National Register Listings in
Wayne County, Michigan

Academy of the Sacred Heart Alden Park Towers Alger Theater Alger, Russell A., Jr., House Amity Lodge No. 335 Temple-Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army Temple Annapolis Park Historic District Antietam Street-Grand Trunk Railroad Architects Building Arden Park-East Boston Historic District Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church Complex Atkinson, Edmund, School Bagley Memorial Fountain Bagley, John N., House Baker, Henry W., House Balogh, Tivadar and Dorothy, House Barlum Tower Bartlett, Thomas and Maria Blackman, House Belcrest Hotel Belle Isle Park Beverly Road Historic District Birwood Wall Boldman, David and Elizabeth Bell, House Boston-Edison Historic District Boydell, William C., House Bradford, Benjamin and Mary Ann, House Breitmeyer-Tobin Building Broadway Avenue Historic District Campau, Jos., Historic District Campau, Joseph, House Capitol Park Historic District Cary Building Cass Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church Cass Motor Sales Cass Park Historic District Cass, Lewis, Technical High School Cass-Davenport Historic District Cathedral Church of St. Paul Complex Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament Central United Methodist Church Central Woodward Christian Church Century Building and Little Theatre Chapel of St. Theresa-the Little Flower Chapoton, Alexander, House Chatsworth Apartments Checker Cab Taxi Garage and Office Building Chene, Alexander, House Cherry Hill Historic District Chestnut Street-Grand Trunk Railroad Christ Church Chapel Christ Church, Detroit Church of the Transfiguration Historic District Cleveland, Elizabeth, Intermediate School Clyde, Thomas and Isabella Moore, House Commandant's Quarters Cooley, Thomas M., High School Corktown Historic District Coronado Apartments Crescent Brass and Pin Company Building Croul-Palms House Cultural Center Historic District Curtiss, Charles G., Sr., House Dearborn City Hall Complex Dearborn Inn and Colonial Homes Defer Elementary School Deming, Paul Harvey, House Denby, Edwin, High School Detroit Club Detroit Cornice and Slate Company Building Detroit Edison Company Willis Avenue Station Detroit Financial District Detroit Industry Murals, Detroit Institute of Arts Detroit Masonic Temple Detroit Naval Armory Detroit News Complex Detroit Savings Bank Southwest Branch Detroit Yacht Club Detroit-Columbia Central Office Building Detroit-Leland Hotel Dingledey, Phillip and Maria Hasselbach, House Doty, Duane, School Dry Dock Engine Works-Detroit Dry Dock Company Complex Dunbar Hospital East Ferry Avenue Historic District East Grand Boulevard Historic District East River Road Historic District East River Road-North Hickory Canal Bridge Eastern Market Historic District Eastern Market Historic District (Boundary Increase) Eastside Historic Cemetery District Eberts, John and Emma Lacey, House Eddystone Hotel Edson, Moore and Company Building Eighth Precinct Police Station El Tovar Apartments Elwood Bar Engine House No. 11 Engine House No. 18 Everitt, Orson, House Fair Lane Farwell Building Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Detroit Branch Building Ferry Stree-Thorofare Canal Bridge Ferry, William Hawkins, House First Baptist Church of Detroit First Congregational Church First Federal Building First Presbyterian Church First Unitarian Church of Detroit First United Methodist Church Fischer, John and Edna Trusdell, Farmstead Fisher and New Center Buildings Fisher Building Ford Piquette Avenue Plant Ford River Rouge Complex Ford Valve Plant Ford, Henry, Hospital Ford, Henry, Square House Ford-Bacon House Fort Shelby Hotel Fort Street Presbyterian Church Fort Street-Pleasant Street and Norfolk & Western Railroad Viaduct Fort Wayne Fox Theater Building Freer, Charles Lang, House GAR Building Garden Bowl Garden Court Apartments Garfield, James A., School General Motors Building General Motors Research Laboratory George, Edwin S., Building Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church Gibraltar Road-Waterway Canal Bridge Ginsburg, Bernard, House Globe Tobacco Building Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Grand Circus Park Historic District Grand Circus Park Historic District (Boundary Increase) Grande Ballroom Graybar Electric Company Building Great Lakes Manor Greektown Historic District Greenfield Union School Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum Greenmead Farms Grindley, Robert M. and Matilda (Kitch), House Griswold Building Grosse Pointe Central Library Grosse Pointe High School Grosse Pointe Memorial Church Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Guardian Building Hamtramck Stadium Harmonie Club, The Harvey, John, House Hecker, Col. Frank J., House Hibbard Apartment Building Highland Heights-Stevens` Subdivision Historic District Highland Park General Hospital Highland Park Plant, Ford Motor Company Highland Park Presbyterian Church Hook and Ladder House No. 5-Detroit Fire Department Repair Shop Hotel Stevenson Hudson-Evans House Hull's Trace North Huron River Corduroy Segment Hunter House Hunter, Mulford T., House Hurlbut Memorial Gate Indian Village Historic District Jefferson Avenue-Huron River and Harbin Drive-Silver Creek Canal Bridges Jefferson Hall Jefferson Intermediate School Jeffferson-Chalmers Historic Business District Kahn, Albert, House Kean, The Kessler, William and Margot, House King, L. B. and Co. Building Kingston Arms Apartments Kinyon, Orrin, and Roxanne Fairman, House Koebel, Charles J. and Ingrid V. (Frendberg), House Kresge, S. S., World Headquarters Lancaster and Waumbek Apartments Lawyers Building League of Catholic Women Building Lee Plaza Hotel Leland, Nellie, School Lilley Road-Lower Rouge River Lincoln Park Post Office Loomer, George W., House Lower Woodward Avenue Historic District Maccabees Building MacNichol, George P., House Majestic Theater Manchester Apartments Mariners' Church Marwood Apartments Marx House