Historical Markers in
Monroe County, New York

1822 Lighthouse 1835 House 1855 - 1944 A New Park Abner Wight Home ACE Roller Coaster Landmark Ambrose Hall American Can Company American Revolution War/War of 1812 American Revolutionary War Memorial Amos B. Buckland An Early Doctor Anthony House Auburn Line Park Austin Steward 1793-1869 B.T. Roberts Baird Road Baker Field Baptist Colony Battle of the Bulge Bausch & Lomb Riverside Park Bay Road Elementary School Bird Migration Research Birthplace of John T. Trowbridge Boat Building Born in Log House Braddock Bay Hawk Watch Bresson House Brick Presbyterian Church Brighton Village British Army Encampment Broad Street Brockport and the Canal Brockport Central Brockport Central Rural High School Building a Park Building the Great Embankment Burial Site Burying Ground Bushnell's Basin Camp Fitz-John Porter Camp Hillhouse Camp Site 1687 Canal Commerce in Brockport Canal Street Cartersville Casconchiagon Center Cemetery Champion of the Genesee River / A Beacon of Knowledge Changes Over Time Changing Alignments Charlotte Cemetery Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse Chili Cobblestone School Museum Chili Landmark City of Rochester Civil War Memorial in Mount Hope Cemetery Clara Barton Red Cross Trail Clarkson Clarkson Academy Clarkson Community Church Cobblestone Academy Cobblestone Blacksmith Shop Cobbs Hill Park / Cobbs Hill Concrest Congregation B'Nai Israel Converge on Montreal County of Monroe Cox Ferry Crossing the River by Ferry Crossroads of Transportation Curtis Point D. Marsh Field D. Matthew Brown, Jr. Daniel Penfield De Land Chemical Co. Deaf Education Dedicated by the Citizens District #1 District No. 6 Douglass Home Douglass Home Douglass House Early Church Early Church - 1845 Early Education Early House Early Mills and Races Early Stage Stop Eddie James "Son" House Jr. Edmund Lyon Park Elmwood Cemetery Ely House - 1837 ER Veteran's Memorial Erected 1834 Erie Canal Erie Canal Erie Canal Erie Canal Inn Eyer Block F.M. Jones House Fairport Village Hall Feeder Gates First High School First House First Library First RIT Campus First School West of the Genesee First Settlement in the Town of Parma First United Church of Mumford First Village Schools Ford Street Bridge Former School Fort Des Sables Fort Site Founded 1843 Francis E. Willard Franklin Hinchey House Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass 1815-1895 Frederick Douglass Home Site From Hunting Ground to City Front Street Fryatt House Fullam's Basin Gates Genesee River Gorge: 20,000 Years in the Making Genesee River Gorge: Centuries of Conflict in Pleasant Valley Genesee River Gorge: Geology Genesee River Gorge: Industrial & Urban Development Genesee Valley Genesee Valley Greenway Genesee Valley Greenway George Eastman George Eastman House Glover Perrin Granite Building Grant Homestead Greenleaf Home Grove Place Hallock House Hamlet of Egypt Hamlet of Egypt Hamlin No. 14 Hannan Homestead Harris Beach 9/11 Memorial Harris Seed Farm Hartwell Carver, M.D. Hart's Woods Have honor for Nathaniel Rochester Hayden House Henpeck Henry Martin House - 1829 Henry R. Selden Here Stands one of the Oldest Pieces of Earth Hervey Ely House Hickory Hill Highland Park Highland Park Historic Church Historic Landmark Historic Parma Farmlands Historic Schoen Place Historic Site in Journalism Hojack Railroad Holt Homestead Home of Simeon B. Jewett Honeoye Valley Hopkins Homestead Hosea Rogers Hotel Creek Houston Tavern Immanuel Lutheran Church In Commemoration of the Sacrifice In Honor of All Pittsford Veterans In Honor of the Crew of USS Liberty In Memoriam In Memory of All Who Served Indian Hill Indian Landing Indian Town Irondequoit and its Waterfront Irondequoit Bay Irondequoit Bay Irondequoit War Memorial Is this the Erie Canal? Isaac Scott Jayne & Mason Bank Jefferson Avenue Jonathan Child Joseph Morgan Kelsey's Landing King's Landing King's Landing 1796 Koda-Vista Historic District Latta House Lewis Swift Liberty Tree Memorial Lighthouses Lincoln House Lincoln Mills Little White Meetinghouse Long Pond Site Main Street Bridge Main Street Brockport Enterprises in the Early 1900s Main Street District Manufacturing in Charlotte Margaret Woodbury Strong Mary Jane Holmes McArthur Cabin McCormick Reapers Mendon Academy Mendon Town Hall Merchant Ship to Warship Mill Site Milo L. Starks Monroe County Morgan-Manning House Morning of February 18, 1861 Morrie E. Silver Mt. Read & Paddy Hill Municipal Water System National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark New York State Canals Nick Verzella Ninth of November, 1886 Northampton Nursery Office Oak Hill Country Club & The University of Rochester Old Erie Canal Old Ridge Road Old Trolley Route Olmsted and Genesee Valley Park On This Site - Over the Years On This Site - Over the Years On this site stood the Standard Brewing Company's main Brewery Building. Ontario Drill Works Original Site of Frederick Douglass Monument Our Irondequoit Paddy Hill School Park Ave. / State St. Historic District Penfield - 1810 Penfield Station Perinton Perinton Hotel Philip Boss Phoenix Hotel Pioneer Home Pioneer School Pittsford Village Pont de Rennes Pedestrian Bridge Port of the Genesee, New York Port on Lake Ontario Portage Trail Post House Power House Powers and Wilder Buildings Railroads Resort Area Rev War Veteran Rialto Theater Richardson Farm Richardson Tavern Riga Riga Academy Rochester Rochester State Hospital Rochester Water Works Rochester Women's Rights Convention Rochester: Center of Freedom Rochester's Early Banks Roll Coating Wheel Route of Original Erie Canal Ruland Homestead Rush Civil War Monument Rush World War I Memorial Samuel Torres Samuel Torres Schiller Park School District No. 9 Scottish Pioneers built here in 1806 Second Erie Canal Aqueduct Seminary - 1845 Seneca People Seneca Trail Seward Seminary Site of Early School Site of First Quaker Meeting House Site of Home of Alexander Milliner Site of Mill Site of Rochester City Hospital Site of the First Sweden Town Meeting Site of Tunnel Sodoma Farms Soldiers' Memorial Tower Son House Spice Mill Spring House - 1822 St. Luke's Episcopal Church St. Luke's Episcopal Church St. Mary's Hospital Stutson Street Bridge Susan B. Anthony Susan B. Anthony House Susan B. Anthony Voted Here Swayne's Corners Tavern of Silvius Hoard The 100 Acre Tract The 20th Century Comes to South Main Street The Buckland / Horst House The Canalway Trail The CCC Goes to Work The Children's Pavilion The Dean House 1840 The DeLand Family Develops Fairport's Four Corners The East Henrietta Village The Empire State Trail The Empire State Trail The Falls The First House The Founding of the River Campus The Genesee The Genesee Brew House Building The Genesee Expressway The Genesee River The Great American Canal The Great American Canal The Headmaster's House and the Monroe Academy The Hojack Railroad Swing Bridge The Jack Rabbit The Lehigh Valley Railroad Bridge The Leopold Lion The Piano Works The Potter Property The Reynolds Arcade The Seabreeze Time Line The Story of the Powder Mills The Underground Railroad The Village of Charlotte The West Garden The West Henrietta Village The West Shelter This Memorial This Memorial Site To Commemorate the Memory of Ira J. Jacobson To the Memory of Totiakton Town of Gates Town of Perinton Transformation of a Neighborhood Transportation and Commerce Trophy Cannon Trophy Cannon presented to Monroe County by Hon. O.F. Williams. Tuscaroras Underground Railroad Upriver Landings on the Genesee Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Park War of 1812 Water Tower Webster Baptist Church Webster Grange Welcome to Genesee Valley Park Welcome to the High Falls Wells Homestead West Henrietta Farm Widewaters Field Willie Walker Lightfoot World War II World War II Worthing Homestead WWII Tragedy "Old" South Main Street Yields to Urban Renewal "Pay As You Leave"
The first woman to vote in a United States presidential election was a resident of Rochester, New York named Susan B. Anthony. She cast her ballot in the 1872 election, for which she was arrested and fined.
Monroe County, located in western New York state, has a rich and diverse history that dates back thousands of years. The area was originally inhabited by indigenous Native American tribes, including the Seneca and the Tonawanda Seneca Nations. These tribes thrived in the region, relying on the abundant resources provided by the Genesee River and the surrounding land.

