Historical Markers in
Orange County, New York

100th Anniversary of Highland Falls 124th Regiment New York Infantry Volunteers 12pd. Napoleon Cannon 150 Pounder Armstrong Gun Captured at Fort Fisher, North Carolina – January 15, 1865 150th Anniversary of the USMA 150th Birthday of the USMA 1795 Cemetery 1798 Clinton House 1831 Homestead 1841 Courthouse 1903 Library 1915 Chester Depot 1st Infantry Regiment 1st Lt. Louis J. Storck 32-Pounder 50th Anniversary of World War II 8 Inch (150-pounder) Armstrong Gun A Strategic Location Abrams Gate Air Cadet Memorial All Services Guardian Angel American Heroes America's Oldest Winery Amity Church Anderson Memorial Fountain Andre Cavaro Lucas Andrew J. Downing Anna B. Warner Memorial Garden Anna Elizabeth Dickinson Appalachian Trail Appalachian Trail Archeology, 1974 Artillery and Mortars Artillery Blind Artillery Encampment 1779 Attack on Pearl Harbor Banach Olympic Circle Barracks Battery Sherburne Battle Monument Battle of Mexico City Battle of Palo Alto Battle of Resaca De La Palma Battle of Vera Cruz Battle of Yorktown Beat Navy Tunnel Bellvale Benjamin J. Havens Benny Havens Blooming Grove War Memorial Brewster Forge Site Brewster’s Tavern Bridge Ca. 1855 Bronze Field Guns Brooks' Covered Bridge Bruenig Road Buffalo Soldier Field Buffalo Soldiers Building a Fort Burgoyne’s Army Butter Factory Buttermilk Falls Cadet Monument Cahoonzie Cal Rodgers Camp Site Camp Site Camp Site Camp Wickham Campground Camps of 1782-83 Canal Basin Cannon Capt. Molly Corbin Captain Molly Casemates Center of Population Charles J. Everett Memorial Chester Militia Chester, New York Christopher Columbus Chuckhass Church of the Holy Innocents Church Park Historic District Citizen’s National Bank Civil War Civil War Memorial Class of 1942 World War II Deaths Class of June 1943 Memorial Claudius Smith Colden Family Cemetery Cole’s Fort Colonel Thayer Combat Wounded Veterans Memorial Conrad Sly Homestead Constitution Corner Constitution Island Constitution Island Constitution Island Redoubts Corwin Farm Court House Crane Park Cuddeback Cuddebackville D & H Canal D & H Canal Park D. & H. Canal D. and H. Canal Dade and his Command Decker Fort Decker Fort Dedication of Newburgh Landing Deerpark 9/11 Memorial Deerpark Veterans Memorial Delaware & Hudson Canal Park Denton Grist Mill Douglas MacArthur Douglas MacArthur Douglas MacArthur Dwight David Eisenhower Early Cemetery Edenville Edmonston House Edmund S. Lloyd Edwin Welling VanDuzer Memorial Home Enlisted Men’s & Officers’ Barracks Erie Railroad Erie RR Station Erie Turntable Falls House Site First Church First Congregational Church First MIA Flag First Post Office in Chester First Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church, Ridgebury, N. Y. First Presbyterian Church, Scotchtown, N.Y. First School Site First Settler First Settler First Train Order Transmitted by Telegraph Flight Memorial Florida Florida Presbyterian Church Forge Hill Road Fort Arnold Fort Burned by Indians Fort Clinton Fort Clinton Fort Constitution Area Fort Decker Fort Gumaer Fort Meigs Fort Montgomery Fort Montgomery Today Fort Putnam Fort Wyllys Fortress West Point Forts Webb, Wyllys and Meigs Fred E. McAniff & John R. Parker Frederick Dent Grant Freedom Road Freedom Road Freedom Road Freedom Road Furybrook Farm Gardens of the Fort Garrison Home General George S. Patton, Jr. George Armstrong Custer George Washington German Town Gettysburg Address Gidney Grist Mill Gladys Taylor’s Inn Glass Works Site Gold Star Mothers’ Memorial Good Time Park Goose Pond Mountain Area Goshen Emergency Hospital Goshen Half-Shire Town Goshen, Orange Co., N.Y. Grace Episcopal Church Grand Battery Gravel Hill Battery Great Chain Battery Greycourt - Orange Co., N.Y. Guard House Hallowed Ground Hambletonian Hambletonian Hambletonian Monument Hampton Hamptonburgh World War I Memorial Harness Racing Museum & Hall Of Fame Harriman Harriman Family Hathorn House Hawk’s Nest Headquarters Site Henry Wisner, Sr Highland Falls World War II Memorial Highlands Korea & Vietnam Memorial Highlands War Memorial Highlands World War I Memorial Hill Cliff Battery Historic New Windsor Historic Road Historic Track Horace Pippin Hostages Return From Iran Hotel Site Howze Field Huguenot Huguenot School Hutsites 1782-1783 In Memoriam In Memory of the Patriots Indian Raid Indian Raid Indian Raid Indian Raid Indian Raid Indian Raid Indian Raid Indian Raid Iran Hostages Iranian Hostage Reunion Jacques Caudebec John Burroughs John Tears Inn Kaatsbaan Knox Headquarters Korean and Viet Nam Wars Monument Korean and Vietnam Wars Monument Korean War Memorial Kosciuszko Kosciuszko’s Garden Kosciuszko’s Garden Restoration Landmark of Monroe Lawyer's Row Little Britain, N.Y. Little Brown Church Lusk Reservoir Machackemech Burying Ground Major General John Sedgwick Malek Tennis Center Mapes Cemetery Maplewood Margaret Corbin Marine Battery Marion Rohner Masonic Lodge Mastadon Dig 1800 McGarrah’s Inn McLean Historical Museum Building Mechanicstown School Meeting House Methodist Church Michie Stadium Midway Park 1894-1924 Military Working Dog Minisink Township Veterans Memorial Moffat Library Monroe Cheese Co. Monroe Race Track Monroe School Monroe, New York Montgomery House Montgomery Street Station Moodna Viaduct Morehouse 1767 Mt. Johnson School Mulliner Cemetery N.J. Claim