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Reynolds County, Missouri

The Missouri River is the longest river in North America, stretching for 2,341 miles from its source in Montana to its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico.
Reynolds County, Missouri, located in the southeastern part of the state, has a rich history that spans centuries. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Osage and Delaware peoples. European explorers first arrived in the late 17th century, with French settlers establishing the first permanent settlement in 1722.

During the early 19th century, Reynolds County remained relatively unpopulated, but it soon became a prime location for lead mining and settlement. The discovery of lead deposits in the area led to a boom in mining activity, attracting a large influx of settlers, primarily from the Appalachian region. The county was officially established in 1845 and named after Thomas Reynolds, the Missouri governor at the time.

The Civil War had a significant impact on Reynolds County, as it was located along the border of Missouri, a state divided between Union and Confederate sympathizers. The area saw numerous skirmishes and guerrilla warfare activities. The Battle of Pilot Knob, fought in nearby Iron County, was a major engagement that occurred in 1864.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Reynolds County's economy shifted away from mining towards agriculture and timber industries. The county has a rich natural environment, with the Mark Twain National Forest covering a substantial portion of its land. Today, Reynolds County continues to be a rural area known for its scenic beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and a small but resilient community.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Reynolds County, Missouri.

  • 1800: The area that would become Reynolds County is first explored by French and Spanish explorers.
  • 1812: Captain John Long leads a group of settlers from Tennessee to the region that would eventually become Reynolds County.
  • 1837: Reynolds County is officially established by the Missouri General Assembly.
  • 1846: The first courthouse is built in Centerville, the county seat of Reynolds County.
  • 1850s: The population of Reynolds County grows significantly due to the construction of the Iron Mountain Railroad.
  • 1861: The American Civil War begins, and Reynolds County becomes a battleground with numerous skirmishes and guerilla warfare incidents taking place.
  • 1865: The Civil War ends, and Reynolds County begins the process of post-war recovery.
  • 1870s: The railroad continues to drive economic growth in the county, with mining and timber industries becoming major contributors to the local economy.
  • 1929-1939: The Great Depression hits Reynolds County hard, causing widespread unemployment and economic hardship.
  • 1940s-1950s: The establishment of Fort Leonard Wood military base brings economic opportunities to Reynolds County.
  • 2002: Reynolds County experiences a devastating flood that causes significant damage to homes and infrastructure.