National Register Listings in
Bergen County, New Jersey

Achenbach House Ackerman House Ackerman House Ackerman House Ackerman, Abram, House Ackerman, David, House Ackerman, Garret and Maria, House Ackerman, Garret Augustus, House Ackerman-Boyd House Ackerman-Dater House Ackerman-Demarest House Ackerman-Dewsnap House Ackerman-Hopper House Ackerman-Smith House Ackerman-Van Emburgh, House Ackerman-Zabriskie-Steuben House Ackerson, John G., House Alcoa Edgewater Works Anderson Outkitchen Archibald-Vroom House Arnault, Fridolin, House Baldwin, David, House Banta, Derick, House Banta, John, House Banta-Coe House Bartholf, John, House Beauclaire-Vreeland House Beech Street School Benson, John G., House Berdan, G. V. H., House Berdan, Richard J., House Bergen County Court House Complex BINGHAMTON (ferryboat) Blackledge-Gair House Blackledge-Kearney Blanch, Capt. Thomas, House Blanch-Haring House Blauvelt House Blauvelt House Blauvelt House Blauvelt-Demarest House Bogert House Bogert House Bogert, Isaac, House Bogert, John Jacob, House Brinkerhoff House Brinkerhoff-Demarest House Cadmus House Cadmus-Folly House Cairns-Whitten-Blauvelt House Campbell-Christie House Carlock, J. J., House Christie-Parsels House Church of the Holy Communion Church of the Madonna Civil War Drill Hall and Armory Cole-Allaire House Concklin-Sneden House Cooper, Thunise & Richard, House Cooper, Tunis R., House Crim-Tice House Crocker-McMillin Mansion-Immaculate Conception Seminary Cruse-Hossington House Darlington Schoolhouse De Clark, William, House De Gray House Debaun, Isaac, House Debaun-Demarest House Demaree, Abram, House Demarest House Demarest House Demarest House Demarest Railroad Depot Demarest, Cornelius, House Demarest, Daniel, House Demarest, Jacobus, House Demarest, John R., House Demarest, Samuel R., House Demarest, Thomas, House Demarest-Atwood House Demarest-Bloomer House Demarest-Hopper House Demarest-Lyle House Demott-Westervelt House DesMarest, Jacobus, House Doremus House Draw Bridge at New Bridge Durie, Garret J., House Durie, Garret, House Durie, John P., House Dutch Reformed Church at Romopock Dutch Reformed Church in the English Neighborhood Eckerson House Edgewater Borough Hall Edgewater Public Library Erie Railroad Signal Tower, Waldwick Yard Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saddle River and Ramapough Building Ferdon House Folly House Ford Motor Company Edgewater Assembly Plant Foringer, Alonzo, House and Studio Forshee-Van Orden House Garretson, Peter, House Garrison, Garret, House Gethsemane Cemetery Hardenburgh Avenue Bridge Haring, Abraham A., House Haring, Frederick, House Haring, Gerrit, House Haring, Nicholas, House Haring, Teunis, House Haring-Auryanson House Haring-Blauvelt House Haring-Blauvelt-Demarest House Haring-Corning House Haring-DeWolf House Haring-Vervalen House Hennion House Hermitage, The Hess, Harold, Lustron House Hillsdale Station Holdrum, William, House Holdrum-Van Houten House Hopper House Hopper House Hopper, Andrew H., House Hopper, Garret, House Hopper, Hendrick, House Hopper, John, House Hopper-Goetschius House Hopper-Van Horn House Huyler, Peter, House Iviswold Jefferson, Joe, Clubhouse Kip Homestead Lozier House and Van Riper Mill Lydecker, Garret, House Masker House Maywood Railroad Station Meyerhoff, John, House Midland School Myers-Masker House Nagle, John, House Naugle House Naugle, Henry, House Naugle, Isaac, House New Milford Plant of the Hackensack Water Company New North Reformed Low Dutch Church New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad ALCO Type S-2 Locomotive #206 North Church O'Blenis House Oradell Station Osborn, Garret K., House and Barn Outwater, Richard, House Packer House Palisade Interstate Parkway Palisades Interstate Park Paramus Reformed Church Historic District Park Ridge Station Paulison-Christie House Perry, Peter D., House Post, Peter P., House Presbyterian Church of Norwood Pulis, Albert, House Radburn Radburn-Fair Lawn Station Rathbone-Zabriskie House Reaction Motors Rocket Test Facility Reformed Dutch Church and Green Reformed Dutch Church of Wyckoff Ridgewood Country Club Ridgewood Station River Road School Rockleigh Historic District Romeyn-Oldis-Brinkerhoff House Romine-Van Voorhis House Rose, James, House Roy, Dr. E. G., House Rutherford Station Saddle River Center Historic District Seven Chimneys Smith, Albert, House Smith, John, House South Church Manse South Schraalenburgh Church St. Paul's Episcopal Church Stagg, John C., House Stanton, Elizabeth Cady, House Steuben Estate Complex Steuben House Stillwell-Preston House Storms House Tallman-Vanderbeck House Taylor, Joseph, House Tenafly Station Terhune House Terhune House Terhune-Gardner-Lindenmeyr House Terhune-Hopper House Terhune-Hopper House Terhune-Ranlett House Theodore Roosevelt Monument U.S.S. LING Upper Closter-Alpine Historic District Vaill, Edward W., House Van Allen House Van Blarcom - Jardine House Van Blarcom House Van Blarcom House Van Blarcom, Albert, House Van Buskirk, Andries Thomas, House Van Buskirk, Laurance Thomas, House Van Buskirk-Oakley House Van Dien House Van Dien, Harmon, House Van Gelder House Van Gelder, Abraham, House Van Gelder, David, House Van Horn, David & Cornelius, House Van Horn-Ackerman House Van Horn-Newcomb House Van Houten House Van Houten-Ackerman House Van Houten-Ackerman House Van Houten-Hillman House Van Koert-Winters House Van Voorhees-Quackenbush House Van Voorhis-Quackenbush House Van Winkle House Van Winkle-Fox House Van Zile House Vandelinda, Adam, House Vandelinda, James, House Vanderbeck House Vanderbeck House Vanderbeck, Jacob, Jr., House Vanderbeek House Vervalen House Vreeland House Waldwick Railroad Station Wandell, B. C., House-The Cedars Wandell, F. L., Estate and Ward Factory Site Ware, Dr. John Christie, Bungalow Westervelt House Westervelt, Benjamin P., House Westervelt, Caspar, House Westervelt, John, House Westervelt, Peter, House and Barn Westervelt-Ackerson House Westervelt-Cameron House Westervelt-Lydecker House Westwood Railroad Station White Tenant House Williams, William Carlos, House Winkle, Jacob W., House Winters, Aaron, House Winters-Courter House Wittmer, William A., Lustron House Woman's Club of Rutherford Clubhouse World War I Monument Wortendyke Barn Wortendyke, Frederick, House Wortendyke, Frederick, House Wortendyke, Jacob, House Wortendyke-Demund House Yeareance, Jeremiah J., House Yereance-Berry House Zabriskie House Zabriskie Tenant House Zabriskie, Albert J., Farmhouse Zabriskie, Garret, House Zabriskie, Henry, House Zabriskie, John A. L., House Zabriskie, Nicholas, House Zabriskie-Christie House Zabriskie-Kipp-Cadmus House
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In 1933, New Jersey became the first state in the United States to pass a law allowing drivers to make a right turn on a red light, under certain conditions.
Bergen County, located in the northeastern part of New Jersey, has a rich and varied history. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Lenape people, who lived along the Hackensack River and hunted and fished in the region. European settlement began in the 17th century when Dutch settlers established trading posts and farms. The Dutch West India Company purchased the land in the early 17th century, and it became known as Bergen, after the Dutch city of Bergen op Zoom.