Line N.J. Line War N.J. Line War N.J. Line War National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Neversink Aqueduct Neversink Drive (Horn Road) New Milford New Windsor Cantonment Newburgh's Neighborhood Preservation Began on This Street Noah Webster North and South Redoubts North Redoubt Notable Graves Old Mine Road Old School Baptist Church Old Stone Schoolhouse Old West Point Gates Oldest Church Orange County Orange County Orange County Orange County Orange County Community College Orange County Seat Orange County Veterans Memorial Orange County Veterans Memorial Order of the Eastern Star Original Embrasure Our National Heritage Painted Aprons Park Avenue Peenpack School Pet Cemetery Phillipsburgh Pine Hill Farm Port Jervis Port Jervis Port Jervis Port Jervis Powder Magazine Presbyterian Congregation of Blooming Grove President Ulysses S. Grant Purple Heart Memorial Racing in Goshen... Randallville Rear-Admiral Silas Horton Stringham Reconciliation Plaza Redoubt 5 Redoubt 6 Redoubt 7 Redoubt Four Redoubt Number Four Residence site of James Burt Rest Haven Revolutionary Hut Revolutionary Militia of Orange and Ulster Revolutionary War Constitution Island Revolutionary War Fortifications Reynolds House Richard Thomas Shea, Jr. Riverside Farm Romans’ Battery Roscoe W. Smith Round Hill Redoubt Rushmore Library S. Maretta Thrall Salem Village of Chester Sarah Wells Sayerville Scotchtown Sears-Howell Farm Shea Stadium Sherburne’s Redoubt Sherburne’s Redoubt Sheridan Memorial Site of Cromline House Site of Fort Van Auken Site of Home Site of Log Meeting House of the Baptist Church of Warwick Site of Pleasure Ground Site of Signal Fires Smith Homestead Soldiers’ Huts Soldiers’ Necessary Southeast Asia Memorial Spanktown School Sparrowbush Sparrowbush UMC Sparrowbush Veterans Memorial St. Julien Stephen Crane Sterling Furnace Sugar Loaf Community of Craftsmen Sugar Loaf School District #4 Superintendant's Quarters Surrender at Saratoga Tannery Tap Stone Inn Taylor Hall Temple Hill Thayer Walk The American Revolution The American Revolution at West Point The Army Mule The Balmville Tree The Battle Around the Redoubts The Battle of Fort Montgomery The Beverly Robinson House The Bridge Builders The Cadet Monument The Caldwell Family The Calvert Vaux Entranceway to Hillside Cemetery The Concord Minute Man of 1776 The Continental Army The Corps The Crane House The Disbandment of the Armies The Ellison Gristmill The Erie Depot The Forge The Great Chain The Great Chain The Great Chain The Hand of the Aggressor The Historic 1777 & 1779 Trails The King’s Highway The Land The Long Gray Line The Minuteman The Naval Battle of Fort Montgomery The Old Cadet Chapel The People of the New Windsor Cantonment The Stephen Moore House The Storm King By-Pass The Temple The Thayer Gate The Town Of Hamptonburgh Vietnam War Memorial The Warner House The William J. Moreau Popolopen Bridge Thomas Archibald Stewart Thomas Hall Thomas Machin’s Mint Three Sisters Garden To the American Soldier Toll Gate Toll House Tomas Estrada Palma Tow Path Town of Hamptonburgh Korean War Memorial Town of Monroe Town of Montgomery Civil War Monument Trolley Line Trolley Plant Twentieth Century Wars U.S. Military Academy U.S. Naval Services Honored Dead Ulysses S. Grant Union Cemetery War Memorial United States Military Academy Unknown Soldier Upper Delaware Scenic Byway USMA Class of 1941 Memorial USMA Class of 1952 Memorial USMA Class of 1980 Memorial USMA Crest USMA Iraq and Afghanistan Deaths Uzal Knapp Vails Gate, N.Y. Valley Junction Vaux Landscape Veterans Memorial Vietnam War Memorial Village of Monroe Walden House War Memorial War Memorial War on Terrorism Memorial Ward’s Bridge Warner Sisters Wars that Shaped the Nation Wars That Shaped the Nation Wars That Shaped the Nation Wars That Shaped the Nation Wars That Shaped the Nation Warwick Historic District Washington Washingtonville Cemetery Washington’s Headquarters Washington’s Headquarters Water Battery Wawayanda Patent We Will Never Forget Welcome to Chester Welcome to Chester Welcome to Chester Welcome to Fort Montgomery Welcome to Historic Fort Montgomery Welcome To Trophy Point Welcome to Trophy Point West Point Benches West Point Bicentennial West Point in the American Revolution West Redoubt Western Redoubts 1, 2, 3 and 4 Westfall Fort Wihlahoosa Cave William Bull William H. Seward William Henry Seward William Kelleher / Charles Jobes Willmore Pavlich & Howard Tarkett WWII Memorial Winfield Scott Wisner Tract Wm. A. Lawrence Wood Monument World War I Monument & Chester Bicentennial Commission Time Capsule World War I Plaque World War II Memorial World War II Memorial Yelverton Inn Young-Welling House "Fireman Joe" "The Colony" "The Publick Building Called the Temple" “Colored Cemetery" “Drowned Lands”
The Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, New York City, was the site of the Stonewall riots in 1969, which are considered the birth of the modern gay rights movement.
Orange County, NY is a county located in the state of New York, USA. It was established on November 1, 1683, as one of the original 12 counties in the colony of New York. The county's name is said to have been derived from the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau, honoring William of Orange, the Prince of Orange and future King William III of England.

