National Register Listings in
Orange County, New York

1841 Goshen Courthouse Adams-Chadeayne-Taft Estate African-American Cemetery, The Arden Balmville Cemetery Barber, Peale's, Farm Mastodon Exhumation Site Barr, Amelia, House Beakes, John G., House Belknap Stone House Blake, John, House Bloomer-Dailey House and Balmville Tree Blooming Grove Church Bodine Farmhouse Bodine's Tavern Bookstaver, Jacob, House Boulders, The Brewster, Oliver, House Bridge Street Historic District Brooks, Samuel, House Brotherhood Winery Brown Farmstead Bull Stone House Bull, William, III, House Bull-Jackson House Camp Olmsted Canterbury Presbyterian Church Carvey-Gatfield House Cash-Draper House Checkerboard Inn Christ Church Church of the Holy Innocents and Rectory Church Park Historic District Church Park Historic District (Boundary Increase) Clark, A. J., Store Clark, Hulet, Farmstead Cocks, Isaac, House Colden Family Cemetery Colden Hill Farm Colden Mansion Ruins Cornwall Friends Meeting House Cosman Family Cemetery Cottage in the Pines Crabtree, John A., House Cragston Dependencies Crane House Crawford, David, House Crawford, John I, Farm Cromwell Manor Deer Hill Delaware and Hudson Canal Denniston-Steidle House Dickerson, Abraham, Farmhouse District School No. 9 Dock Hill Road Extension Stone Arch Bridge Dodge-Greenleaf House Dubois-Phelps House Dunning House Dutch Reformed Church East End Historic District Echo Lawn Estate Edmonston House Erie Railroad Station Everett-Bradner House First Congregational Church of Middletown First Presbyterian Church of Chester First Presbyterian Church of Highland Falls Firthcliffe Firehouse Fort Decker Fury Brook Farm Gardner, Silas, House Gatehouse on Deerhill Road Grace Episcopal Church Gumaer Cemetery Haines, Benjamin, House Hand, Elias, House Hand, Walter, House Harrison Meeting House Site and Cemetery Haskell House Hatch, Vermont, Mansion Hawkins, Jacob & Caroline, House Hays, John R., House Highland Falls Railroad Depot Highland Falls Village Hall Hill, Nathaniel, Brick House Hillside Cemetery Historic Track Hopewell Presbyterian Church Horton, Webb, House House at 116 Main Street House at 37 Center Street Huguenot Schoolhouse Kellogg, The, House Knox Headquarters LeDoux/Healey House Lower Dock Hill Road Stone Arch Bridge Mapes, Mortimer L., House & Seward Homestead Maple Lawn McDowell, Thomas, House Mill House Miller, Johannes, House Milliken-Smith Farm Millspaugh, Glibert, House Moffat Library Montgomery Water Works Building Montgomery Worsted Mills Montgomery-Grand-Liberty Streets Historic District Morehouse, Jeremiah, House Mould, Moses, House Mountainville Grange Hall Neversink Valley Grange No. 1530 New Windsor Cantonment New York State Armony New York, Ontario & Western Railway Company Middletown Station Newburgh Colored Burial Ground Old Town Cemetery and Palatine Church Site Oliver Avenue Bridge Olivet Chapel Orange Mill Historic District Paramount Theatre Parry House Patchett House Patton, James "Squire," House Peachcroft Pelton, Gideon, Farm Piggot, Patrick, House Pine Terrace Powelton Club Primitive Baptist Church of Brookfield Randel, Culver House and Mill Rest Haven River View House Rushmore Memorial Library Sands-Ring House Sawyer Farmhouse Scribner House Seward, William Henry, Memorial Shafer, Jacob, House Shorter House Smith Clove Meetinghouse Smith House, The Southfield Furnace Ruin Squirrels, The St. Andrew's Cemetery St. Andrew's Episcopal Church & Rectory St. Mark's Baptist Church St. Mark's Episcopal Church St. Thomas Episcopal Church Sterling Mountain Fire Observation Tower and Observer's Cabin Stone, Gen. John Hathorn, House Stonihurst Storm King Highway Sutherland, Daniel, House Sutherland, David, House Taylor-Corwin House Tears, John, Inn Thompson, Alexander, House Thompson, Andrew, Farmstead Thompson, Robert A., House Tuxedo Park Tuxedo Park Railroad Station Tweddle Farmstead U.S. Military Academy Union Chapel Union Street-Academy Hill Historic District Upland Lawn US Post Office-Goshen US Post Office-Newburgh US Post Office-Port Jervis Van Duzer-Sayer, Mary, House Village of Monroe Historic District Walden United Methodist Church Walden, Jacob T., Stone House Walsh, A., Stone House and Farm Complex Walsh-Havemeyer House Waring, Daniel, House Warwick Village Historic District Washington's Headquarters Webb Lane House Wisner, George T., House Wood, Wilford, House Woodlawn Farm Woodruff House Wyant-Talbot House Yelverton Inn and Store
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The oldest standing lighthouse in New York State is the Montauk Point Lighthouse, which was completed in 1796 and is located on the eastern tip of Long Island. It is also the fourth-oldest active lighthouse in the United States.
Orange County, NY is a county located in the state of New York, USA. It was established on November 1, 1683, as one of the original 12 counties in the colony of New York. The county's name is said to have been derived from the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau, honoring William of Orange, the Prince of Orange and future King William III of England.

During the American Revolutionary War, Orange County played a significant role. It served as a major supply route for the Continental Army, and its Hudson River area witnessed several important military engagements. The decisive Battle of Minisink, fought in 1779, is notable as one of the bloodiest battles of the Revolution.

In the early 19th century, Orange County experienced significant industrial growth. Its natural resources, such as iron ore and coal, fueled the expansion of industries like mining and manufacturing. The Erie Railroad's arrival in the mid-1800s also enhanced the county's economic development, opening up markets for its products and increasing transportation options.

Throughout the 20th century, Orange County transformed into a suburban area, largely due to its proximity to New York City. The county's population grew, and suburban developments expanded, attracting residents seeking a more affordable and less crowded lifestyle. Today, Orange County is a diverse and vibrant community, offering a mix of urban and rural experiences, historical sites, natural beauty, and a strong local economy.

This timeline provides a concise overview of the key events in the history of Orange County, New York.

  • 1683 - Orange County is established as one of the original 12 counties in New York.
  • 1765-1775 - Tensions rise between American colonists and the British Empire, leading to the American Revolutionary War.
  • 1779 - The Sullivan Expedition, led by General John Sullivan, targets Native American tribes in the area during the Revolutionary War.
  • 1801 - The village of Goshen becomes the county seat of Orange County.
  • 1840 - The Erie Railroad expands into Orange County, boosting transportation and economic growth.
  • 1919-1933 - Prohibition, a nationwide ban on the sale and production of alcohol, leads to an increase in illegal activities and bootlegging in Orange County.
  • 1939-1945 - Orange County contributes to the war effort during World War II, with many residents serving in the military and local industries supporting the war production.
  • 1969 - Woodstock Music Festival, a pivotal moment in American countercultural history, takes place in the town of Bethel in Orange County.
  • 2001 - The September 11 attacks in New York City have a significant impact on Orange County, as many residents commute to the city for work.