During the American Revolution, Bergen County played a significant role. British troops occupied parts of the county, and the area witnessed numerous skirmishes and battles. One notable event was the Battle of Fort Lee, where General George Washington ordered the evacuation of his troops in the face of a British attack. After the war, Bergen County experienced population growth, with more diverse groups of people settling in the area.

In the 19th century, Bergen County saw significant development and industrialization. The construction of the Erie Canal and later, the railroads, helped connect Bergen County to New York City and facilitated the growth of manufacturing and commerce. Towns like Hackensack, Englewood, and Paterson became important centers of industry and trade. Additionally, the opening of the George Washington Bridge in 1931 further enhanced the county's accessibility and spurred suburbanization.

Today, Bergen County is a bustling and thriving suburban region. It is known for its diverse communities, excellent educational institutions, and proximity to New York City. The county offers a wide range of recreational and cultural attractions, including parks, museums, shopping malls, and dining options. With a combination of historical significance and modern amenities, Bergen County remains an attractive place to live, work, and visit.

This timeline provides a concise overview of the key events in the history of Bergen County, New Jersey.

  • 1683 - Bergen County is established as one of New Jersey's original counties.
  • 1660s-1700s - European settlers, primarily of Dutch and English descent, start to establish settlements in Bergen County.
  • 1776-1783 - Bergen County plays a crucial role in the American Revolutionary War, with notable battles occurring at Fort Lee and New Bridge Landing.
  • 19th century - Industrialization and urbanization lead to significant growth in Bergen County, attracting immigrants from various European countries.
  • 1840 - The Northern Railroad of New Jersey opens, increasing connectivity and facilitating further economic development.
  • 20th century - Suburbanization becomes a dominant trend, with many residents commuting to New York City for work.
  • 1946 - Bergen Community College, the largest community college in New Jersey, is established.
  • 1970s-1980s - Bergen County experiences a surge in population and construction, accompanied by commercial and retail development.
  • 1990 - Bergen County's last remaining farm is sold, marking the end of the county's agricultural era.
  • Present - Bergen County has a diverse population and is known for its wealth, cultural institutions, and proximity to New York City.