During the American Revolutionary War, Orange County played a significant role. It served as a major supply route for the Continental Army, and its Hudson River area witnessed several important military engagements. The decisive Battle of Minisink, fought in 1779, is notable as one of the bloodiest battles of the Revolution.

In the early 19th century, Orange County experienced significant industrial growth. Its natural resources, such as iron ore and coal, fueled the expansion of industries like mining and manufacturing. The Erie Railroad's arrival in the mid-1800s also enhanced the county's economic development, opening up markets for its products and increasing transportation options.

Throughout the 20th century, Orange County transformed into a suburban area, largely due to its proximity to New York City. The county's population grew, and suburban developments expanded, attracting residents seeking a more affordable and less crowded lifestyle. Today, Orange County is a diverse and vibrant community, offering a mix of urban and rural experiences, historical sites, natural beauty, and a strong local economy.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Orange County, New York.

  • 1683 - Orange County is established as one of the original 12 counties in New York.
  • 1765-1775 - Tensions rise between American colonists and the British Empire, leading to the American Revolutionary War.
  • 1779 - The Sullivan Expedition, led by General John Sullivan, targets Native American tribes in the area during the Revolutionary War.
  • 1801 - The village of Goshen becomes the county seat of Orange County.
  • 1840 - The Erie Railroad expands into Orange County, boosting transportation and economic growth.
  • 1919-1933 - Prohibition, a nationwide ban on the sale and production of alcohol, leads to an increase in illegal activities and bootlegging in Orange County.
  • 1939-1945 - Orange County contributes to the war effort during World War II, with many residents serving in the military and local industries supporting the war production.
  • 1969 - Woodstock Music Festival, a pivotal moment in American countercultural history, takes place in the town of Bethel in Orange County.
  • 2001 - The September 11 attacks in New York City have a significant impact on Orange County, as many residents commute to the city for work.