McAdow, Perry, House McGregor Memorial Conference Center McKinley Elementary School Medbury`s-Grove Lawn Subdivisions Historic District Mellus Newspapers Building Merchants Building Metropolitan United Methodist Church Michigan Avenue Historic Commercial District Michigan Bell and Western Electric Warehouse Michigan Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument Michigan State Fair Riding Coliseum, Dairy Cattle Building, and Agricultural Building Midtown Woodward Historic District Mies van der Rohe Residential District, Lafayette Park Miller, Sidney D., Junior High and High School Monroe Avenue Commercial Buildings Moross House Nacirema Club New Amsterdam Historic District New Bethel Baptist Church New Center Commercial Historic District Newberry, Helen, Nurses Home Norris, Philetus W., House North Woodward Congregational Church Northville Historic District Norwayne Historic District Orchestra Hall Palmer Park Apartment Building Historic District Palmer Park Apartment Buildings Historic District (Boundary Increase) Palmer Park Boulevard Apartments District Palmer Woods Historic District Palms, Francis, Building & State Theater Palms, Francis, Building and State Theater Palms, The Park Avenue Historic District Park Avenue Hotel Parke Lane Road-Thorofare Canal Bridge Parke-Davis and Company Pharmaceutical Company Plant Parke-Davis Research Laboratory Parker, Arthur M., House Parker, Thomas A., House Parks, Rosa L. (McCauley) and Raymond, Flat Pasadena Apartments Patterson, John, and Eliza Barr, House Penn Central Station Pewabic Pottery Pilgrim and Puritan Apartment Complex Piquette Avenue Industrial Historic District Players, The Ponchartrain Apartments Pontchartrain Club-Town House Apartments Prentis Building and DeRoy Auditorium Complex Professional Plaza Tower Randolph Street Commercial Buildings Historic District Redford Theatre Building Redford Township District No. 5 School Redstone, Louis G., Residential Historic District Remick, Jerome H., and Company, Building Richard, Pere Gabriel, Elementary School River Terrace Apartments Rosedale Gardens Historic District Rosedale Park Historic District (Additional Documentation) Royal Palm Hotel Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Convent and Rectory Sacred Heart Seminary Saint Andrew's Memorial Episcopal Church Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Parish Complex (Boundary Increase) Saint Paul Catholic Church Complex Saint Paul Manor Apartments Saint Rita Apartments Saints Peter And Paul Church Sante Fe Apartments Scarab Club Schmidt, Carl E. and Alice Candler, House Second Baptist Church Of Detroit Sheldon Inn Shrine of the Black Madonna of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church Sibley House Sibley, Frederic M., Lumber Company Office Building Smith, George and Mary Pine, House Smith, Samuel L., House Somerset Apartments South Pointe Drive-Frenchman's Creek Bridge Sprague, Thomas S., House Springwells Park Historic District St. Albertus Roman Catholic Church St. Bonaventure Monastery St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Parish Complex St. Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Parish Complex St. Florian Historic District St. James Episcopal Church St. John's Episcopal Church St. John's-St. Luke's Evangelical Church St. Josaphat's Roman Catholic Church Complex St. Joseph's Episcopal Church St. Joseph's Episcopal Church St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr Roman Catholic Parish Complex St. Theresa of Avila Roman Catholic Parish Complex St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church and Rectory State Savings Bank Ste. Anne Roman Catholic Church Complex STE. CLAIRE (steamer) Stearns, Frederick K., House Stearns, Frederick, Building Strasburg, Herman, House Stratton, William B. and Mary Chase, House Sts. Peter and Paul Academy Stuber-Stone Building Sugar Hill Historic District Sweet, Ossian H., House Sweetest Heart Of Mary Roman Catholic Church Taylor, Elisha, House Temple Baptist Church-King Solomon Baptist Church Temple Beth-El Temple Beth-El The Clay School Third Precinct Police Station Thompson Home Tiger Stadium Trinity Episcopal Church Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Complex Trinity United Methodist Church Trombly, Charles, House Trowbridge, Charles, House Truesdell, Ephraim and Emma Woodworth, House Tushiyah United Hebrew School-Scott Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church U.S. Post Office, Court House, and Custom House United States Immigration Station United States Postal Service Roosevelt Park Station US 12 Bridges Vanity Ballroom Building Verona Apartments Vinton Building Virginia Park Historic District Walker, Franklin H., House Wall, Carlton D., House Waltz Road-Huron River Bridge Wardell, The Warren Motor Car Company Building Warren-Prentis Historic District Washington Boulevard Historic District Wayne County Courthouse Wayne State University Buildings Weil and Company-Gabriel Richard Building Wells, William H., House West Canfield Historic District West Canfield Historic District (Boundary Increase) West Jefferson Avenue-Rouge River Bridge West Side Dom Polski West Vernor-Junction Historic District West Vernor-Lawndale Historic District West Vernor-Springwells Historic District West Village District WGPR-TV Studio Whitney, David, House Whittier Hotel Willis-Selden Historic District Wilson Barn Wilson Theatre WJBK-TV Studios Building Women's City Club Woodbridge Neighborhood (Boundary Increase II) Woodbridge Neighborhood Historic District Woodbridge Neighborhood Historic District (Boundary Increase) Woodhouse, John T., House Woodward Ave. Presbyterian Church Woodward East Historic District Wyandotte Odd Fellows Temple
The University of Michigan, located in Ann Arbor, is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United States. It was founded in 1817, 20 years before Michigan became a state, and its alumni include President Gerald Ford, Google co-founder Larry Page, and actor James Earl Jones.

