Historical Markers in
Rosebud County, Montana

241 North Eleventh Avenue 310 North Eleventh Avenue 411 North Twelfth Avenue 474 North Thirteenth Avenue 542 North Twelfth Avenue 610 North Twelfth Avenue 933 Main Street Bachelors Club Beeman Residence Bland Residence Blue Front Rooming House Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Hall Cattle Brands Choisser Block Claude O. Marcyes House Commercial Hotel Custer Camped Here Custer Campsite - June 22, 1876 E.A. Cornwell Residence E.A. Richardson Residence Edwards Residence F.V.H. Collins Residence First Presbyterian Church and Manse Forsyth Bridge Forsyth Main Street Historic District Forsyth Residential Historic District Forsyth Water Pumping Station Forsyth, MT Forsyth, MT Forsyth, MT Forsyth, MT Forsyth, MT Forsyth, MT Grave of Unknown Man Harry and Frances Cornwall Residence Hiram Marcyes Park Howard School Hunting Party Gone Wrong Ingomar Ingomar Ingomar Public School J.A. Bookman General Store Join the Voyage of Discovery Kennedy-Fletcher Block Lida Parker Residence Masonic Temple Maurice and Mary Lord Residence McCuistion Residence Meeting on Rosebud Creek Merchant Bank Meredith Residence Meyerhoff Residence Northway Residence Railroad Survey of 1873 Ready to March Rosebud Rosebud County Courthouse Rosebud County Deaconess Hospital Rosebud Creek Roxy Theatre Scouting South of the Yellowstone Sorenson Residence St. Philip's Episcopal Church Taber Residence Terry and Gibbon The Hell Creek Formation The Miles City Air Force Station The Reno Scout -June 10-19, 1876 The Seventh Passes in Review Thomas Alexander, 1856-1918 Thurston Residence Vananda State Bank Building Wiley, Clark and Greening Bank Wilson Residence