In the late 18th century, European settlers began to arrive in the area, attracted by the fertile soil and the potential for trade along the river. In 1808, Monroe County was officially established and named after President James Monroe. The early years were marked by agricultural development, with farms and mills being established across the county.

The construction of the Erie Canal in the early 19th century had a significant impact on Monroe County. The canal connected the Great Lakes with the Hudson River, making Rochester, the county seat, a bustling center of commerce and industry. Businesses flourished as the city became a major transportation hub, attracting entrepreneurs and immigrants from all over the world.

Throughout the 20th century, Monroe County continued to develop and diversify. Rochester became known as the "Flower City," with flourishing horticulture and seed industries. The county also played a vital role in the manufacturing sector, particularly in the production of cameras, optical equipment, and other technological advancements.

Today, Monroe County remains a vibrant and thriving region, with a strong economy and a rich cultural heritage. The county is home to numerous educational institutions, including the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology, solidifying its reputation as a center for innovation and knowledge. While industry has evolved and changed over the years, the county continues to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Monroe County, New York.

  • 1683 - Monroe County is part of Albany County, which was formed by the English colonial government.
  • 1796 - The Treaty of Big Tree is signed, transferring land in Monroe County from the Seneca Nation to the United States.
  • 1812 - Haussauer's Mills, now known as Rochester, is settled by European-American settlers on the Genesee River.
  • 1821 - Monroe County is officially created as a county from parts of Genesee County and Ontario County.
  • 1823 - Rochester becomes the county seat of Monroe County.
  • 1834 - Nathaniel Rochester, one of Rochester's founders, dies. The city is named after him.
  • 1842 - The Erie Canal is enlarged and deepened, boosting Rochester's economy and population.
  • 1853 - Rochester becomes an incorporated city.
  • 1905 - The City of Rochester annexes several surrounding towns and villages, expanding its borders.
  • 1950s - Kodak and Xerox, both headquartered in Rochester, have their heyday and contribute to the local economy.
  • 2017 - Unity Health System and Rochester General Health System merge to form Rochester Regional Health, a major healthcare provider in the area.