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Kalamazoo County, Michigan

Michigan played an important role in the Women's Suffrage Movement. In 1918, Michigan became the first state in the Midwest to grant women the right to vote, two years before the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Kalamazoo County, located in southwestern Michigan, has a rich history dating back to ancient Native American settlements. The region was originally inhabited by the Potawatomi tribe, who relied on the area's abundant resources for their livelihood. The first European settlers arrived in the early 19th century, establishing the present-day city of Kalamazoo in 1829.

During the 19th century, Kalamazoo County experienced rapid growth and development. The construction of the Michigan Central Railroad in the 1830s facilitated transportation and boosted the local economy. The county became known for its agriculture, with farmers cultivating crops like wheat, corn, and potatoes. In the mid-19th century, Kalamazoo became a major hub for paper and pharmaceutical manufacturing, further contributing to its economic prosperity.

In the early 20th century, Kalamazoo County played a significant role in the automotive industry, with several automobile manufacturing companies establishing operations in the county. Notably, the Gibson Guitar Corporation, known for its iconic guitars, was founded in Kalamazoo in 1902. Throughout the 20th century, the county continued to diversify its economy, witnessing advancements in various sectors, including education, healthcare, and technology.

Today, Kalamazoo County is a thriving community with a population of over 260,000 residents. It is home to Western Michigan University, which attracts students from all around the world. The county's vibrant downtown area offers a plethora of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Kalamazoo County's rich historical heritage, combined with its modern amenities, makes it an attractive place to live, work, and visit.

  • 1829 - Kalamazoo County is established in the Michigan Territory.
  • 1831 - The first permanent settlement, Bronson (later renamed Kalamazoo), is founded.
  • 1836 - Kalamazoo County becomes part of the newly established state of Michigan.
  • 1838 - The Michigan Central Railroad reaches Kalamazoo, boosting the local economy.
  • 1860 - Kalamazoo College is founded, offering higher education opportunities.
  • 1875 - Kalamazoo becomes known as the "Paper City" due to its thriving paper industry.
  • 1904 - W.E. Upjohn establishes the Upjohn Company (later merged with Pfizer) in Kalamazoo, leading to significant pharmaceutical industry growth.
  • 1970 - The Kalamazoo Mall, the first outdoor pedestrian shopping mall in the United States, opens in downtown Kalamazoo.
  • 1998 - Western Michigan University's Broncos win the NCAA Division I-A Football Championship.
  • 2007 - The Kalamazoo River oil spill occurs, resulting in environmental damage and cleanup efforts.