Historical Markers in
Big Horn County, Montana

1984 Archeological Survey 412 North Custer Bear Paw Memorial Bear Paw Monument Big Horn County Courthouse Big Horn County Library Bozeman Trail Crossing Buffalo Country Burlington Northern Depot Calhoun Hill Calhoun Hill Captain Ball's Scout Captain Grant Marsh Charles S. Eder House Cheyenne Warrior Markers Chief Plenty Coups Companies C & E Companies F and I Crow's Nest Custer Last Seen Custer’s Advance Deep Coulee Deep Ravine Deep Ravine Fort Custer Francis Kopriva House Garryowen Garryowen, Montana - Sitting Bull’s Camp General Crook's Troops Greasy Grass Ridge Hardin Commercial Historic District Hay-Corral Battle Here We Remember the Fallen Hotel Becker Indian Encampment Indian Memorial James Reid's Pool Hall Keogh – Crazy Horse Fight Lame White Man Charge Last Stand Hill, June 25, 1876 Lee Building Little Bighorn Battlefield Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument Little Bighorn Indian Memorial Lone Tipi Medicine Tail Coulee Medicine Tail Coulee Ford Medicine Tail Ford Memorial Markers Montana's 1964 Territorial Centennial Train National Cemetery Peace Through Unity Reno's Skirmish Line - Warrior Counterattack Reno’s Retreat Reno’s Valley Fight Retreat Crossing Rosebud Battlefield Schneider Harness and Confectionary Seventh Cavalry Horse Cemetery Sharpshooter Ridge St. Joseph's Catholic Church St. Xavier Mission T.E. Gay Building The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad The Land Speaks The Reno-Benteen Defense The Time When The People Fought The Soldiers. The Way They Saw It Timber Fight Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Two Moons Weir Point Weir Point Fight What Is This Land Worth? Wooden Leg Hill