Wayne County, Michigan has a rich historical background that dates back to the early Native American tribes who inhabited the region. The area was later explored by French settlers in the 17th century, with Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac founding the City of Detroit in 1701. The region remained under French control until it was ceded to the British Empire in 1763. Wayne County was established in 1796 and was named after General Anthony Wayne, a Revolutionary War hero.

During the 19th century, Wayne County experienced rapid growth and development, largely driven by the manufacturing industry. Detroit, the county seat, became known as the "Motor City" due to the rise of the automobile industry. The city became a hub for automotive manufacturing and attracted industrialists such as Henry Ford, who revolutionized the production process with the assembly line.

Wayne County played a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement, particularly during the 1960s. The city of Detroit witnessed numerous protests and demonstrations advocating for racial equality and an end to discrimination. The infamous 1967 Detroit Riots, sparked by racial tensions and socioeconomic issues, resulted in widespread civil unrest and significant damage to the city.

In recent years, Wayne County has faced challenges related to economic decline and urban decay. The region has made efforts to revitalize urban areas, attract investment, and diversify its economy. Today, Wayne County remains a prominent part of Michigan's economy, driven by industries such as automotive manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. The county is also home to various cultural attractions and institutions, including the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Henry Ford Museum.

  • 1796 - Wayne County is established as part of the Northwest Territory
  • 1805 - Detroit, the county seat, is incorporated as a town
  • 1815 - The War of 1812 ends, and Wayne County experiences rapid growth
  • 1827 - Wayne County's boundaries are redefined
  • 1854 - Detroit is incorporated as a city
  • 1861-1865 - Wayne County residents contribute to the Union effort during the Civil War
  • 1920s - Wayne County's population booms due to industrialization and the growth of the automotive industry
  • 1930s - Wayne County suffers from the Great Depression, but the automotive industry eventually recovers
  • 1940s-1950s - Wayne County experiences post-war economic growth and suburbanization
  • 1967 - The Detroit riot leads to civil unrest and significant changes in the city
  • 1973 - Construction of the Renaissance Center, a major landmark in downtown Detroit, begins
  • 1990s - Wayne County faces economic challenges, including the decline of the automotive industry
  • 2008-2014 - Wayne County suffers from the Great Recession, with high unemployment rates and a housing crisis