The Battle of Saratoga takes place in 1777, a turning point in the American Revolution.
  • European settlers arrive in the area in the 17th century.
  • The region is originally inhabited by Native American tribes, such as the Mohawk and Algonquin.
  • The Saratoga Race Course opens in 1863, becoming a renowned venue for horse racing.
  • The construction of the Erie Canal reaches Saratoga County in 1823, aiding its economic growth.
  • The Saratoga Performing Arts Center is established in 1966, hosting world-class performances.
  • The Battle of Bennington, a key Revolutionary War battle, takes place near the county in 1777.
  • Saratoga Springs becomes a popular spa destination in the 19th century, attracting visitors from around the world.
  • The county experiences significant suburban development and population growth in the 20th century.