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Cedar County, Missouri

The town of Hermann, Missouri, is known for its wineries and German heritage. It was founded in 1837 by a group of German immigrants and is home to the annual Hermann Maifest, a celebration of German culture and traditions.
Cedar County, Missouri has a rich history that dates back to the early 1800s. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Osage and Delaware, who used the land for hunting and fishing. European settlers began arriving in the early 1830s, attracted by the fertile soil and abundant natural resources.

In 1835, Cedar County was officially established and named after the Cedar Creek, which flows through the region. The county quickly grew in population, with towns and communities sprouting up along the Osage, Sac, and Cedar Creek rivers. Agriculture became the primary industry, with farmers cultivating crops like corn, wheat, and livestock.

During the Civil War, Cedar County experienced its fair share of turmoil. The area was divided between Union and Confederate sympathizers, leading to clashes and skirmishes throughout the county. However, after the war, Cedar County began to recover and rebuild.

In the early 20th century, Cedar County saw further development with the arrival of the railroad. Towns such as Stockton and El Dorado Springs became important commercial and transportation hubs. Today, Cedar County continues to thrive as a rural community, known for its scenic beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and strong agricultural heritage.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Cedar County, Missouri.

  • 1820: Cedar County was organized as a county in the state of Missouri.
  • 1833: The city of Stockton was platted and became the county seat of Cedar County.
  • 1861: Cedar County residents voted against secession and supported the Union during the Civil War.
  • 1870: The first railroad, the Sedalia and Warsaw Railway, was completed in Cedar County.
  • 1872: The El Dorado Springs community was established in Cedar County.
  • 1881: The Cedar County Courthouse, located in Stockton, was completed.
  • 1901: The Cedar County Republican newspaper began publication in Stockton.
  • 1931: Stockton Dam was completed, creating Stockton Lake and providing flood control and recreational opportunities.
  • 2003: A major storm struck Cedar County, causing significant damage to infrastructure and homes.